So this is a package it’s magnetically closed in here. Let’S open it here is a laptop. It was packed with the foil, but i already remove it. So let’s put it on site for now – and here we have two boxes here – is your power cord and here manuals power adapter. This one is 60 watt and it’s really really small it’s, the smallest. I have ever seen actually uh usb type c here, led in here and usb cable and uh yeah. I don’t see a diode on on the end of this cable. Normally the laptops have it here is the laptop itself, so let’s check the parts. Now we have uh here on this side we have a full size, usb 3 uh fun, outlet, 5g antenna power led. Then four microphones down speakers. Another 5g antenna headphone jack. This is a sd card slot and slot for sim card two usb c thunderbolt, 4 connectors, hdmi, full size and lock and from this side fun outlets. So let’s uh check if it’s possible to open it with one hand yeah. It is to this angle, so it’s 90 degrees, approximately yeah. As you can see, there is a infrared uh camera for windows, hello and fingerprint sensor in here, touchpad uh it’s, a really really smooth. All gestures function like advertised. There is one nice feature on this laptop, and this is a electromagnetic privacy, shutter now it’s closed and as soon as you open the app with which you see which one which is using the webcam, it will automatically open the shutter for you, and this laptop is Two in one, so you can flip it and use it as a tablet.

Let’S check the closing sound yeah, very, very good, let’s check it one more time. It feels really robust and uh. I have two more laptops in here, so we can compare uh this 9420 with the older 7480 and also with 75 uh 74.50. So let’s check it. So this one is 74.80 let’s check it out. It’S a 14 inch this one, the old one and the size of the new 9420 – is pretty small with compared 7480 let’s check. The thickness it’s also feel more premium. Let’S open this one with one hand, not possible. So here it’s, like one centimeter difference. This one is higher, uh 9420 is also tiller in here i would say two three millimeters in here and five five millimeters in in in here yeah. There is no more checkpoint on the new one and uh one more thing: let’s just touch pad yeah here is not possible to press it, and here not small yeah and let’s. Compare it with 70 for 50., so 7450 is even older, so it’s possible to spec this laptop with i7 11 85 g7 processor uh, then up to 32 gigs of ram, but which is soldered on the board. So you cannot upgrade it, but it’s a pretty good one, and there is also 4g or 5g slot for modem, but watch out you cannot upgrade it later. There is a free slot, but the antenna is not included and it’s not possible to simply edit.

You need to swap the body and also, if you buy it without 5g, you will not have a sim card slot. Then there is a ssd up to one terabyte it’s, a new m.2, 2012 22 30 slot, which is really small slot. So on the market, there is not much ssds like this and the max size at Music, not now it’s, just one terabyte i’m shooting this video Music on june 2021 so be sure that you will select your proper proper configuration when you buy it. Let’S check the keyboard, i would say it’s um slightly worse than the keyboard on my old laptop, but this one is definitely a little bit louder than this one. Another thing i now have noticed is that the add sign is now in here and on the previous model. I had it on in here on number two, but uh other than that it’s, a really really nice laptop, a very, very good display. This one is qhd. 16 to 10 aspect ratio, uh variable brightness, i think it’s a 500 nit yeah. This is just a quick comparison and unboxing of this laptop. If you have another questions, i can answer that on the comment section below.