This reminds me a lot of the ipad pro, but it costs less and we’re going to take a look at what this new ipad can do in just a second. But i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that i paid for this with my own funds. All the opinions you’re about to hear are my own. No one is paying for this review. Nor has anyone reviewed or approve what you’re about to see before it was uploaded, so let’s get into it now and see what this new ipad is all about. Now the price point on this: one is 599, that is the starting price and, like other ipads, there are a few different storage and network connectivity options available to you. So i went with the 64 gigabyte wi fi version. This is the lowest cost one in the entry and then there’s a 256 gigabyte storage version, and then you also have the option of those two storage configurations available with lte or 4g network connectivity. So you can get it online when you’re out of the house, but for most folks i think the wi fi models should be just fine it’s available in a bunch of different colors. I went with the blue one here because i thought it looked pretty cool the color is very light and, as a result, it almost looks gray here on my studio lamp, so you’re not going to see all that much color here splashed on the back.

I think no matter which color you choose, but it was nice to see a bunch of different color options available with this one. All of these have a 10.9 inch display. This is apple’s. True tone display running at 2360 by 1640 that’s 264 points per inch. This is one of their retina displays. It looks great. The brightness can go up to about 500 nits. Now, one of the big differences between the ipad air and the ipad pro 11 is that the ipad pro has a faster refresh rate versus the air here. So this one will refresh at 60 hertz the ipad pro refreshes at 120 hertz for general consumers. I think 60 hertz is just fine. You can browse the web, you can watch your movies it’ll, look just fine. In fact, most laptop screens are running at 60 hertz, but on the ipad pro, the 120 hertz might be a little better for people who are serious artists using the apple pencil, because you might get a little less latency as you’re. Drawing on the screen on the pro versus the air here now i’m, not a serious artist, i’m, a note taker and a doodler for me, it’s going to be just fine to stick with the air, but if you are a more serious artist, the pro might be. The better option – and, of course the pro is also available in a larger 12 inch version, we’re going to take a look at pen compatibility a little bit later in the video here.

The device is pretty lightweight here: it’s one pound or 458 grams it’s got a nice aluminum backing here, there’s a fingerprint reader here at the top and what’s nice about this. Is that if you have a mask on you, don’t need to take your mask off. To get into your device, you can just rest your finger on the top here and it lets you in just like that. So pretty quick, you can even just do it in a single button press here by leaving your finger on the button after you push it, and this is similar, of course, to the fingerprint readers that used to be at the bottom of these devices now it’s at The top and integrated into the switch i would have loved to have seen this switch integrated into the new iphone pro, because it’s really a pain to have to keep typing my password in when i’m out on the road. With a mask on beyond that, though, it looks pretty similar to what you might see on the ipad pro. It has a usb type c port here at the bottom. This is a multi function port, so you can plug a hub into it and get ethernet on that hub to work on here you can plug in external storage. You can get power, of course, into the device through that port, and you can also do display out through that usbc port, just like you, can do on the ipad pro so it’s good to see usbc, making its way down from the pro into other ipads.

And this one is the first non pro device to get usbc on the side here, just like the ipad pro we’ve got a little charging spot for the apple pencil and that will connect magnetically to it here. It will charge the pencil when it’s attached, which is really nice, and it really sticks on pretty good here. As you can see, this, though, only works with the apple pencil 2, the second generation pencil. So the lower cost round pencil that you might see out there for the entry level ipad is not compatible with this one. But there are some third party pencils out there that do work with it and again, we’ll look at pencil support in a little bit and it looks like the new ipad air here is compatible with accessories for the ipad. Pro 11. they’ve got the same. Pogo plugs down here at the bottom, and i took out the smart keyboard folio that i bought with my pro probably about two years ago now, and the new air slips right into it without any real problems. Here i can unlock it with my fingerprint and then just start typing here, as you can see, and it all works, even though this accessory was something designed for the 11 inch ipad pro. It should also work with the new keyboard and trackpad combination that’s out there. As well, so i think you’ll find a lot of accessories for the ipad 11 pro. I will work just fine here with the new pogo plugs at the bottom.

Now this ipad has two cameras: you’ve got one on the back and one on the front. The rear camera is kind of your standard apple 12, megapixel lens it takes nice images. It’S got a 1.8 aperture, no complaints there. Video quality out of the rear lens is pretty nice as well. It’Ll do 4k video at up to 60 frames per second, which is nice to see out of a mid range device. It has digital stabilization built in which is usually pretty good on these apple devices, but it doesn’t have optical stabilization. The one thing this ipad doesn’t do is portrait mode photos, though so, if that’s important to you, you’re not going to find it on this one. The front camera is okay on this one it’s, not as good as the pro edition. It will shoot video at up to 1080p at 60 frames per second, so no 4k lens here out of the ipad air, but it will shoot 7 megapixel photos and i think, is adequate enough for doing facetime calls and video conferences and maybe even a little bit Of vlogging, but just don’t expect all that much out of the front camera. The new pro has a much better front sensor, all right, let’s jump into performance now and see how this thing does. This is running with the new apple a14 processor and it has four gigabytes of ram uh. This is pretty much the same, configuration and performance that you might see out of the new iphone 12.

