93 10.. This is the i7 1185 g7, with the xe graphics it’s. Another dell xps we’re, going to see how much dell has improved from last year – i’m expecting it to be generally the same, except for um an internal refresh um, but yeah let’s go ahead and get with the unboxing. The butcher knife is back. People keep telling me to get a box cutter, but come on guys box cutter on this channel. Do i look like a regular youtuber to you so once again before i get started uh packaging, you always got to judge packaging packaging it’s. All right. I would have liked a little bit of nicer tape, but i mean it’ll do. Ah, this is where the real packaging comes in. This is where the real page package experiences here we go. This is what it got me excited. Last year this was, i was not expecting this for uh dell products, but um yeah let’s go ahead and get this unboxed here, just like that, actually, i’m, not doing it like that i’m doing it like this right here is the unboxing experience of the dell xps. You guys can’t see this, but right here it says uh, xps clean, and here we have the machine. So before i talk about this machine, let me talk about the things that come inside the box. First let’s talk about every little thing is everything uh. I actually agree with that statement: it’s pretty factual uh, so this is made in china.

It smells like rubber rubber. What does this smell like? This? Is the uh? Oh, i like the small charging cable, it smells like paper and, as always, we get a usb c to usb a adapter with the dell xps lineup, so whoop where’s the camera right here there we go usb 8 to usb c, like that from the dell lineup Um, but i don’t think for dell laptops. I need to have it plugged in before i boot it up, but we’re going to go ahead and see, but this is the machine you guys have been waiting for um. I really do love the dell xps 13. In terms of its size and portability it’s, something that i would say is actually class leading but let’s go ahead and get it unboxed or unraveled, i should say or unwrapped. I probably should do this on here. Oh dumb Applause. Now this is a nice unboxing experience. Oh, i remember the smell of this dude. The front smells like alcohol, but the bottom smells like i just walked into like office max or office depot staples and i’m on, like aisle eight. This is a pass for me, the top it smells like someone needs to do their job cleaning. Sorry, i’m, clapping loud, because, my god, i forgot how good the xps 13 looked. Uh. Let me show you guys. Look at that. Oh wow, i just realized the camera’s kind of tilted, so let me just oh other way: oop! Oh the way there we go there.

There we go man screw it anyway, so let’s go ahead and get this booted up. Like i said i don’t think dell laptops need to be powered on or plugged in before they start. Um looks like i’m wrong. I’M gon na have to go plug this in because clearly i’m, not a competent laptop tech, reviewer skipper before i actually talk about the machine. Let me go ahead and show you guys the ports and see see what you get as you can see. It’S booting up pretty quick, um, no surprise cortana’s, probably gon na start talking to me in a couple seconds, but as you can see here, we have a usb. Actually, this is a thunderbolt 4 port and a headphone jack, and the other side is also a thunderbolt. 4 port and a micro usb slot, but i am going to fact check myself so uh let’s see here actually, instead of looking things up all the time on the internet with google, how about i just look up the instructions and the stuff they gave me inside. The box like come on, so we have a thunderbolt 4 port and a thunderbolt 4 port. So i was right and looks like the speakers are the vents on the side. I’Ll show you guys that in a second, so the vents they’re talking about are these right here. So speakers really nice xps logo on the bottom venting for the bottom for cooling love, it industrial, clean design, um, so windows, we’re, still booting up colors, look really good.

I feel like i’m looking into the future wow, so a couple things so i’m recently coming off of the lenovo ideapad 3 and it’s been a while since i’ve used the xps, but i would say that the biggest problem i have with the dell laptops in general Is that i always have problems within the first week, so if it can survive the first week without having any problems, i will be happy. So this does have windows, hello, i’m, going to show you guys, as you can see. So it has windows, hello with facial recognition. I’Ve said this before and i’ll say this again, i always feel like dell, especially with the xps lineup, always has problem with me, unlocking my face and it’s, probably because i’m talking right now um, but the xps 13. Last year i was having trouble recognizing my face: half the time um but we’re going to see if it’s going to be a problem this year so, like i said before this isn’t going to be anything revolutionary with the new xps lineup jesus. I just realized how much stuff in windows wants from me touch screen i mean when you’re paying. How much did i pay for this? I paid way too much for this laptop. Let me be real. How much did i pay for this fifteen hundred dollars, holy god, almighty, Music, don’t? Listen. My friend has texted me like every ten minutes, because he’s watching full metal alchemist for the first time this guy is on a roller coaster.

