So what is this youre wondering if you have been watching my Channel or my videos – and you know this is not normally the type of game that I play on the channel? It is the type of game I play in real life, however, like when Im not recording, I love these types of games which Im going to get into in just a minute. I need to say that I did receive this key free on key mailer via the developer of the game, which is piece of cake fabulous. They reached out to me through keymailer and offered me a game key. So in case you dont know and youre wondering what the heck cumuler is, if youre a content creator, you should totally sign up. I dont have to say this, but I love key mailer key mailer is awesome for Content creators. It is a place where you can sign up. You can then apply for different game keys that suit your interest, and you can see if, if youre going to get it theyll get back to you and just start offering you stuff but anyways these people, these fine people uh reached out to me and offered me This game key, so I said okay Ill. Take it well, do this little review, I dont normally do game video reviews. I usually just do lets play, but I thought this game. We would just do a quick little review, so hopefully this video isnt going to run too long, but Im just gon na tell you.

Ive already played this game. Ive got about five and a half hours in this game and I will tell you what its about what you can do in this game and what my thoughts are about this game. I will be honest: I will give you an honest review of this game, but, first of all, what is my fantastic Ranch? My fantastic Ranch is a simulation type management game, its more, I would say, of a management type game similar to like city builders, but its not like a city Builder, its a ranch. You build your Ranch up. You get these dragons and unicorns that, let me tell you are absolute, absolutely adorable! You buy them with your money and you train them. You have students that come in and you train them. So right now were going to get into the game. I am going to do a voiceover, so youll just see some of the gameplay while Im talking to you about it. Im not gon na go super in depth on this video about it, this game. If you arent interested in it, it is available on Steam, PlayStation, 4 Xbox One and the Nintendo switch. Now it just came out today as me, recording it its November 17th. It was released normally its 29.99, but if you get it before November 24th, its only going to cost you 26.99, so theres like a 10 discount. So there are two game modes you have normal mode and dreamer mode.

Normal mode is, like the you know, overcome all the challenges and create your perfect Ranch. Dreamer mode is just like I like a creative, you can just move and and create your Ranch. You dont have any objectives, but you start out with a very nice tutorial. It will walk you through a everything and itll. Let you know your objectives and where to go next now I did find myself getting a little bit stuck at at the very beginning, just because I didnt have enough gems to get the things that I needed. You will have buildings and stuff that you will have to get. They start you off with the 3 000 gems, which is probably quite a bit you are. I will say you are limited on Space. You have three different. Like Islands, you start out with just one unlocked and then you will have to meet the objectives to unlock the other thing other areas, so you have like a bridge its broken there and you have to get it repaired. Youll do that later on the game as you progress, you can also skip the tutorial if youre the type of person that doesnt like tutorials, you just want to figure out yourself. You can just skip it if, if you want, which is what I do here, the only thing is you skip it, but you still do get pop ups from the little like, I guess its a fairy, but you you still get like little notifications, but it just Isnt going to tell you what to do next, you may find yourself getting stuck until you get those objectives.

You still will have those objectives to meet. You may find yourself getting a little stuck with that if, if you cant meet them, so you just start out by buying these buildings. You, you buy your Basics, you, you know your your stables and your tact rooms and staff buildings and you you go ahead and you buy your first dragons. So you have three that you get to choose from every Monday. You will have new ones. You can refresh the select action if you dont, like any of those for 500 gems, but in the beginning you probably wont youll just take at least I did. I just took what I got now. There are rares that you can get which Ill show you in a little bit a little later in this video. But you have you do get rares that cost a bit more. Each dragon or unicorn costs 50 gems, but you just get them. You start out with getting two or three. You would then hire your staff. You um can get up to two. I think it is but again its like the dragons and unicorns that cost 50 gems, and then you can always refresh now each have a like ability or special thing. They do theyre good in you start out knowing one, but you will have to uncover the others. After you know later by using them theyll help you train your dragons and unicorns the same with the dragons and the unicorns.

You will have uh special abilities that you have to uncover. So once you have your first air at your field placed down, you have to pick whos going to give the lesson and then you have to pick a combo. You have to pick a student and you have to pick your dragon or unicorn, and you want to try and match them in the beginning. Youll just get like super Duo, so you match them according to you know they like unicorns and then you can get like your unicorn that you want in the beginning, its pretty straightforward. You know what I mean and then you create these matches these pairs, and then you go ahead and start doing the training, the higher the pairing, the more money youre going to make and more experience that you will get. I have to say these these dragons and these unicorns. This whole game is just lovely its just beautiful. I love the coloring of it all its just its really nice, but I love watching the dragons and the unicorns are so cute and they will every now and then Buck you or act up be silly. I think its called so youll have to go ahead and step in, and click on that there is a fast forward. You can theres three different game speeds, just like in any other management City Builder type game. You can speed it up, which I did find myself doing. A lot of speeding up, as you got things set up, things do get a little bit busier with the more areas that you get with the more fields and stuff that you play put down.

