You saw the title it’s time to check out apple’s new ipad that’s. What we’ve got inside of here as well as a couple of other things, nothing too crazy, so let’s! Actually pop it out right now we got our kunai. You like how i had to spin it every time, jay, it’s fancy, but all right, y’all check it out here we have it all right. So we’ve got the ipad here as well as a couple of other things: we got the apple pencil, the ipad and that new white magic keyboard, so that is really exciting. Alright, so here is the box for the new 12 inch ipad pro featuring apple’s brand new m1 chip, which has taken the tech world by storm. The m1 macbooks have been absolutely insane, as well as the mac mini. Now we have the m1 inside of the ipad pro so we’re going to be talking about that. What that brings to the table? What makes this thing so special, but just looking at the box, i love the color scheme that they got here, obviously because there’s like teal, so it makes sense that i’m gravitating towards this, but let’s pop it open let’s, get it out of the box and see What we got all right? Okay, so this is the silver version. I usually opt for space gray, but here we’ve got silver and that makes sense. The silver is going to look really nice. With this white magic keyboard.

I can palm the 10 inch version, but not this guy now apple has made some changes. We talked about the fact that it has the m1 chip inside of here, but it now also features apple’s new xdr, liquid retina display. If history is any indicator, apple’s normal xdr display that they came out with recently, which looks amazing. The same kind of screen technology is built inside of this little guy uh, instead of a typical usbc port down here, this is thunderbolt 4., with a thunderbolt port you’re. Going to be able to add accessories like really fast ssds, so you can do all kinds of stuff like video, editing, i’m getting ahead of myself. Overall, this thing does look very similar to the standard ipad pro, so no real physical changes. Here we do have a 12 megapixel wide angle lens, as well as a 10 megapixel ultra wide angle lens. So you got those as well and your power, your volume buttons on the sides, all your speaker, grills all that good stuff it’s an ipad pro. We know what it’s about, but in the box let’s see. Okay, we still get our charger as well as a usb c to c cable. So this is what we get inside of the packaging beautiful packaging. Shall we pop open the magic keyboard? Sir yeah you’re excited for this carl? I was like i don’t care man just open it all right. Now, a white magic keyboard, that’s it’s, an interesting choice.

I think it’ll look really cool, but it’s white, okay, okay, okay, that’s, clean, i don’t know i get doctor vibes with this see. What am i you know, get your white lab coat, get your little white ipad like this looks. This is fire when you go to type on this after some time. I wonder what this looks like in a few weeks of using it. You know after you eating cheetos and oxtail. You know all kinds of crazy stuff, carl, you can’t do it around this, but this new magic keyboard looks dope we’ll throw in the apple pencil. On top of it, it looks so clean jay. I mean what it looks. Nice – oh just just this thing, like just solo, just put this thing by itself: Music, we’re, nerds uh, one other thing: i’m, just seeing right now that it has lte connectivity right now, uh, but this also features 5g. So if you want to get like fast data speeds, you’re going to have access to that with this ipad but i’m going to go ahead and set it up and i’m going to hit. You guys, with a review in a couple days, which is in a few seconds, here’s the review and all right guys time for my thoughts on the new ipad pro 2021 and i got ta say this thing is kind of crazy, but first i feel like we Need to talk about what this thing is meant to be, and not what people might think it’s meant to replace.

Of course, this thing is packing apple’s new m1 chip. A lot of things are carrying apple’s new m1 chip, macbook pro macbook air mac mini imac ipad. Pro we are seeing a lot of m1 these days, but they’re all very different products, and the ipad pro is no different. Now this is meant to be a portable powerhouse, where you can take this around for entertainment, while also being able to do some creative work. When you want to pull out the apple pencil and if you want to do a little bit more heavy lifting in the creative field, you can even do things like video editing with no problem and, if you’ve seen the ipad pro in action before you already know. That, but with apple’s new m1 chip, it just takes those capabilities. A bit further now package wise we’re, getting pretty much the same ipad pro that we’re familiar with it’s got the same body same speaker, layout cameras all that good stuff that you know from the last year. Body is ever so slightly thicker because it has a ever so slightly thicker battery inside of here battery life is still pretty much the same. You get that standard 10 hours, but we’re, seeing a difference in battery size, because we’ve got this much brighter and cleaner display. Now i don’t want to get too technical and start talking about how this thing has over 10. 000 mini leds just know that the screen gets really bright when you’re watching content.

Maybe you throw something up like this: it’ll get really bright up to a thousand nits and colors just pop on the screen and the volume you guys this is listen. This is a kids show right, don’t judge me uh, but it’s, nice and colorful and it’s got like music going so just check this out Applause, Music, and i will say you guys it might not translate well over video, but in here it is surprisingly loud. You would think a television is on it’s a good experience and me i’m, a big mobile, gamer and i’m always happy when there is an ipad version of the app uh, because the bigger screen is just. This is nicer than pulling out the phone. Sometimes, if you want to just go all in and if you take part in apple arcade, uh it’s, actually a pretty solid experience, you can pair a bluetooth controller to this, whether it’s, the xbox wireless controller, and i think the ps5 controller is supported as well. So you can throw a bluetooth controller on here. Have a really nice decent screen to play, and in case you don’t want to use a controller, and you just want to use the touch screen. That’S, okay, because this thing does have pro motion. So even the gaming experience is nice. It responds to touch very well as you’d expect, carl. You know they got call of duty on here. Have you tried it? I hear you i don’t play, but what m1 does bring to the table in terms of having that extra power it allows developers to be able to create even crazier games apple calls.

