I feel like. I owe it to the community to provide a little bit more context to the software. I made a review video in the past and i came to the conclusion that i thought flipster was trash you’re currently out of leads, you have reached the monthly limit based on your subscription level in flipster. I can’t even get any more leads i’m pretty much out of leads. I paid my hundred dollars and now i’m out of leads, but now i want you all to check out this video because you know i’ve watched some more of jerry norton’s videos, i’ve really kind of thought about this, and i want to give you all my current Perspective and opinion on the flipster software and whether it’s gon na be a great service for people who leverage jerry norton’s strategies so let’s go ahead without further ado. Let’S go ahead. Let’S get into this video with me. That’S a deal right, that’s a deal right, that’s, a bet right, that’s, a bet right, that’s, a deal right, that’s, a deal right, that’s, a bet right, that’s, a deal right, that’s a deal right, that’s, a bet right, that’s, a deal right, that’s a deal right, hey Coming down like precipitation all right guys, so we are here at the computer now this is the flipster sales page right here and just for you all who don’t know, flipster is kind of like an all in one real estate. Investing software that allows you to pool leads, get their contact, information contact them, direct mail them so on and so forth.

It’S kind of, like an all in one system that helps you be able to source and and close deals, pretty much. It takes you throughout the entire process. Now, in my previous video talking about flipster, i mentioned the fact that, on this sales page, they don’t mention the fact that you have to use credits inside of the system. So that’s still like one of my one of my major gripes with the software, it seems as though they still haven’t updated that one aspect nowhere on this sales page. Does it talk about the fact that you need additional credits to do additional things inside of the system? However, you know i’ve realized that jerry always talks about working with on market properties, specifically on market properties. In fact um. You know i was recently watching jerry norton’s channel. He has this one video that’s, very, very popular, actually over 117 000 views and in this video he states that the fastest way to your first wholesale deal let’s just play the video for you, real real, quick, let’s let’s play the video all right. Here we go if you follow the five steps that i’m gon na outline. I believe you can get your first deal in 30 days or less okay, are you ready, let’s get started step number one is to only target on market properties. On market means, the property is listed for sale with a real estate agent. For now i want you to stop driving for dollars.

Stop sending direct mail stop getting lists and skip tracing and cold calling and text blasting and ringless voicemail and going on appointments to meet sellers at the kitchen table for now. I want you to stop doing all of that. You can do that later, but right now right now i want you to hyper focus on only going after listed properties for sale now, i’m going to show you how so keep watching. But most people are shocked when i talk about wholesaling on market properties. Now, we’re going to pause it right there, so when it comes to jerry norton, his main strategy is working with on market property, specifically working with listing agents and doing what he calls his double dip strategy, all right, so that’s. Why? I wanted to make this video to kind of provide a little bit more context when it comes to the actual software itself and what you can do with it right. So when it comes to working with on market properties, right you can you, you find you a listing agent, you, maybe they give you like a little portal that you can go into and or they send you like, a ton of different properties right well. In that scenario, when you’re working with on market properties, you don’t necessarily need like let’s, say: 10 000 leads to be able to get the job done now. That being said, flipster has uh packages that range from 100 leads to 400 leads.

So, when you’re working with on market properties, honestly, if you’re making all of your offers with properties that are on the market, with listing agents, you likely won’t need 10 000 leads or being able to analyze 10 000 properties. Honestly, for some people, the 99 dollar package will likely get the job done if you’re only targeting on market leads like jerry talks about in this video. So i’ll make sure that i have this link to this video that i just played the clip for you all. Uh in the description of this video and likely in the pen comment down below, so you all can go check this out for yourself now, regardless of whether the lead is on the market or off the market, you’ll still only offer a wholesale price that actually works For you and your investors, so, regardless of whether the property is on the market or off the market, you could still turn these owen to market deals into wholesale deals guys. So you don’t necessarily have to not mess with agents at all or completely eliminate these listed properties from your hunting process. You can still connect with these individuals and using the flipster software you can analyze. Those deals find out all the information that you need to be able to provide an accurate offer on these properties, which will you know, put yourself in position and get some stuff closed right. We can only make money on properties that we make offers on right.

We’Ve got to be making tons of offers, and this is actually something that jerry mentions inside of this video that he wants you to send out five offers a day five days out the week throughout the month, that’s a 100 offers and i’m even very confident that, If you are to be connecting with agents – and you send out 100 offers – which you can do on the lowest package of flipster, because they give you 100 leads to be able to analyze, if you send out those hundred offers i’m confident that anyone who’s watching this Video will be able to get something accepted out of 100 offers right. So, if you’re working with an agent, you definitely have that ability to be able to put in five offers per day. You could be working with multiple agents and putting in five offers a day. So that being said, i do genuine believe i feel like. I owe it to the community to make this video to provide some more context about flipster and what you can really do with it. I know in the previous video you know, i said that it was trash, but in all reality, if you’re using jerry’s methods, his preferred methods of reaching out to on market properties, there is absolutely nothing wrong with flipster. Honestly, it may be the best service on the market specifically to contact on market properties. I feel like i owed it to the community to kind of provide a little bit more context and, and you know, actually show the full story of the software, because back then, when i made the video, my entire process is all about volume.

Volume volume volume is the key. You know we’re typically reaching out to 10 to 20 000 people every single month, but that’s a lot more um that’s a lot more of like an active strategy and we’re really kind of focusing on cold leads and trying to convert them turn them warm keep them In the follow up campaign and things of that nature, now with these on market leads, the agents are basically doing all of the work for you so like when it comes to putting in offers. You just need to figure out what your actual offer is going to be send them over one of jerry norton’s offer sheets and the the agent is actually going to write up that entire contract for you and shoot off that offer to the sellers. It’S, almost too good to be true to be 100 honest with you all now. That being said, i do highly recommend that and i’m not affiliated, obviously, but if you are, if you all, are interested in working specifically with on the market properties and not wanting to do like the the big bulk volume strategies out here, i do recommend grabbing flipster. It may be the best service on the market when it comes to specifically reaching out to on market property. So i really really hope that this video provides a lot more context. A lot more clarity to some of you all who may be searching like is flipster worth it.

Should i grab flipster and stuff like that. I know it’s a lot of search traffic for this particular topic. So if you haven’t, checked out my other video on flipster definitely make sure that you check that out. It may be below this video in the description, the comments or in like the up next section, definitely check out my other flipster video it’s, like my second most popular video on my channel. So you can see the inside of the system and kind of see like what it actually can do, what it looks like and things of that nature also, i did have like a couple complaints about the system. I do think that there are some things that can be updated, such as like the loading times and things of that nature and obviously telling people about that credit situation um. However, i don’t necessarily think that the service is trash per se, um uh. If you’re gon na be working with some on market properties like i said it may be the best service out there. So i feel, like i got ta give jerry his credit. He definitely did do a decent job with the software it’s, not the most beautiful stuff, it’s, not ultra sexy or anything like that. It takes a little time for everything to load up, but i just wanted to provide that context and let y’all know look check it out for yourself check it out for yourself, depending on your strategy.

It may be one of the best out there. Anyway, though, guys man, i hope that y’all appreciate and enjoyed this video i’m gon na go ahead and wrap this up, like i said, i’m, not gon na keep y’all here for that long. So i hope that y’all having a blessed one guys hope y’all staying healthy and blessed out there and until next time guys we are out push the button, push the goddamn button. You heard what she said: okay guys, make sure you’re taking notes and make sure you subscribe to my channel what what no subscribe to my channel.