Oh my goodness, it is here. Hey everyone, welcome back to the channel and welcome to an overview video. Where were going to be looking at everything that comes with the Sims 4 everyday clutter kit. There was actually two kits that are dropping today, this one and the pastel pop kit. I will have the overview out for that one after this were going to look at them, one at a time, separate videos and give them all of the attention they deserve. So lets quickly look at our little information. We have here on the splash screen its personal, a cell phone case in your Sims favorite color, a stack of books and games placed off to the side in their living room, a creative display of pictures. This collection includes tons of small personal touches that will make your Sims house feel more like home, show to tell scattering used coffee cups to show your Sims a big fan of caffeine or adding makeup and jewelry boxes to the top of their dresser for a hint At their morning, routine are just a couple examples of the visual storytelling this kit empowers. I am so excited Ive been asking for a clutter pack, a clutter kit for years uh. So I cannot wait to take a peek at this, were just gon na grab a couple of Lights in an empty room and then well Place everything down, Ive placed down a couple of Base game tables. So we have some surfaces because this is everyday clutter.

So Im, assuming not all of it, is gon na go on the floor. So lets start here with the mug solo, its just a cute, simple, mug, Im assuming therell, be lots of swatches here, oh my gosh look at the flowers! Oh! Is that, like a bunny or a kitty, we have a plain white, a plain black, oh thats, fun, one thats, all dirty with coffee dripping down the sides cute. I really like that Ill grab the trio now as well, so we have a few different mugs here and we have like those same design swatches. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness, look at how cute those are the flowers, The Bunny, the strawberries, hello. If some plain white and black, the dirty ones with the drips and like the tea bag – oh I love that thats gon na be such a good decor for, like messy cluttered spaces, Im very excited about those. We also got a thermos a nice water bottle. Here looks like its all pretty simple swatches. I quite like this. I think this is also in one of the other items like in a basket of things. Well, see a little bit later, the write it down notebook – oh this, this is so cute. I love having like journals and stuff in the game uh to go ahead and place down. I know we have a base game, one thats open that has like a coffee, stain and stuff on it, so its really nice to have another one like this uh thats gon na, be such a useful item.

We also have a hat a cap of Lucky ambition. It looks like its a signed hat has the same logo as the coffee cup did, and it comes in some nice colors. I feel like this is a very specific style like in this Swatch, but its a little bit more usable in like the white or the gray or black. So quite nice coin, octagon, okay, yeah! I was trying to figure out what this was in. The preview pictures – and it was right – it looks like its like receipts and a bunch of coins, so thats kind of cool. I wasnt really sure what this was, but I think thats actually a really cute clutter. I like that theres also a stack of magazines. Here. I love that we do have a few stacks of magazines from other packs, but Im always happy to get more with some more designs and this ones like a cleaner stack, its not all messy. Oh, we have like a pie on here. Oh these are really fun. I love that thats really cute. I think Ill get a lot of use out of this in all sorts of rooms in my sims houses, the memo pad. Oh, my gosh, the sticky notes, theres drawings on them, look at the freezer Bunny and like the little Doodles and the different colors. Oh that is so cute. I love like the pencils and pens and stuff around it as well. Thats beautiful trinketville, a very nice box, a box for my trinkets, oh my gosh, that Tick Tock sound uh that is adorable.

I really like this item very simple, its just a box through my trinkets. I understand uh Snack Pack to go. Oh, I didnt even notice. This one thats really cute. We have like some chips and stuff like a can of something, maybe a box of tea in this one, its something else. Oh, this is a really cool item. Im gon na read the description on that a snack pack to go is filled with to the broom, with Gourmet, sweet and savory snacks. That would appeal to an adult on the go. These small bites are perfect for date, nights and long fights, but not necessarily together. How cute Im excited about this spare specs? I am a glasses, where I wear glasses every day of my life and just having the ability to have them as a clutter piece in my Sims home. Yes, its gon na look like my sim have like 80 pairs of glasses because these are going to be everywhere, but that is such a welcome addition. Cakes are for kids, I love the jokes in uh these descriptions, but we have some nice new sneakers here. Oh, these are so cool. I really love the detail of them being in the box with like the paper that goes with them, the receipt, the extra laces that is very, very cute, The Protector. Oh look at all the memorabilia in this this one we saw in The Sims Summit and a lot of us were thinking it might be a hint towards Generations.

