My fenty ease, drop in the shade 21 and also i’ll be showing you. The new palette from morphe is the 35d dessert bouquet, so keep watching we’ll get this review started right away. Thank you. Welcome back so we are going to start quickly by moisturizing and getting off is ready, i’ll be using the l’oreal paris uh revitalist. This is like a a wrinkled serum. So if you’re approaching your 40s or over 40, you want to use a wrinkle corrector. So you just need two to three drops of this: okay, that’s all use that for my face on my neck, and i have done my eyebrow already so this will help take care of fine, wrinkles and stuff like that. All right just make sure your products dry before you put the other one on next i’ll, be using my moisturizer, and for that i use ole regenerist okay, i’ve watched my other videos, you’ll, see that i like this moisturizer it’s, really good Music. So next i’m, going to be using a face primer is by fenty beauty, and this is the pro filter, uh mattifying primer and it’s, the true matte. So this is the most matte of their collection. So you just need two to three pumps all over your face, and this applies on like a cream Music. Now that the primer is all dried, i’m going to be using the it’s drop, this is by fenty beauty. She released this a while back and i have done a video of this in the shade 19, but some of you said the shade was off.

It was in my shade, so i’ve gone ahead to try a different shade and this one is shade: 21, so it’s a little bit of a more olive undertone, but it still works. Well, so just go ahead and shake this and you don’t need a lot of it, because the whole point of the tint is just to add a little bit of foundation. So i’ll just spread this around so as you can see, it’s dark so i’m. Just using you see the drops like that so i’m, using about three and three or four so it’s beautiful coverage, but usually i don’t build it. So i just use it when i’m going to work – or i just want very light coverage i’m – going to be using the brush to apply and i’ll just moisturize, my brush with rose water Music. So this is what it’s looking like you see the color it’s. So beautiful right, you can hardly tell um between my face and my neck and he’s still able to complement my chest. Well, so the coverage is buildable but i’m just going to leave it as one um i’m going to apply only one. So now move on to the one you’ve been waiting for so i’m gon na be trying out the fenty beauty bright, fix eye brightener. So this is a concealer it’s supposed to be really uh lightweight light as a beautiful coverage, and it helps to brighten underneath the eyes.

So this is what the packaging looks like i’m, going to insert a picture close by, because i know it’s going to be too shiny and blurry for you. So it just says bright figs, eye brightener and i bought the shade toffee that is number 14. okay, so i’m just going to dispense a little bit underneath my eyes, and so you can apply this with your hand or with a brush so i’m going to try Out a little bit first, i don’t want to waste it Music. What i feel like i want to use my bro, my sponge i’m, going to use a sponge so i’m just going to use one of my sponges from the amazon collection, it’s, really good, so i’m, just going to use that to blend it. Well, yes, that is way better okay, so that is what it looks like. This is with the eye bright now, and this side has no brightness, okay, so i’m, just going to add a tiny bit more, i feel like i need a little bit more, so you only need a little bit. I wish the nozzle here would just have a little bit of a brush or something Music okay. So this is what it’s looking like so far, so the instinct or the is drop. Uh yeah it’s, the skin tint that is drop and the eye brightener combined together, is really really light. Makeup, like it’s actually light as air like you cannot even feel like you’re wearing any makeup for those of you who do not want to wear a lot of makeup.

This, too is the way to go for sure, so i’ll go ahead now and finish all over. My face with my mac studio fix my eyes i’m, going to try and do um i’m off uh. I don’t want to say neutral because i might end up going crazy with the colors so i’m going to be using the 35d desired bouquet palette. It’S really really beautiful and gorgeous. I hope you can see the colors there’s a whole range of colors it’s, gorgeous Music surprised all done so far, so good it’s, looking really really gorgeous and beautiful for my lips today, i’m going to be using the fenty beauty, lip cream and it’s in the shade. Let’S see fruit, snack, okay, Music. So this is my final look for today’s video, the fenney beauty, bright, fix under eye brightener it’s, really good, really light. However, if you’re used to wearing very heavy concealers, then you might want to do two or three times like when you do your first coat, let it dry and apply again otherwise, for those of you who want little to no makeup, then it’s perfect the ease drop As well as you already know, is a skin tint, so it’s not a heavy foundation, so together they give you that really airbrushed look that is not heavy at all and they both work together as well and uh the morphe palette, 35d uh desert bouquet. As you can see that also it has so many color choices, so there’s, so many color choices for you, so that is really good.

The only color i feel i miss here is blue, but i have that in another palette before so. Let me know uh what do you think about the new shade, the 21 for the east drop? I have tried and then for this one i tried it in toffee. So let me know what your: what do you think about it and thank you so much for joining me until next time, when i bring you another exciting episode have a blessed and wonderful day.