Youll youll get busier and you have to reach certain levels to unlock things and its typical in these types of games. You will have decorations that youll want to put down there, isnt, really that many um decorations but trees count as well, so youll have some trees and some flower beds and stuff that you can place down and fountains um. All these things youll also unlock padding, which I think is at level three or four or something you get to put down paths to connect everything you will also have to watch your dragons and unicorns, especially in the beginning, their food and their energy will get low And theyll get very unhappy with you, so youre going to want to keep an eye on that, especially when you only have two or three in the beginning. Youll wear them out pretty quickly so, but you really do want to uncover their skills or what they like. So, as you progress through the game, you will uncover you will unlock bigger fields that will take up quite a bit of room. I did find a little bit having a little bit of trouble of fitting everything in because the more dragons and unicorns you get. The more resting areas – I call them youll youre gon na need – and you can see this once you get into festivals – they have like festivals. That is quite big. So its going to take up a lot of room, you will unlock the other areas.

So then, you can kind of spread them out its just managing how everything fits in and all that and you get to unlock more nature items and stuff that youre going to want to place down. Because you need ultimately to impress the king and queen of this quick Kingdom, the royal family or whatever they call them youre, going to need to impress them so youre going to want to do good at these festivals. It they have three different festivals. They have the simple and the challenging and strict. Now I only did the simple festival and the challenging Festival I never did get to the strict, but I ended up becoming the most famous Ranch in the Kingdom by just doing those two festivals. So I also should note that there is tournaments as well as the festivals. I did forget about that in the beginning. Even before you unlock the festivals, you will be doing tournaments with your students. You also will have to put down housing for your your uh students and stuff. So at the end of the week on Sundays, youll get a review, a report of how you did if you had a what you earned and how much you spent. If you had any profits in the beginning, I think I had a loss so um you do get better as you level up and everything, but I thought it was kind of. It was an interesting all the things that you get to track and then on Monday, youre offered you new, dragons and unicorns that you can get more and and your staff, and there is a badge codex in if you dont know or remember what these symbols um Are stand for you can always look them up and theyll tell you, and I thought I did find myself using this quite a bit in the beginning figuring out, which one is which, and it is important to know them, so you can match them up the students With the dragon and unicorns and your teacher that gives the lesson you also want to match with to get a higher combination, a higher payout higher everything so and then theres some tips in this codex and then all of the challenge codex, badges that youve got and So far, but all in all what do I think about this game? I think this game is really really cute.

I think its got a lot of potential Im, really hoping that they add more things that you can unlock more Fields, more decorations, more levels. Now you have three levels that you can upgrade to. I Im hoping that they things will be able to be upgraded a bit more than three levels as far as every Everything can basically be upgraded that you place down, except for the decorations and stuff so Im, hoping, maybe theyll, add more to this game. Is it worth it the price? The price tag is Right Now, 26, what 26.99 normally 29.99 30 game. The only thing that is pulling me away from that is 30 game and I basically got got to the end. I unlocked everything and create my beautiful Ranch and became the best. You know Rancher of this Kingdom in only five and a half hours and I normally am a little bit slower than other people, but of course I did kind of rush through it a little bit and I didnt like put down a whole lot of student housing. I think I only put down like two and I didnt put down a whole lot of I like did basically one of each field, and I I didnt even want have one Island that Id put anything down. I only put it stuff down on the main island and then this the next part to the left of it or right of it. So I didnt use all of the areas, so I could have probably expanded and I could have probably put down more decorations.

Gaining the reputation and becoming the best. Most famous Ranch in the kingdom was a little quick, its not terribly overpriced, Im, really hoping. If they add more to this game, it will definitely make its sway to that price tag. I really hope hope they do update this game. I really did enjoy it, though. The hours that I put into it, I really did really love it. I think that the unicorns and dragons are just adorable, and I just I didnt get all of the rare. I think I got ended up getting like four rares, so you can youll get to the point where you have a lot of money, a lot of gems and so youll end up doing like the rolls and over and over and over and re rolling for them To try and get the rares if this is something that appeals to you then be sure to check it out on Steam. Now I dont know if its a different price tag on the other platforms, the other consoles and stuff just on Steam. Right now it is on sale, so yeah, if you guys like it, go ahead and find that link in the description down below Ill, have it at the top of it, and I think that is gon na, be it for this video review. I hope I didnt do too terrible. I hope I explained everything if you are interested in having me make a video on a little bit more more in depth like an actual lets play or a walkthrough or tips and tricks.

If any of those appeal to you on this, let me know in the comments section down below. I think that is gon na wrap up this video. I hope you guys like this video, if you did be sure to give it a big thumbs up if you havent yet subscribed. It would be amazing if you did and also dont forget to click the little bell to get notified.