As I found this, the most interesting., This is a 14 inch gaming laptop available with up to AMD Ryzen, 7, 4800H CPU, so 8 cores and 16 threads and up to Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics, which Im pretty sure makes this the most powerful 14 inch. Gaming laptop, of course, pending new CES announcements still to come. Its under 1.8cm thick and apparently weighs in at 1.6kg or 3.5 pounds. So, Im really interested to test this one out and see just how hot it gets. Could it be that AMDs 7nm processors are so efficient that even with a 2060 in this smaller chassis, it still performs well Youll want to make sure youre subscribed for my upcoming Testing and review. From the press release, it sounds like the 2060 might only run up to 65 watts, rather than the usual 80 or 90. We typically see in thicker machines. But again I want to test that out and see how it goes. To help assist that cooling ASUS have used their ErgoLift hinge, design that weve seen in some of their other laptops.. Basically, it raises the back of the laptop up off of the desk when you open the lid allowing more air to get in underneath, so it can breathe and also giving a slight incline to the keyboard.. It looks like its got: a few ventilation holes for air intake, too. Air gets exhausted below the screen as a result of the lift design, but rather than directing the air onto the screen, the vents face up to try and avoid this, which I think is the First time Ive seen that.

, There are also some air vents cut into the bottom bezel to help heat escape rather than heating up the screen, and apparently they still managed to fit the same size fans that the 15 inch Zephyrus uses. ASUS also say that their software Will dynamically adjust power limits based on the thermals, so it definitely sounds like they have had a lot of thermal obstacles to overcome. Getting this level of hardware into a 14 inch machine, but its good to hear theyve considered these things.. The G14 is available in moonlight white or eclipse, grey and Ive got clips from both scattered throughout the video.. The lid of the G14 is quite interesting. Normally it just looks like this. However, you have the option of getting the AniMe Matrix display.. With this, there are 1215 individual mini LEDs within the lid, each of which can be controlled between 256 levels of brightness, allowing for some pretty cool effects such as text, animated, gifs, not jifs, fight me and more.. Some of the examples they gave were the lid lighting up when its closed to notify you about a new message, show the time or battery charge level for example.. This optional feature apparently wont be available until March. However, I believe the G14 will be available sooner though I wasnt, given a concrete date. ASUS say they have made sure they balanced the number of mini LEDs to minimize heat and power requirements, but well see once theyre available for testing.

. The lid was otherwise made out of aluminium while the keyboard deck uses a magnesium alloy. So overall it feels pretty solid.. The keyboard layout is similar to others from ASUS, though no numpad, with this smaller 14 inch design.. There are two front facing tweeters on the left and right below the keyboard and a couple of speakers underneath., Interestingly, its available with either 1080p 120Hz or 60Hz screen, or a 1440p 60Hz option, which they say is for content creation. But Im just over here. Hoping we see more 1440p gaming laptops, ideally with higher refresh rates though. Its also available with adaptive sync, which is a nice bonus. Like many other recent premium, ROG gaming laptops, theres, no camera built in with the G14., Otherwise for the rest of the specs were looking At WiFi, 6, Bluetooth, 5 up to 32GB of memory at DDR4, 3200 speeds M.2 slots, wasnt specified, but given the size Id assume one. On the left from the back theres, an air exhaust vent power input, HDMI 2.0b output, USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C port with DisplayPort 1.4 support and a 3.5mm audio combo jack. On the right from the front theres a second USB, 3.2 Gen2 Type C port. However, theres no Thunderbolt 3 here, two USB 3.2 Gen1 Type, A ports, another air exhaust and a Kensington lock. ASUS are claiming more than 10 hours of battery life, which could be down to the efficient 7nm processor.. They didnt specify the battery size, but it comes with a 180 watt power, brick which looked slimmer than most others, and it has the option of Type C charging.

Another nice bonus.. The power button is above the keyboard and its got a fingerprint scanner. Integrated within. ASUS are doing something interesting here when you press the power button to wake it, it apparently briefly caches the fingerprint then uses it to log in when Windows is ready. All just so, you dont have to touch the button. A second time. Maximum lazy mode, activate I guess. Thats, all Ive got on the new G14 for now. Next lets check out the new G15. Based on the name. Youd think this is just a larger 15 inch version, but thats, not the case.. I was told to think of this as the successor to the previous Zephyrus G GA502.. Like the G14, though, we still get up to 8 cores and 16 threads with the new Ryzen, 7 4800H CPU and Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics, and due to that platform upgrade we can now go to DDR4 3200 speeds. Just for reference. Last gen Ryzen capped us at 2400.. Theres no 1440p option here, but 144Hz or 240Hz with FreeSync are available at 1080p.. The G15 also makes use of Type C charging and the WiFi is upgraded to version 6.. There didnt seem to be too much more to it. Compared to the GA502, the design was very similar, same brushed, metal, lid, but plastic interior and base, but its got a nice all round. Spec boost. ASUS also seem to be renaming existing Zephyrus products to try and reduce confusion within their own lineup.

. I noticed what appeared to be the Zephyrus S GX701 being listed as the S17 so asked about it.. I was told that its the same laptop, but with a name change to fall more in line with the others.. I think theyre still keeping the Zephyrus G M and S product classes then add on the screen size to the name. So you can easily know more about it.. I suppose, for the same reason, thats why the G15 wasnt just called the GA503. ASUS, also have a 17.3 240Hz external monitor. But what I found interesting was the detachable tripod that it comes with allowing you to mount it above your normal laptop screen.. The screen also has a 7800mAh battery, so you could use the whole setup without wall power too.. I only had time to cover the gaming laptops from ASUS at CES. 2020. Theyll still be there for a few days.