This is the iPad pro 10.5. It is replacing the iPad pro 9.7 that I got last year, we’re going to take a look at some size, comparisons and some performance comparisons, and then talk a little bit more about what this new device brings to the mix. Now, before we get into the review, I do want to mention in the interest of full disclosure that I paid for this with my own funds. All the opinions you’re about to hear are my own. Nobody is paying for this review and no one is reviewing this content before it is posted now. It surprised me about this new iPad is that, although the screen is much larger, the device itself is not much larger than the nine point. Seven inch device it’s replacing so here are the two stacked up next to each other. That is really the size difference here. It is not substantial at all and what they did to make. This work was that they made the bezels a lot thinner, which gave them more room to expand the screen without actually expanding the device itself. So you can see here. The screen really takes up a lot more of the device as a percentage, then the prior Edition did, and one of the things Apple is really good at, is knowing what your intent is, while you’re using the device. So, for example, if I’ve got my webpage up here and I’m scrolling around and I’m resting my thumb here on the screen, it knows that my thumb is not intending to press anything it’s just holding the device and it’s following along with what my finger is doing Here so they’ve really got their software really figured out here to get the device to follow what your intentions are, which allows them to shrink these bezels the way they do without it ruining the user experience in the process so that’s how they were able to get This device to not be all that much larger, yet give you a much larger screen, and it really does work quite well now, just a slightly heavier than last year’s version.

It’S 1.03 pounds on its own is about 469 grams that compares to 0.96 pounds or 437 grams on last year’s model. I also picked up the excruciatingly ly expensive keyboard case here. This cost another one hundred and fifty nine dollars. The one thing about this device is that, while the peripherals are very cool, they are very expensive. This does not add all that much weight to the package here and the keys are a little larger than they were last year like last year, though, the keyboard tends to pop up on you a little bit here, which kind of bugs me, but generally the keyboard Works as well as it did last year and you probably will need to buy a new keyboard if you have one already for your nine point, seven inch, because the keyboard is a little larger to accommodate the larger screen. Now the other one does work on it, but it looks a lot better, of course, with the new one on there. So you’ll probably want to consider that it does feel a little heavier though, when you do have the keyboard dock with it walking around, but it’s still not ridiculously heavy, but it does noticeably have a little bit more weight to it. Pretty simple device. Overall, though, you’ve got nothing on this side of it beyond the little Pogoplug here for the keyboard case. On this side, there is a volume rocker, just as before. Your power switch is up here and guess what folks they did not get rid of the headphone jack.

On the iPad pro, so you can plug in your headphones if you wish into it, and there are no headphones included in the box, but whatever you got will work with it. I like the prior generation iPad pros. They have four speakers on here and it will dynamically change the stereo separation depending on the orientation you have the device in so that works the same as it does before on the bottom. You’Ve got your lightning connector, and this will charge the device now with fast charging. If you have one of those USB type c connectors, the extra charging speed comes with an additional purchase. Of course, you could buy a USB C power adapter, but it will charge at a faster rate if you do have that adapter and it’s also now pushing data at USB 3 speeds verses. Usb 2 before so they’ve improved that a little bit a 10x processor inside that is a little bit of a bump from the prior generation will show you some differences in performance there. The screen is at 224 by 1668 or 264 pixels per inch. That is an HDR capable display now, and it runs at 120 Hertz, so it actually Scrolls a lot more smoothly now than it did before. It really looked quite nice and you can’t really experience it in this videos. I’Ll shoot at 30 frames per second, but when you have it in front of you, it looks really really nice that compares to 2048 by 1536 on the 9.

