I am so good at that now. First things first lets go ahead and take a look at the map. As you can see, theres no grayed out areas, so no major map changes, but there are some most notably the rift over here, its like a rift building thing theyre, making its kind of getting developed a little bit as part of the storyline. So, if youre interested in that make sure you do, the quest were gon na head over to the castle, because this is going to be our best odds of getting the brand new item. The Hallmark of this update, which is the Falcon Scout. It looks really really awesome, and hopefully I could find it lets just open up these chests and find in this one, but we will find it in this game going over to this one here, nothing Ill pop, this big pot, another thing youll notice, if youre quite Observant is this skin Im rocking right here this actually isnt in the game, yet the skin is called Rift. Warden, stallon and its actually part of the storyline so make sure you do the quest all right. Oh there we go the Falcon Scout, look at it its a bird. Let me just take out this guy real quick. I am, I am Wham. Thank you. Maam wham bam. Thank you. Maam. Okay, like I was saying, this is the Falcon Scout. How cool does it look? This might be one of the coolest looking items in fortnite ever lets: go ahead and heal up real, quick and then were gon na test it out.

So you can use it for a variety of purposes. It does leave you vulnerable when you use it just like this, so uh make sure youre in a good spot. Im gon na go ahead and fly around and Im gon na press the fire button to just scan. You can see that I scanned the boss there, but if that was the person you would see them much like you see the boss, you could ping things, you could use a speed boost to fly faster and you can even pick up items. Look at this. Its got these uh – I just got these beautiful truck splashes Im gon na drop them over here for me, and I can continue to loot. I dont need to put myself in danger at all all the way up here. Why not lets open up this chest and lets pick up that loot and we can try to pick up the loop, but sometimes if it gets stuck? Oh wow, I picked it all up. Im gon na go. Oh look at that. Little dive there Im gon na drop it all. Here. I can just loot everything with this bird. This is the best darn bird youve ever seen. Okay, I got a dip, though, because I think the guys coming after me – oh yes, he is Im just keep hitting him with this thing. Oh please, dont run at me with a hammer. Please please, please, please, please just relax bro right! Oh leave me alone holy smokes, theyre running after me, oh boy, Im getting rocked.

At least I need to take you out. Oh, thank goodness gracious. I was a difficult boss fight. Why is that boss so hard to beat? I respect it. I do respect the boss fight, though all right, let me get my bearing straight that took a lot out of me. Get myself a Mythic hammer, and you know what made the Mythic Excalibur rifle too or maybe not Id rather take heels. Lets pick up the loot that uh our beautiful Falcon drop for us, and now we are on the road to success. So, like I was saying earlier, this skin is actually not in the game. Yet epic games gave it to me early so big, shout out to them and youll be able to buy it in the item shop soon enough. Somebody over here, I heard some shots, definitely been looted. This is probably a good time for me to use my uh Falcon Scout lets, get all the way to the top and we looked pretty safe. Oh theres, somebody right down there. They just got away. Lets move it, though, because, as you can see here, the Mythic Deku smash is back in the game and I want it since its so incredibly overpowered its so so overpowered that you know you always wanted a hammer in your inventory, no matter what, but now you Definitely need one because its pretty much the only way to dodge the ability, another thing thats brand new is: we have new augments theres.

Actually, five brand new ones were gon na see if we can get them this game, and I dont want to spend all my gold so Im just going to hope that I get lucky there. You go zero chance gain zero point Dash when you break an enemy Shield, wow. Okay, I will definitely be using that the other option was Chuck Gunner, which is actually really really good. Oh gosh! What do I draw um? This is a tough decision. Im gon na go ahead and go in this tree right, quick break this down and just use my bird to scout real, quick, okay, look around buddy scan the area. I see a bird there. I just marked the bird. I see this guy as you can see. Im marking them Im looking at them hi. How are you hey? Dont hurt me. Ah, so you can see, I marked them over there and I could even try to shoot them through a tree yeah. I just did so thats how crazy this new Falcons get is. Im gon na go ahead and push this guy. Oh hes out now. If you have teammates that get knocked, you can actually pick them up. Oh boy, I got a second before I got really interrupted. Piece 185 damage Im gon na go ahead, and just thank you smash this, oh boy. Oh I got him didnt even need to Deku smash. Look at that. I will need to hit these jellyfish, though, for help oh Im just bouncing off.

