Okay, so this is a brand new series that Im adding to the channel, and I will be looking forward to your feedback. You know that will determine whether I continue with this series or not with that being said, lets go ahead and hop right into some Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series news. Let me check what we have here. Well, there arent any news which I guess means this should be the end of this segment, but now Im on the more serious note here, we have not seen any leaks on the next iteration of the Samsung Flagship tablet: Series right. In fact, weve heard more about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Lite than we have about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series. Now, if you remember last year the Samsung Galaxy Tab, S8 series dropped right in February, but by then we had already stumbled upon. The number of you know leaks before the devices actually even launched. You know so much so that we knew exactly what these things were. Going to look like, and yet here we are middle of January of 2023 theres been zero information leak and Im, not even talking like you know, renders or anything like that. Im talking just word to mouth rumor, nothing about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series, even though we know that it is upcoming. Now, all of this, of course, you know, was to a certain extent anticipated because, a couple of months ago, an article in the elect reported that Samsung decided to delay development of its neck.

You know Flagship tablets which was set to commence back in December of 2022 by the way cited things like you know. The impact of the recession, which led to you know more of a decrease in tablets demand for both individuals and businesses, which you know kind of makes sense. If you think about it now, the new timeline that everyone is kind of banking on you know hoping that development starts on would be like now like this quarter. Everyone is banking on the fact that it may start this quarter. Development may start this quarter so that theres hope that we have something by you know the third quarter of 2023, but then again, if it were to land in that quarter, which is third quarter therell, be like around August thats. When Samsung drops the Galaxy Z fold. Five and the Z flip five right, so we dont know that they want to combine all that they just may or they can push it a quarter forward and drop it at the same time as the next iPad Pro, maybe for some friendly competition. You know with its main competitor win win, you know, but I dont know that Samsung wants to do that. You know. Sometimes they try to like. You know, drop it before so that it could get. You know a number of people buying it before the next or before the competitor drops their own devices. So maybe theyd do something like that, but it certainly would be exciting to see right to see them go head to head drop in at the same time.

You know Samsung Galaxy Tab S. You know that premium tablets dropping at the same time as the Apple iPad Pro. You know we kind of see that little battle going, but Im just dreaming here anyway. We know that you know the only thing that we know are coming. This upcoming February would be both the all new Samsung Galaxy S, Series, meaning the Samsung Galaxy s23, s23 plus and the s23 ultra, along with the new Galaxy book series, which would be the third iteration, and on that note actually let me get close here on that Note there is something that is said to drop in February that a lot of people dont know about it is an ultra model of the Galaxy Book Pro so Im, not sure if its going to be called the Galaxy Book Pro Ultra or simply the galaxy book. Ultra either way, that is one that Im excited to see because it seems to be going under the radar. Dont see a lot of people talking about this, even though its set to come out here and really compete against the MacBook Pro now, not a lot of leaks have dropped about that and, like I said you know, not a lot of people are talking about it, But based off of whats been circulating the Internet, its supposed to be an extremely extremely light laptop right, so even lighter than the MacBook Pro that theyll be competing against right, and it does all of that.

Its doing all of that, while pushing a full size keyboard, meaning it comes, you know regular keyboard along with a number pad that is actually pretty neat and again we dont have a true full. You know spec sheet out there, but the leaks that are out there are leading us to believe that this you know Ultra this galaxy book Ultra will be boasting a 13th generation Intel processor, but you know well just go ahead and wait and see either way whether You are interested or if you just think you might be interested, make sure to go ahead and reserve right and Ive been talking about this for the past few days. Now, if you are at all interested in any of the upcoming devices, make sure to reserve, I always do it. I always do it and thats how I save on the devices that I buy, because if you reserve now youll be saving, you know up to a hundred dollars, thats just right up front and then of course, theyll be tagging additional discounts as you processing or if You place your should pre order, the device so make sure to go ahead and reserve. I will have the link in the description that will take you there and, of course, like Ive, said before. This is a no commit thing right. So if, in order to reserve all you have to do is just add your email thats all it is, and if you decide that you dont want to, you know, move forward with it.

You dont even have to do anything.