7 inch device from last year, although that one still has the same PPI as this one does I, like The prior generation, there are cameras on this one there’s a multi tone flash here as well. This camera is the same camera that is in the iPhone 7, not to seven plus but the seven. So it shoots 4k videos kind of cool to have a nice big viewfinder here to do that, video shooting with you’re going to be that person holding up your iPad, taking pictures with it, of course, so it’ll shoot 4k at 30 frames per second 1080p at 60 Frames per second, and you can do 720p video at 240 frames per second in its slo mo mode. So all the same features on the iphone 7 camera are on here, including optical stabilization. I took some pictures with it outside a little earlier. Really nice detail on these things. Apple cameras have a very nice dynamic range to them, really good stabilization on the video, too. Everything really looks great and in line with the experience you would have on an iPhone 7. Likewise, the camera on the front here is the same as that other device, 7 megapixels on the front, it’ll shoot 1080p video. I believe at 30 frames per second now performance wise this one isn’t all that much faster than last year’s model there, arts and benchmarks we’ll. Take a look at where you can see some of the performance differences, but I think for what most people do with these devices you’re not going to notice anything on here.

That makes this a must have upgrade over last year’s version, unless, of course, you want the larger screen, but I did run the 3dmark sling shot test on this iPad and also ran it on last year’s model and that test showed that the new one is faster. We got a score of four thousand one hundred and forty three versus three thousand three hundred, and twenty of note here is that first graphics test significantly faster on the graphics side, at least for graphics, test, one, the second graphics test, which measures a different component of The graphics subsystem came out about even but if you look at the CPU score here on the three physics test, the new one is definitely a little faster than the old one and, while on paper, it’s definitely faster. When you’re in apps you’re, like iMovie I’m. Editing. Two 4k video files together plus a third one, that’s going to show up picture and picture there. You can see how nicely this runs. It actually runs just as nicely at least insofar as I can perceive on last year’s version as well. So the bigger jump here again is going from the older generation hardware to this one, but less so if you’re moving up from last year’s version. But the display here actually is running at a factor refresh rate which will give the impression perhaps of greater performance, so scrolling is much more smooth and even because it can update the screen so much faster with less blurry as you’re.

Doing quick, Scrolls like this one they’ve also improved the animations due to the fact they can update that display much faster. This is updated 120 times four second versus sixty times per second on last year’s model. So there is an impression of greater speed here, even though the actual speed for this kind of stuff, like browsing, the web or working on photos or something may not actually be any different. One thing they did improve, though, is the latency of the display. In other words, how long does it take for it to register a button press or a tap of the screen with the pen? The new display here can react to a response in 44 milliseconds, which is pretty quick compared to the 100 milliseconds response from last year. So if you’ve been having a hard time with the pen, because it doesn’t feel quite right to you, this one might feel a little better. So you may want to go into an Apple store or something and try it out first, but there’s a probably at least by my measurement about a 60 milliseconds difference in response time there. So that is pretty good. Now there are some things that the iPad pros can do, that the other iPad models can’t do – and most of that involves the pencil here so let’s take a look at some of the apps that you can use with the pencil. So here is an app called affinity photo.

This is something you might have seen on the keynote presentation that they were doing. This is kind of like a Photoshop app and seems to work. Pretty nicely on here feels a little bit more responsive, perhaps than last year’s iPad 9.7 does to me, but to be honest with you, if you are using either device, I think you’re going to be pretty satisfied with the result here, but some pretty big improvements in Software over last year’s offerings for the pencil here, especially this app in particular, really cool stuff that you can do with it and getting close to our, perhaps in some ways exceeding what you can do on a desktop just because you’ve got a very responsive pen here That makes a big difference gon na pop into something called procreate here is another one. We looked at last year, there’s, really no difference in what you can do with the new iPad. Just that you’ve got a larger screen to work with now, and the pen feels maybe a little more natural a little bit more responsive. You can see there’s not much of a trail here behind my pen, as I draw with it so I’m noticing just slight differences in latency on the new one here, which probably translates out to what I was noticing when I was running my tests with it earlier And the good news is last year’s pens go works with this year’s iPad, so hundred bucks for the bend is quite a bit, but if you are doing a lot of artwork, I think you’ll like this, especially having a device that’s about the same size as last Year, but with a larger screen to work with and that larger screen will help with things like multitasking and split screen view here.

