Today we got a cool little video, something that is near and dear to my heart and what is that it’s, the ifixit tool kit i’ve used this thing on countless phone repairs, uh laptop repairs, tablet repairs. This thing is my go to i fix it. They make a great product um, all their stuff is, is fine um. So recently, let me just move that over i was doing a repair and i didn’t have one of the bits that i needed. I had actually lost it. Actually, no, i didn’t lose it. It finally stripped itself out after i mean hundreds and hundreds of uses, but yeah. As you can see. This is the original ifixit toolkit i bought this thing years ago. So um. I went ahead and finally said i’m gon na go ahead and buy their new one and that’s. What we’re, just gon na be taking a look at today, so here’s, the old one i’m, not getting rid of this. This is still my go to i’ll. Probably keep that in my backpack or maybe just in a secondary location, but let’s just go ahead and open up this bad boy, the new one and see how it is and if it’s anything different from the old one and maybe added something new. We don’t know we’ll, see all right. You guys stay tuned all right, so this is the new i fix it. Tech toolkit all of our signature tools. In one kit.

This can fix drones, cameras, phone tablet, toys consoles, laptop desktops, smart home uh and much much more 64 bits. Four millimeter drivers on the back, we’re, not gon na, go through all those, but it pretty much gives you um everything you got and we’re gon na go. Uh through all these just really quickly to see and then i’ll try to open up something and see if it works, which we know it does all right. So let’s just get this open so far, even the packaging is much better than the last i’m quite impressed. All right, so i did open this before and take out a couple stickies that i use to stick all around my laptop and my pc all right now for the meat and potatoes, so nice velcro sturdy case even better than the last one. Everything is upgraded, quite nicely, look at that all right and make sure i’m, nice and zoomed in here all right so before we get to the goods. Oh and look at that. This has like a magnetic pad here, keeps it in place. Sweet all right, so let’s just slide this on over and see what we got here. All right, so let’s take a look at what we have on the inside of here. Let’S start with the jimmy okay. So this thing is upgraded. I never had one like this. This thing is fantastic: okay, uh you can get in with any kind of little spaces you need.

In with that thing, oh now let’s take a look at the metal spudger, so that’s, just your metal, spudger tool. You can use that to open up any connector pieces and stuff like that next we’re going to go with the halberd spudger. I hope i said that right, the hall bird spudger anti static spudger with a blade and pointed view um. This thing can open up connector, clips and stuff like that ribbon cables all kinds of goods all right, and it has a look on the bottom, which is sweet all right. This is just your regular plastic spudger tool anti static, as well pointed on each tip um. I used this thing quite often and ended up losing it, and now i got it back so i’m, a happy man all right. These are blunt tweezers. You can just use these to pull things apart, put connectors in um, they’re, edf, safe tweezers, they’re flat and they’re. Rounded so that’s pretty cool. Next we got the angled tweezers. These are really really um useful. So you can same thing. Get these in in little little places pick things out mostly for connectors. Even if you drop a screw, you can use it to uh. You can pick it up all right. These are reverse tweezers. Now i’ve never had a pair of these ones before at least this uh uh the quality and durability of these and the pressure. When you press on this um, you really feel it so for a connector um.

If one’s stuck, you need to get it out. I can actually place this on the connector. Let it sit, pull it back and i think you’ll be good to go. So this thing is a pretty cool. I like it. I like it a lot all right, what’s next, all right sweet. So next is going to be our anti static. Wrist strap i’m gon na i’m. Not gon na lie to you guys. I don’t use this too often um, but it’s, something you should do, throw it on your wrist ground yourself out um. It is best practice to do so, but i rarely do – and i do have a lot of static on my hands. So this is just something i i need to get better at and i’m sorry let’s just get that on in there all right. These are just your plastic opening tools. You can use these to open up glass, that’s connected to frames and stuff like that, and these things are a lot more durable than the ones i’m used to, because the ones i’m used to normally break these ones. Look like they’re going to last for a while all right, then you just have a suction handle. You know when you stick it on the wood here, that’s not going to work just uh, something like a phone. You can use it to stick on like so, and uh pull glass off. Everything on here feels phenomenal guys i’m, not gon na lie.

This feels wonderful, all right, that’s it for that all right. So let’s move on to the main kit here and look at this beautiful specimen here, all right so i’m, just going to read off some of the things that it has: phillips: flathead, torque, torque security, pentalobe, jis, hex, tri, point nut driver square gambit, spanner triangle, semi Jack bit, oval drive magnetic pickup, iphone, stand up and a 1 4 to 4 millimeter drive adapter, so yeah a whole bowl of stuff, and you know um you might use, i don’t know maybe 30 40 of these, but it’s good that you have all them. Just in case um, this is the kind of kit that, like i said, you’re missing one screw and then you’re gon na have to go, try to buy one like i did last weekend and uh that pretty much wasted money because it was a crappy kit. I ended up buying this, so let me zoom in here and you can see let’s just go ahead and grab the 64 bit driver. This has an ergonomic handle, provides plenty of torque with swivel cap and magnetized bit holder, so i’m, just going to throw a bit in here, and you can see that these are longer than the ones uh in the original ifixit toolkit, which is great. You can just slide your bit on like so and then um it actually swivels, so you can hold the top and a screw in, which is something i use all the time.

Let me just place that back in there, okay, so i’m just going to zoom in and let you see all the bits like. I said you can check these out for yourself, but you can see how they have them labeled with their uh, their symbol and then their number underneath. So you have that, like i said, the phillips, the hex, the square, the t symbols everything’s labeled. I do wish it was printed in white, so you can see them a little bit better, but you know i’m just nitpicking. You should be able to see them. Fine just make sure you keep them nice and organized and don’t, be like me, where you got ta organize this thing. Every so often keep them in place all right. So that’s, the kit looks fantastic. Build quality 10 out of 10 you’ll, probably never need another one. Unless you lose a piece all right, so this is the flex extension. You could just extend your reach with this and get more torque for screws, because it’s rubber and you can get into hard to reach places. I don’t use that too often, but um. The torque part of it is actually pretty cool if you, if you need that extra torque, okay that’s it for now we’re going to go ahead and just uh grab one of these bits and get an iphone and open it up and see if this works. Okay, so i’m going to go ahead and remove the two screws that are on the bottom of my iphone here.

I think this is the p2, so hopefully i can get it without being too blurry, so i’ll just pull the device out, try to grab the bit for it and, like i said it actually comes out a little longer than the old one, which is really cool. Let me see if i can zoom into that, where you guys can see it perfect, all right, so let’s see if this gets in and actually bites it, and we can turn get my hands out of the way oh yeah it’s got a nice feel really snug Cheap ones will strip these things out really easily. That comes out really nicely let’s check the next one same thing really nicely comes out really nicely really easy. I mean i already knew that this was going to be quality, but this just confirmed my suspicions all right. Let’S go ahead and throw them back in. As you can see, these are magnetized, so you can just grab it like. So i mean that’s a must when you’re doing repairs, because these things fall all the time slide in turn, let’s grab the next one perfect. All right, just like that and you’re good to go all right guys i’m, going into this video please, like comment subscribe, i’ll put the link in the description for the ifixit toolkit. This thing is highly highly recommended. All right, i’ll see you guys the next one.