From these new machines. Weve got the ASUS A15 and A17 gaming laptops here.. First off, both of these laptops are specced with AMDs new Ryzen, 4000 H, series mobile processors., They dont specifically say which ones but currently looks like theres. The 8 core, 16 thread, 4800H or 6. Core 12 thread. 4600H available from AMD. ASUS also noted that later this year well see F15 and F17 versions of this laptop, which will instead feature Intels new 10th gen CPUs.. Basically, the A15 is a 15 inch model, while the A17 is a 17 model. However, there are more differences between them than that.. Both laptops feature FreeSync, which is great to see in a gaming laptop. However, although the A15 is available with up to a 144Hz screen, the A17 seems to cap out with a 120Hz panel. Based on the specs available. It looks like the A15 also goes up to Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics, while the A17 goes up to GTX 1660 Ti so based on the lower screen, refresh rate and GPU options, I get the feeling it will be the cheaper option, despite being larger., This higher power Requirement gives the A15 a 230 watt power brick, while the A17 gets a smaller 180 watt brick.. Both the A15 and A17 laptops have large 90 watt hour batteries, which I find extremely interesting., Usually only much higher end premium. Gaming laptops have batteries of that size and given the fact that other ASUS AMD based gaming laptops get great battery life with smaller batteries, Im not surprised that ASUS are claiming 12.

3 hours of video playback or 8.7 hours of web browsing. Ill know more once I test Them but were expecting power efficiencies. With the new AMD 7nm processors. I wasn't able to get a look inside, but ASUS say there are two memory slots for dual channel operation, which is great along with two M.2 slots for storage, both of which support PCIe drives.. The build quality between the two will differ, based on which finish you pick., Both the A15 and A17 are available in either fortress grey, which is has a metal sandblasted lid, which I think looks quite nice with a a subtle TUF logo in the center or bonfire Black, which is a grooved plastic finish with more of your typical gamer laptop aesthetic.. The interiors of both laptops was plastic, though, and the keyboard and touchpad layout looked very similar with clearly highlighted WASD keys.. Despite the size, differences both still have a numpad and they both had air vents above the keyboard. Too. Theyve both also got WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5. Apparently, the Intel based F15 and F17 models will use WiFi 6 though., Underneath they both have a honeycomb pattern for the air intake vents. However, there didnt actually appear to be all that many actual holes for air flow, but well have to see. If this is a problem in practice, when I get them in for review., If I recall the ASUS TUF FX505DU was similar in that regard, yet didnt overheat due to the lower powered AMD CPU and for now at least these new 4000 series.

Cpus are a bit of a mystery until I get some to test.. The IO was another shared similarity on the left from the back. Both the A15 and A17 have the power input followed by gigabit ethernet port HDMI, 2.0b output, two USB 3.2 Gen, 1 Type, A ports, a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type C port with DisplayPort 1.4 support and 3.5mm audio combo jack.. We can also see the A17 has a red trim around the edge while the A15 is cleaner. Looking in that aspect, but that comes down to the differences in the two finishes. On the right. They both just have a single USB 2.0 Type, A port and Kensington lock up the back, and I think its good that the bulk of the IO wont interfere with the majority of right handed mouse users. Over on the back. There are just air exhaust vents towards the left and right corners with both laptops.. Both laptops also have a camera above the screen which is worth noting, given ASUS, have removed this from many of their recent gaming laptops. Theres, also a larger than usual bump coming out of the bezel, which made it much easier to open the screen. Compared to previous Versions of the ASUS TUF gaming laptop, the new 15 inch model is apparently 7 smaller in terms of overall volume, while the 17 version is 8 smaller compared to the old one.. As for the release, dates, unfortunately, Im not too sure but got the impression it wouldnt be far off.

. In any case, these look like some nice changes to the TUF gaming laptop lineup..