So one of the features of the more recent iOS updates that you can have two things running at the same time like I’ve got Twitter and my web browser here running and there’s this more room now to have both on here it’s a little more practical. Now than it may have been last year on the 9.7 there’s also more RAM on this device, there’s four gigabytes of RAM versus two on the old one, so I think it’s apps get more advanced you’ll be able to do more. At the same time, although I never really had an issue with the two gigs of RAM that were on the original now, like all iPads, the battery life on this thing is excellent. I got this one in earlier this morning, I’ve been really killing it all day. It only came in with about 75 of a charge. I still have about 30 in the tank here. This thing just keeps going and going just like my old one did in fact my old one. I may be charged up once or twice a week if that I don’t think I’ve ever killed the battery on it. So these things really do quite well, especially if you’re just browsing the web and watching videos and doing some light work on it. They really will get you through well more than a day of usage, especially if you’re using it intermittently throughout the week, so really good stuff. There now I’ve got this article up here from the verge.

They call it overkill and I could not agree more. This thing is really perfect in the sense that it does everything that it sets out to do perfectly. It is elegant, it is a luxury device without question, probably the nicest display you will ever see on a mobile device, at least until the next one comes out, and it is just supremely well executed across the board, but you’re going to pay a huge price premium For this this starts at six hundred and forty nine dollars for the 64 gigabyte version and as these apps get more advanced, that may not be enough storage, so they have now entered into a new structure of their storage capacity. So you go from 64 at 649 to 256 at 749 what’s, an extra hundred bucks that’s. What I did I was doing the calculation I really wanted 128, but 256 was where I needed to go with it. There’S no SD card slot on these things. So the storage you buy as the storage, you will have forever there’s, also a 512 gigabyte version for 949. These are the Wi Fi models. They also have one with a cellular modem onboard a 4G modem that one goes up to 1000 79 for the 512 gig configuration this one with that 4G modem is 879 expenses, but you’re not done spending yet because you need to get the Apple care on this Stuff because it has a one year warranty, but if something were to break on this thing, it’s going to be very difficult and very expensive to get it repaired.

That does give you a discount if you break the screen. So there is some advantages to it. That way, if you’re, clumsy or something but by and large you’re going to need to get that just because you don’t want to be stuck paying a huge replacement fee year and a half out. The other thing you may want to get is the keyboard case, which will set you back one hundred and fifty dollars. It is very elegant here it really nicely compact and it really is quite nice to type on it reviewed the one from last year’s iPad, which I’ll put down below in the video description. So you can check out how it works, but really nice keyboard about 150 bucks and if you want the pencil there’s another hundred dollars here. So the bottom line is, by the time you’re done you’re easily going to be spending a thousand dollars on this thing, which is really what you would spend typically on a PC, which is why Apple is now marketing these things as PC replacements. Is it a PC replacement? It might be for some people, but I think for a lot of folks, myself included. There are still things that I prefer doing on a computer and I do often need a mouse which this thing doesn’t really do so there’s some areas here, where it just isn’t, quite a PC replacement for me. But you might know somebody who is looking for one.

That said the one from last year is the 9.7 Pro and the 12 inch Pro that was just updated to some of the features that are now in the 10.5 are still very relevant and very usable. And you can probably find them at a good price and if you can get last year’s model jump on it because you’re going to get everything you’re. Seeing here, in the case of the nine point, seven a slightly smaller screen, but the performance for what you’re going to do with it will be about the same. Really nice tablet the best in the business last year. This one is better, but still far beyond the competitors out there, and I think, if you are looking for one of these things and want to spend less you’re not going to lose all that much by going with last year’s versions. So the best of the best here, if you want to pay for it – and I am quite pleased with it – but I don’t know if everyone needs one of these things in their repertoire. There are, of course, other iPads that don’t perform as well as this one does. That will probably get the job done for a lot of folks, but if you really want the best, this one is definitely it, and I am quite pleased with it. This is lawns Ivan thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters, including gold level supporters Bollinger in Co default.

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