It wasnt its with this kit, but I still hope we get Generations, but I love all the things you can see in here: theres like a cassette tape, theres lots of books. Oh my goodness that is so cute. We also have some actual, like workout stuff, for the floor, a yoga mat and a weight. This is so cool. Oh, I love that swatch thats really pretty and a headphone stand for our computer desks – oh my God, goodness theres. So much Variety in this pack. In this kit, oh these are such nice items that Im very excited to have added all right. Next up, we have the procrastinators box of stuff. Oh no Ive been called out. This is a doom box and um. I have quite a few of these around my house, behold, your very own box of boxes, letters and random items. Maybe youll organize these one day, but thats a problem for the future yeah thats, a problem for future Tanya Im not gon na deal with that. Now that is hilarious. I love that a slightly creative collection. I thought that this was really cool. It looks like we have some art books, a drawing tablet, the pen for the drawing tablet and a cup with a pencil in it comes in some cute swatches as well. Thats awesome gym in a box. This is the one that has the other water bottle in it, and it looks like we have some towels and some weights in here as well, and, of course, this comes in a variety of swatches.

I love that one. It is just too cute subtle, serve makeup kit, oh, that is adorable. Oh my goodness, like we have like the case of all the makeup. We have a eyeshadow palette on top uh. I dont know much about makeup, so Im not sure which the blush Contour um bronzer something up there and that looks like a beauty, blender a little bag on the side and all of the fun swatches. Oh wow, you could do something like a little bit more pastel, which I think will go really nicely with the other kit. Well be looking at later today, or something way more neutral and Im very excited about this. We have a jewelry stand. I didnt know that what the jewelry looked like, oh my gosh, we have moons and feathers, oh and it changes oh wow. Oh I really like the variety here. I think this ones, probably my favorite, or maybe this one – oh wow, those are so cute. Moving on. We have the Once Upon a Time chess kits. I wish this was functional, but its still cool to have a chessboard. You can throw on the table its got like books and stuff on top of it quite a cute, clutter piece. I think, and I love the variety of swatches as well. Another item thats gon na go in every house. This is like a bedside table piece. The Invincible frame tray like a place to put your glasses in your watch next to your bed or in, like maybe on the desk, its so cute.

You can also have a spot for your special watch in a little uh in a little box. That is very cute yeah, a bunch of these items are going to be in every build, and this one is no exception. The phone and keys its literally a cell phone and keys, something we all. Oh my gosh look at the strawberry, oh my God. The teddy bear, oh theyve, really did something with these swatches Im glad we got a lot of variety, but also a lot of just like simple, neutral swatches, but I mean how am I not going to use this one? Does anyone else? Have this exact item inside their door a place to hang up their keys and lanyards and stuff theres, usually some mail there? I love that they actually change between them, like which some have more keys. Some have lanyards the colors of the mail change that is really cute and a very useful item for pretty much any house theres also a place to hang up some bags like reusable bags and purses and stuff quite cute fun, swatches. Very, very nice Im not sure how much I will use this next item the ball and cap display. So we have that same hat from earlier, but also with a basketball on this like stand on the wall, that lights up its cool, but I think its for a very specific type of SIM, maybe in like an athletes, bedroom or something but thats cool or maybe Ill do like an athletes apartment sometime soon, like basketball player.

That could be fun. Let me know if youd like to see that only two more items we have the sea lion, memories which this is so cute because, like we have no fishing stuff in the game, but fishing is such a huge part of the game. So we have fishing rods and pictures. Oh, this is adorable, oh its, like their first catch or you could just have some general photos of fish over here, too thats really cute. Next up, we have the boom blocks. What is this? Oh its little shelves to put like some pens, pencils and books on and theres some speakers up there as well thats cute. I couldnt tell what it was in like the preview pictures, but I think thats a really cute item and then lastly, we somehow skipped over the shine on Shine off mirror. Oh, my gosh look at the mirror and the nail polish and, like the makeup, all around the hair clips. Oh my goodness also. I love the name. Oh, this is so good and its functional charisma skill, oh thats, so good, oh Im, very happy about that. I know there was some worry that it might not be functional, but I believe that is all of the items that came in this kit, obviously its not coming together in a cohesive room, because its just a collection of clutter but Im very excited about this Im. Gon na be getting so much use out of pretty much all of these items and I feel like theyre gon na Inspire.

Some builds like I feel like this item alone, could be a inspiration to make a space for somebody who likes to fish and theres. Just a bunch of pieces that will look so nice in a lot of spaces like an artists area, you know General workout equipment things to put on your Sims dressers. This is just such a welcome addition and Im very happy to finally have it in the game. After years of asking for it, so Im excited for this one. Let me know what you think: will you be picking up this kit and uh stay tuned, because I will have out the pastel pop kit overview shortly after this one, and I will also be streaming tonight at 6 PM Eastern over on twitch.tv, Miss Griffey, where we Will be building with these kits, so I will see you later, but let me know what you think of this kit down below lets, discuss and uh Ill see yall in the next one, bye, everyone Music.