Although note the iphone 12 pro has the same chip with six gigabytes of memory versus four and as you can see here, things are pretty responsive when you’re just browsing the web. This does support wi fi six it’s connected right. Now, though, to my regular ac, five gigahertz wi fi, but all is good on the web browsing front now, it doesn’t have a home button like the prior ipad air does so you just swipe up from the bottom, similar to what you would do on the pro And, as you can see here, things jump up pretty quickly here. The sound quality is nice out of this it’s got stereo speakers on each side, really good quality audio out of this great for watching youtube, videos, doing conferences and listening to music. But of course you can also connect up bluetooth headphones. There is no headphone jack on this one, just like we’ve seen on other recent apple devices, so wireless headphones or something plugged into the usbc port is your only option now, as i mentioned previously, it supports the second generation apple pencil and if you go and start Writing some notes on it. As you can see here, it feels pretty natural, very, very low latency, even with the 60 hertz display. But again i think serious artists might like having that 120 hertz option on the ipad pro. The pencil here will allow you to switch between whatever the active pen is and the eraser just by double tapping here, that’s kind of neat.

You also, of course, have all the other features that you saw on the prior edition of the apple pencil, which includes pressure detection. So you can get a darker line if you push down harder. For example, you have tilt detection here which will measure how much the pen is tilted. Some really cool features built right in there. They also now have smart shape detection. So if you draw a square for example, and just hold your pen down, it will straighten it up. You can do that with circles as well. It also has handwriting recognition which i’ll demo real quick after i clear out my screen now, handwriting recognition has been integrated into a lot of the ipad operating system, in fact any place where you would normally write text. You can usually just write something in and have it recognized now. What i’ve got here in apple notes is the a pen selected i’ve got a sentence that i am starting here: i’m, just going to finish it by saying lon seidman is a nice guy and what it will do here is recognize my text and convert it into Typewritten text, which is pretty cool now, another thing you can do is leave your notes as handwriting, so i could say that today is thursday and i’m not going to have it convert that i’m just going to leave it as text, but what i’m going to do Is select the text here with my selector and, as you can see it notice where those letters are and if i tap on it once and go to copy as text.

I now have something that i can take into apple pages, the word processor and have it just type it out for me, which is really useful, because if you’re like me, i don’t like to have everything get recognized as i’m. Writing it. If i’m taking notes in a meeting, but it would be great to be able to email somebody, some excerpt of my notes, which i can do just by selecting the handwriting copy as text and then just paste it in and you’re off and running there’s. A lot of neat stuff that they’ve integrated here with the new version of ipad os and, of course the air here – will do all of it and, if you’re into game playing, they should run fine. Here again, this has the a14 chip from apple inside. This is the new game, genshin impact that everybody’s been playing here, and it seems to be running just as well here as it does on my iphone 12 pro with the same processor, so no problems. You also can, of course, connect up xbox and playstation controllers for games that support that, unfortunately, gentian impact here doesn’t yet support the game controllers. Now we did run a new benchmark on this, the 3d mark wildlife benchmark, and on that test we got a score of 8607, with an average frame rate of 51 frames per second, that is pretty much what we saw out of the iphone 12 pro, which, of Course has the a14 processor as well.

The eighth generation ipad, as you can see here, which is the entry level model, does not perform as well, which is expected with its a12 processor, but the a12x in the ipad pro that i bought a few years ago is still the top performer out of the Devices that i’ve looked at here and, of course, if you buy the current edition of the ipad pro you’ll, get even better performance. So there is a good better best here at work with apple, and this one is really firmly in the middle of the product line. Both in its features and performance now apple says the battery life on this is about 10 hours, and i would agree with that assessment. If you stick to the basics like web browsing and media watching and that sort of thing, if you start playing a lot of games or edit video or other kinds of intensive tasks, that, of course will eat at the battery a bit more. The good thing, though, is that this new air has a usbc connector and it supports the faster usbc power delivery and, unlike that new iphone 12, this one comes with that usbc charger in the box, along with the charging cable. So that was encouraging to see and overall it’s a really nice device. That brings a lot of the features of the more expensive pro model down to a more affordable level. These are still not completely inexpensive compared to other tablets out on the market.

Certainly, apple has a much more cost tablet for people that are more budget minded, but this does have a lot of great features that, for many people might be enough and may not require you to go all the way up to the high end pro to get A really good ipad experience, so i like what they’ve done with this. I, like the integration with the pro peripherals again, the pro has a better screen: it’s got better cameras, it’s got more performance, but if those things are not as important to you and you just want a good ipad, i think the air here is definitely something to Consider and consider very strongly that’s going to do it for now until next time. This is lon simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the london tv supporters, including gold level, supporters, tom albrecht, chris alegretta, mike patterson, and bill pomerantz.