So I told you about one of the new augments: we got to go through four, more and theyre actually really awesome, one of them so good that I got banned already. So let me tell you about them after we go ahead and uh check here. Im gon na go with rifle recycle. Actually, none of these Im gon na re roll and get soaring sprints. There is a purple chicken, oh its from the rift event, thats the only way you can find purple chickens or purple animals that drop a loot now. So just a little heads up, so the other augments that are in fortnite ow Ill. Tell you once this guy stops shooting at me, oh shoot. I got ta move, he doesnt know where I went. Let me use the Mythic on them and I missed because hes using the hammer, oh GG see how I dodged him with the hammer and then he dodged me with a hammer only way to survive versus that Mythic. If youre kind of just stuck in a position youre done for like there is no chance for your survival, maybe the shield can block it, but thats gon na have to go on a MythBusters episode or something last augment lets see. Do we have anything new Im? Gon na re roll a couple times here, one more time all right, we dont see any of them one more time, though Ill get Splash medic Ill just have to let you know which ones they are so one that is really really awesome.

Looks to be this uh peelys plunder, one, it says, receive a treasure map that will lead you to bury treasure. So, yes, officially, if the treasure map is back from the form of an augment. So if you guys know about Treasure, Chest loot, its typically really really good, so itll probably be worth taking that one plus you get to go on a little Adventure. We have shotgun Striker, which is the band One. Your shock and fire will give you siphon upon hitting opponents. Siphon is health and shield, if you didnt, know, and the problem with it and why it was banned. Is that uh? If you would attack teammates with it, it would give you uh siphon as well, which is broken because you would essentially get free help well fly at this guy here lets see what I can do. Second, smash: you better run: bro yeah, you didnt run, and now you got hit heavy through your build going up. Oh, that was clean. Give me those heels, so he kind of dodged the brunt of the damage there. It did quite a bit through builds, but trust me when I say I can do 250 damage. I forgot to use my new ability too, when I cracked his shield whoops, I was too distracted trying to eliminate them. Another augment is called Rarity check yet siphon upon eliminations with common and uncommon weapons, so it actually is a bonus to use bad weapons with that could change the game and then, finally, we have danger hero briefly, regenerate health and game movement, speed when your Shield breaks So thatll be really good, especially when youre in a pinch itll be nice to just.

I tell it out of there with that augment four people left. Can I get this dub ooh? Something really cool is that when you hire NPCs now theyll actually ride with you in vehicles, so you can have some buddies. What the heck happened in this chest in addition to this Rift Warden skin theres, also the Lucian West skin, which is part of the like vampire Hunter Club, looks pretty sweet in terms of leaks. It seems like leakers have confirmed that there will be a fortnite x, Dead Space collab and, if youve seen the main character from Dev space youll know its pretty hype. It appears that the kid Leroy will be having a concert in fortnite. This month looks like itll. Take place in creative, though, and with that concert appears he will get his own icon skin and bundle they fixed a bunch of the bugs in this update, including the mantle bug where, if you mantle just like that, sometimes you would get shot across the map and Die there was also a Sprint bug where you spawn into the game not being able to Sprint. That was not a fun one and has now been fixed, and then they fixed a bunch of other things as well. I think certain augments now you can actually get them in your teammates – will get the benefits as well. Where is this guy foreign wow thats a really bad idea by him? I dont know why you did that.

To be honest with you, I dont think they were thinking straight. Let me grab this scar too. 1V1 lets see where the last person is while were looking for them. I will tell you that you can now activate augments while on a motorcycle, and you can you can Guardian Shield, while riding on the back of a truck all those really cool quality of life updates for those items for augments and then weve got a few more Leaks here, which are always interesting, I dont know where this last guy is where the heck is this guy. Maybe if I could use the new Falcon item, somebody have it, I dont see it anywhere. Oh boy looks excited excited to go back to the lobby buddy, so I dont know if you guys remember, but way back when there was a stranger things collab in fortnite. They never re, released those skins or anything part of that project. So everybody thought it was wraps, but apparently in this update they actually uh changed a bunch of things with that. So it looks like we might be getting them in the item. Shop again, theres also the file something called the big bush bomb, which I dont know exactly what that means. Oh my gosh, I won, I died to storm, but it can be attached to vehicles and motorcycles thats it.