These are closed. Acoustic gaming headphones that absolutely sound amazing and they have a lot of reasons to be called pro. Lets go ahead and check them out so guys. Over the last week i have had laryngitis, and i just couldnt contain myself. I had to get another recording in and i wanted to share with you the h3 hybrid pros from epos. These things are, super duper compatible and they have fantastic audio so from a spec perspective. Lets just talk about that for a couple seconds were talking. Super compatibility, usb bluetooth, connectivity, 3.5, cable connection, its going to give you the ability to really connect to a variety of devices making life. So much easier were talking about pcs, xbox, playstation, nintendo switch mac, etc. You name it. This thing can connect to it. Battery life. Also something thats really spectacular: youre looking at battery life from anywhere from 30 to 38 hours, and that really depends on how youre using them right. So, if youre, using them with the dongle that gets included, that you can connect to a pc, then youre. Looking around 30 hours of battery life, if youre, looking at bluetooth connectivity, youre looking around 38 and keep in mind that these also have active noise cancelling so depending on, if youre, using active noise, canceling or not thats, also going to affect your battery life. Now, bluetooth. 5.2, so thats something thats good 40 millimeter drivers, uh they have built in amp and dac too 7.

1 surround sound and they have a bi directional mic. So this is going to give you great check quality if youre going to use these for calls, maybe because youre using it from school work theyre going to work there too. Now in the box youre going to find your headphones youre going to find several usb cables. You have an extension, you have a usb c cable here right, so it goes from standard usb, a to usb c. You have this nice extension that goes with. You also have your audio cable standard, audio, cable, and then you have your dongle. In addition to that, you know you do have a user guide and stuff like that were going to skip so, as you can see here, basically you have memory foam. You have this little arch area here notice, how it kind of like pops out – and this area here kind of opens up. This is to keep your head cool right, so thats done by design thats, not a defect. Thats done by design to keep your head cool and then also gives you a lot of flexibility. Now you do have a lot of configuration options. You notice how you do have like this little groove and track system here, and they are clicky. Listen to this all right and, and you can get those individual clicks as youre, pushing them down and theyre also labeled on the side, which is really nice. Uh memory foam on the inside uh, really flexible again, doesnt feel like youre vised.

When you have it in your head, you do have your mic here. You have usbc, you have your aux cable here. You have your again mikes power button! Uh! You have your dial here that allows you to control the volume and then you have your bluetooth and then also multi function, switches. Now, one of the cool things about this is this check this out. It comes off. This is super cool, like the fact that if youre going to wear these – and let me make sure that i have my left and my right one on the right side – i do this is right and left all right. So this is what they look like. They dont have a really big footprint right, so let me turn to the right. Let me turn to the left uh. So this is what theyre going to look like now again, if i just do this now, im kind of like a normal guy, just listening to music, if you dont want to be that guy thats walking around one of these, you can put this in your backpack. You use this on the train. You can listen to music. Remember active noise cancelling, so these sound great. So this is what it would look like. You have not a lot of space here. I like that theyre very tapered, right and theyre discreet. I think they have a really cool look to them, especially with this kind of like dark, almost black blue, going on with them.

So again, if you want to put the uh, the actual mic back in place actually got to put in the right side. So you just put it right here and youre set to go now. You can chat, but you do look like another uh. What is a helicopter pilot if youre in a train or going to school or work? So if i was you just take it off, take it off, but at home or at work, its a great mic. Now the epos line does have an application that can be installed on. You know your pc and your mac its going to enhance the audio experience that you have really gives you a lot of. Configurability gives you a lot of options when it comes to how you can listen to music. It allows you to configure that surround sound experience and they actually give you fantastic situational awareness. So if youre on the battlefield, you want to hear whats coming from the left whats coming from the right, you want to know when its coming from the left or the right youre going to be able to hear it. If you want to be able to hear that click click, you know, and you want a duck youre going to hear it its going to give you fantastic experience and then because it has active noise canceling, which performs extremely well its going to give you an immersive Experience youre going to be in the moment in the games and again, if you want to switch from gaming to movie watching these perform really well too from a gaming perspective to movie watching i love the way they sound again.

Also, if you want to listen to music bass, mids and highs are present and were going to have an ebp man style audio test. You can hear how great these sound and were also going to do a call quality test even with this voice, so bear with me lets go right to it. Music. You look at me like im crazy. When i shut my feelings out, you look at me like im different still, you stay cause, you feel something real get so lost in my moments, doesnt mean i dont need. Music fell in love with the colors. They kind of tell me what im thinking peace now were going to do. Our call quality test of the h3 pros in a quiet environment as youre going to take a look at our decimal ratings anywhere between 24 and 26 decibels of noise lets go to switch. This is what the call quality would sound like: making a phone call or a chat on the h3 pros hybrid from e pass. This is a test one two three. This is our test. Next lets add some windows to the environment. Now this is what the e pass h3 pros. Hybrid would sound like in a quiet environment, but with wind. This is a test one two three: this is our test. Now were continuing our test, but this time in a much noisy environment with decimal readings anywhere from 44, all the way up to 77 vessels and noise.

What were going to do is were going to switch well stay quiet to see how much is canceled its going to do that now. This is what the h3 pros hybrid for nepa sound like in a noisy environment. This is a test one two three. This is our test now, if youre wondering what the h3 pros would sound like with an infant crying in the background, this is what they would sound like with an infant crying. In the background now, if youre wondering what the h3 pros would sound like with a dog barking in the background, this is what they would sound like with a dog barking. In the background now the doorbells rigging. This is what they sound like with the doorbell ringing.