After a long time of not uploading anything to um unbox, as you probably have seen in the title, my new uh technological toy uh, as you may call it, which is my new google elixir, which is in this big box, i’m, not even sure if it’s the Whole frame uh but yeah we are gon na open. This up, um see what’s in the box, um turn it on and see what happens here. We are for the um unboxing itself, uh. You might notice a bit of shaking in the camera um a bit of instability, but this is because the setup i have is um a bit unstable to say the very least, i’m gon na put up a photo here anyway. Um here we go. This is the packet it’s, a a really big uh box, um and i’m going to start to open it. I’Ve never done an unboxing. So this is my first time um anyway uh. This is the um cobra ellipse. As i said, um i have had kobus in the past. I’Ve had two and i currently have a kindle, which i use. I love a lot. Um yeah, i decided to get the um kobu ellipsa, as you can see, let’s take it out of the box, and here we go. This is the covo ellipsa. The kobe leaves a pack which includes the sleep. Cover includes the kobe lips itself and the stylus over here very nice it’s, not oh there we go uh but, as i was saying, i have a kindle, which i use, and you know i don’t – have a real needs for another e reader in terms of reading Books per se, but the reason why i decided to get the cocolipset is that i am a neuroscience students and i’m going to have my research project project next year, which is going to be really exciting uh, and i want to go into research as well.

So a big part of my life um, you folk as well – is going to be reading papers, uh, which are in pdf, obviously not available in epub or mobi or anything um. And so i wanted a. I decided to invest in a larger immediately in order to um make it easier for me to read those papers which i will have to um because i don’t like reading them on a laptop um yeah. So here we go. Oh look at this uh let’s see. If i can yeah i’m gon na just toss it, this does this on the sides. Okay, so, as you can see, we have the kobo ellipse, the stylus, which i’m going to open. Now here we go so let’s open it. Now, here you go nothing else in the box. Let’S put it here: uh what’s, this, oh yeah, quick starter, guides some instructions and uh guarantees, uh, warranty and stuff uh. Anyway. This is not very important, and here we have the stylus itself, which is sorry, didn’t change. It Music here you go, has two buttons over here. The tip which i heard was a bit um clunky uh and it is i’m sure it won’t mind um and over here, let’s just take it out. We have the quadruple a battery um, so i’m gon na pop this. In there we go and the stylus is ready to use. Here. You go very nice. I’Ve heard people complaining about the weight distribution.

They say that this that the top part is very heavy um. I actually don’t don’t find it to be that balanced, but it really depends on how you write and where, where you position your fingers and everything so that that might be why uh so yeah. Here we have the stylus and over here something that is a bit tricky to spot um. If you remove this over here, you have the um tip removal, uh it’s, not called the tip, but i don’t really know the exact name. I think it’s not uh, and here we have an extra here. We go an extra tip for the stylus yeah, so that’s what’s included in the box. Here we have the cover ellipse itself, which is going to be the last thing i’m going to open because it’s the best – and i always save the best for last. Oh, this is very heavy i’ve heard a lot of people saying that the sleep cover is very heavy and it is very, very heavy they’re, not lying oof. I i saw someone weighing it and this is pretty much um the same weight as the um. The e reader itself, which is something a um person, so you know i’m, not too worried about it. Here we go nothing else in the box, let’s toss it to the sides and hello. This is nice, so it’s got the magnetic back. It sticks really well really nicely um. We have a sort of sort of quick start guide here on the different things you can do.

This is one of the things i like the best about it, which is you can um. You know fold these different bits in different ways in order to uh, have it in a more upright position um, so you don’t have to be holding it all the time. Um yeah a cool thing about it, is that you can remove the top bit, which you’re going to do to remove this bit, toss it on the side and yeah. You can have just the u video on here, which protects a bit and then pop this on. When you want to um, protect the whole thing, um and a cool thing as well, is that uh, as you can see on the box here, the um cobra ellipse is um asymmetrical. There is one side that’s wider than the other, and so according to where you want to hold the wider side, then you can pop the cover over. Oh, this is the wrong way over here or you can pop it over here. There is holes on both sides for the cover here. You go very, very nice. I really like this so far, and here we go for the cocoa leaves itself look at this Music. That feels good. Oh yes, look at this. Oh, it feels so great Music. All the um eerie dudes i’ve had were you know, good e readers, but not the best um, but this one surely is very, very high quality it’s such a difference.