That’S, all i can say it’s about time, it’s about time, man. Let me see what this guy is saying link. Oh, i i actually can’t say anything because this is spoilers, god he’s. I wish i could go back in time and watch full metal alchemists for the first time, because the emotional rollercoaster i was in in terms of just like psychological, like trying to keep everything or trying to keep up with everything like the plot, the characters whose side Am i on? Are they going to get the philosopher’s zone what’s the truth? I wish i could go back in time, but windows is setting up and i don’t need to be talking about anime, because this is not an anime channel moving on. So there is a fingerprint sensor. I think fingerprint sensors on the dell xps are pretty solid. Facial recognition, windows, hello at the top. We still have our nice carbon fiber. I can’t really tell if they did any improvements on this, but for my guest, this feels a lot smoother than last year’s, it’s, probably just to keep from staining, but last year also had a pretty good carbon fiber finish on it as well. We have a all aluminum design on the outside, as usual like i said, i think, with the redesign that dell x that dell did last year that this laptop is probably going to have this design for a while, because it is extremely solid and i don’t think Many people are going to complain with this laptop seems, like windows is already done.

So, yes, i am booted up into windows already for some reason. Otherwise, i thought this was windows 11, just from the wallpaper alone, but the keyboard is also backlit, as you can see, and another thing that is really nice is that it is touch screen so yep there. We go the reason why this is taking so long, because edge wants to be all fancy and act like it’s, one of the cool kids, but anyway, moving on the keyboard. I’Ll do the overhead camera for this one. One thing i like about the dell xps keyboard is that it’s very muted, when typing it’s, not very clickety clack and has really nice key travel. So, as you can see or listen, i should say it’s solid and, like i said before, when i compare to my uh macbook, even though i do know this is not like a macbook comparison. Video um, the dell xps, has a smaller footprint and i know it. Doesn’T look like much on camera, but it really does make a noticeable difference when you hold it in hand, and this feels noticeably smaller than the macbook air. The macbook pro. So do keep that in mind, and i think this is probably one of the smaller 13 inches as well. First things, first let’s go ahead and do a video test see how the speaker sound and how the display looks. Usually i download chrome, but at this point edge is actually a pretty solid browser.

These are some nice speakers. These are some nice speakers yeah. These are some nice speakers, and this is a nice looking display welcome to what paradise vacation free, pto, okay. So, in terms of this video wow, it is knocks it out. The park, uh let’s go ahead and watch one of my videos that has okay audio by the way that was half volume on the video you watched before. This is going to be max now, just from this image alone. You’Ll know that these were the good times of mac os. Today, we’re going to talk about the m1 imac, my first personal imac ever now, imax had a special place in my life because i initially used the g3 in elementary school and failed every single reading, comprehension um, just like i suspected from last year. Speakers are a not amazing because i don’t want to like oversell this laptop, but the speakers like i don’t, think people are going to be disappointed with these speakers. These are some of the best speakers i’ve heard on a windows laptop, especially in a form factor. This small and i don’t have the old xps to compare it to, but i want to say that these speakers sound better than last year’s, so i think dell also improved in the speaker department as well. So, moving on to that, let me go ahead and do a quick on typing test yo this keyboard, this keyboard is solid it’s.

All i forg i keep. I need to stop using the word solid, but in all seriousness this keyboard i know i gave credit to lenovo with the ideapad 3, but this keyboard i like how comfortable it is typing. On this thing, i wish i let me how do i explain this keyboard? It’S as if i’m typing on pillows compared to other keyboards that’s what it feels like, but as you can tell from the keyboard, it does have the fat left and right and the small up and down arrows i’m, not a big fan of that. But you know, if you care about that, then it is what it is like. I said this is your power button, but also your fingerprint sensor as well um. So what else do i test on a laptop? I accidentally took a photo instead of a video, so this is the video of the dell xps 9310 or the 91 30.. I forgot. The naming scheme is so weird to me, but this is the 2021 edition or version, i should say, has the 11th gen intel chips and the video quality in terms of like me as a subject, i guess it’s really easy for the camera to distinguish between a Darker object and a white background or a lighter background, but, as you can see like the piece i have behind me is being overblown, but, as you can see now that i have my hand over it, it starts to i don’t know what the word is.

I guess the white balance is being fixed um, but when it’s, just my face, you’ll see that this part of the screen is going to be overblown. So for some reason, why are there icons on my desktop disgusting um? So that is the dell xps 13.? I would say: don’t buy this because my unboxing experience, please wait until my final review, but i would say without a doubt this is definitely an improvement from last year’s, but we’re gon na have to see when time tells, because i remember last year in my unboxing I was very over the moon in the honeymoon phase with the dell xps, but when it came time to the review, i had a couple complaints because quality control at dell isn’t the best so i’m, hoping that i have a pretty solid um dell xps experience this Year but yeah, hopefully you guys found this video informative. If you have any concerns comments, questions please let me know down in the comments below. I appreciate every sub like and comment and as always guys, much love. Why do i have a macbook? Why do i have a macbook okay? So, as an idiot i i’m an idiot.