It console level graphics. The m1 chip is pretty insane, so it should be interesting to see what happens in probably like an apple arcade. I feel like that’s, where we’ll most likely see the most development happen and, while we’re on the topic of m1 let’s, just take a look over here. You guys so we have a little video project. This is lumafusion. Unfortunately, you know it’s, not final cut pro, but we’ll we’ll talk about that in just a little bit at the end, but take a look guys. This right here is probably like the go to editing app when it comes to the ipad and what we’re looking at right here is 4k footage, just some a roll that we shot. This is actually colored and you guys can just take a look at the playback here. This is from yesterday’s video a little behind the scenes for you guys and it’s just playing really smoothly. This is 4k footage right from the a7s3, but we’ve also got some 8k footage in here as well from our red camera. It plays back very, very smoothly, that’s the power of m1, like we’re, able to do some really crazy things now with um an ipad 8k footage 4k footage on top of each other in a video editing app. We actually exported this video. It turned out to be an 11 minute video without all the crazy effects that you typically see in our videos with animations and all that and an 11 and a half minute.

Video took about seven minutes and i believe 10 seconds, that’s really really good and makes the ipad a viable option in terms of a video editing device now it’s one of those things is it easier to just use this ipad instead of like a dedicated machine with Software, like final cut pro, you can get it done. I personally think i’d stick with final cut. I think because i’m used to it, but if you bought an ipad pro someone gifted you an ipad pro because they love you because that’s some real love uh, then you’re gon na be in good shoes. If you said it right, i would have did it and, while i’m not expecting to see final cut on the ipad anytime soon, maybe adobe might come out with premiere on the ipad, it’s completely possible. Who knows, but that could be really cool for video editors. You would like that right, jay, but you see that’s the kind of conversation we can have now, because the m1 chip is inside of here and it’s. Crazy it’s got all this power it’s doing all these different things with the video editing. All that things stay. Super cool: there are no fans in the ipad that’s, just listen! If you haven’t heard about m1 it’s crazy, it’s, crazy, but let’s just really quickly jump into one of like the coolest things about the new ipad, and that is this front facing camera carl i’m. Gon na call you, you got your phone i’m, not gon na answer it so i’m gon na facetime carl and then you guys can see.

We’Ve got this thing called center stage, so jay just kind of walked into the shot, and you can see we got a wider screen here because of it. So basically, what center stage does is it will follow you, no matter where you go, because it has a wide angle lens that is working with it. Crops in and basically follows the person in here. So, if i’m doing something like let’s say i take my ipad with me somewhere. Can we make it bigger? Yes, oh, why would i look at you when i could look at me, so i can be over here talking to carl kind of just stand over here and like oh, hmm and it’s. Doing a really good job and what’s actually really surprising. Is that my face looks really dark on screen because of these this bright background, but it is still making out that i am here and that i am the subject that it should be focusing on. So you can be on a facetime call like in a kitchen, while you’re grabbing all the different ingredients. Moving around having your conversation and you’re. Just seeing the camera just go and follow you that’s nice, that’s nice. You can kind of just place it forget about it and it does its thing, but what’s also cool. Is that even though it’s focusing on you, if carl jumps in here real quick, it’ll, just open up for the both of us and jay jumps in here, it gets even wider.

It’S, like okay, you got all these people in there. You rolling deep, so uh we’re gon na make it wide enough. So everybody can see you and then, when carl leaves and it’s doing this yeah and it’s very it’s, very smooth that’s, the nice part about it. So it’s not like a jarring kind of thing: it’s nice center stage that’s the future. Imagine you got somebody else in the crib that you’re not supposed to have it just so. My final thoughts on the new ipad, pro absolutely incredible device apple, has done it again. Ipad pro was amazing, you know i loved it. I love the design. I love the power behind it, but with the m1 chip, just kind of pushes that not to mention that you know if you’re in the creative field, you also got like thunderbolt support over here. On the side now it can go up to two terabytes of storage. I say all this to say: the ipad pro is dope. It is absolutely an investment kind of like a laptop but now we’re starting to see the lines get blurred. This is now no longer just a tablet now i know it can be a little confusing that the ipad has an m1 chip. One might think that we’ll eventually see mac os come to the ipad or ipad os and mac os eventually merge or something, but i think apple has said it over and over again. Ipad os is supposed to be a complementary operating system, as well as one that can stand on its own uh to mac os so that you can kind of have them work well together, but ipad os is not going to replace the macbook at any point, and We probably won’t see applications from mac os eventually come to the ipad, so i don’t think we should have our hopes up that’s why i kind of gave up on the idea of final cut pro coming over to the ipad still have my fingers crossed, but you Should really think of them as separate devices that work well together? So do i recommend the ipad pro absolutely.

I love this thing. I’M, a daily user, so it’s an easy recommendation on my end and 2021 version is no different. One thing we do have to talk about is this magic keyboard? I love the magic keyboard. I think it looks absolutely stunning in white, like guys, this thing looks crazy, it’s beautiful do. I recommend it? No guys in me just trying to keep this thing safe and ready for this review. It’S been a few days and i’ve been treating this thing like a princess like placing it nice and clean places, and look from just being on desk the way that this thing lays down on a table you’re going to get smudges. This is with me doing my absolute best to keep it clean, and i can just imagine like a few weeks it’s over and you know what i’m not gon na lie. I’M gon na keep using this i’m gon na keep using the white one anyway, because i do think it’s dope, so i’ll give you guys an update at some point on how this holds up uh with me babying it, because i definitely like to baby my stuff. I don’t expect good results and i think some people were a little bit confused about whether or not the old magic keyboard could work for the ipad. Now, like i said, the ipad is a slight bit thicker, but the old magic keyboard still works for it. It’S. Just when you close it, it might be a little bit weird because it’s slightly thicker, this magic keyboard does accommodate the extra thickness here, it’s, not much uh, but that’s the difference.