So we have the e reader here. A quick starter guide, warranty, uh, cable and that’s. It that’s all there is on the box, and so here we have the three components of the cobilix ellipse back the cobo sleep cover and the stylus it’s it’s really it’s really light it doesn’t it doesn’t look like it. I have an ipad which is about the same size as as this one and it’s so much heavier. This is really really light. Um yeah let’s let’s pop it on the on the cover it’s tricky to pop it on uh and here on the top of the um sleep cover. We have a uh, a place where we can put the stylus so that it’s all in the same place. This is really nice um yeah. How would i like to hold it hold it this way so i’m gon na swap this around there. We go nice uh, so i’m gon na power it on and see what happens. It’S downloading an update. Please be patient less than a minute remaining. One thing that i found really funny that um with the kobo’s i had is how polite everything was. It was like every single time i had to wait. It says something you know: please be patient we’ll, be right back it’s going to be really really quick. We apologize for um for um, for this update and for you know not allowing you to use your cover. It’S it’s it’s really funny how polite they are there.

Well, oh, yes, you need to do it skip manually. You can do it with the stylus, but this is what it feels like Music, oh Music. It feels awesome. It really does wow that’s that’s, oh that’s, great yeah. So this is basically you know. Uh it’s. The way cobras work, so you know more of the same, the same um ecosystem, if i may say so and yeah here we have so the buttons will do different things. The one on the bottom will highlight, which is nice. You can then no that’s, not it. You there’s some way of uh removing the highlight, i think it’s this one but yeah there’s there is, you can write on the epubs and everything you know make notes uh and everything. This is really cool, really really cool, um yeah. This is how an ebook works. I don’t have any pdfs. I can um show you right now, but i will probably do a review of the cobra in the future and there i’ll show you every single capability it has and then the last thing i wanted to show you is the notebook. So this is the the notebook capability for note, taking obviously um, and we have i don’t know if you can see um i’m not going to try and zoom in because of how precarious this all is. We have a basic notebook, an advanced notebook, so i’m, going to go with the basic notebook, give it a name.

Here we go uh yeah that’s an eraser. So you know this is pretty much. You know like Music, a page where you can write and everything you swipe for new pages. You can change the background to change the the type of brush the type the pen size, the pen shade, and then you can change the background as well, and there are several things with that which i’ll show you later on. You can’t even see because that’s so sad but yeah. Here we have the basic notebook it’s, not you know nothing too, it’s it’s, nothing too fancy and if we go for the advanced one, it feels great to work around with this. Oh, the gyroscope is activated i’m gon na turn that off, because i don’t like it uh, it has a gyroscope which allows you to you know, have it in any direction and it works pretty well um. So if i uh in the advanced notebook, something that’s really cool, is that – and this is like the the coolest feature – and this is the only one i’ll show you right now, because the other ones are quite complicated. Is that it can turn your writing Music into um Music? Here you go so basically what it does. Well, it didn’t really register the accent in my name uh, but it converts your um, your handwriting to you, know, text and that’s amazing. So if i write bananas are delicious, this is my ugly handwriting which no one really understands, usually so i’m curious to see.

If kobo does it does, but adams are delicious and it didn’t even take that long, and there are all sorts of things you can do with yeah. There are all sorts of things you can do with the advanced notebook but i’m, not going to show them to you right now, because i’ll have to make a list and prepare everything for a new video but yeah. This is basically the um. The new kobo ellipsa i’m really excited about. This i’ve been waiting for it for a couple of weeks um, and this is what it looks like yeah all right, i’ll uh swap my setup around and uh in the next shots. You’Ll see my face so that’s that’s, exciting i’m gon na clap, see if that’s whoa, i’m gon na. Do it again, because i said whoa um, i’m stupid, so that’s everything i wanted to show you i’m really really excited about. My cobra ellipsa i’m really excited to try it out to try reading you know, books, pdfs papers, um, try the notebook feature, try every single thing: uh overdrive, dropbox, try every single thing: uh i’m, going to be doing that over the next couple of days. Couple of weeks – and i shall be back at some point to give you a full review of the kobo elipsa – i feel like it’s, going to be very positive because i’ve loved it so far. Uh i’ve seen a lot of um unboxings and reviews of the over the last couple of um.

The last week, i’d say um, and you know many of the negative points that people have um pointed out um. If you pride in the repetition, i have not found them that annoying or that you know harmful damaging to my experience so yeah i’m i’m looking forward to it uh to using the google lips to testing it out to doing everything with it. Uh yeah it’s, going to be fun, i’m, really excited uh and i hope you are too for my um full review of the google elixir and that’s it for me. Today, uh it’s been a pleasure uh. I was, i ordered the kobelipsa uh on saturday today’s friday. Uh the week after so six days ago, uh, i ordered it six days ago. Um i didn’t realize, but it was only two days after it was. It was officially released, uh, so it’s it’s very exciting to have it so soon. Um and yeah it’s, been these six days, have been crazy. I’Ve been really really really anxious to get uh this parcel, and now that i have finally got it i’m really excited i’m, really happy to have done this video video. I hope you enjoyed it as well. I really really did um yeah that’s that’s it for me today.