You saw the title imac time the new imacs have come out with a bunch of different colors. I want you to take a second pause, the video and just just guess, which one did judd get you know which one i got you guys let’s open this up all right, so we got rid of that tape. Let’S see if we got this open. You know. I did that on purpose jay, so here we have it you guys this is. You know this is the this is actually the front or we’re just going to look at this side. This is the brand new green imac. This one is amongst all the new colors that apple has come out with obviously there’s green there’s, blue there’s, pink, yellow orange silver and purple and they’ve got like this two toned look where one is like a pastel color and the other is a bit more vibrant. I wish it all looked like this. You know just because of my obsession but that’s, neither here nor there let’s open this bad boy up. I, like the i, like the nice, handle up top like that’s nice. If you’re trying to keep this box – and maybe transport this from, i don’t – know office to office or something this is a nice handler, you should keep the box because you can have something to travel around with your imac. So let’s get this thing out of the box hello. This is upside down.

Do i have it upside down? Oh, i guess it’s mint! Okay, i see. I see why it’s upside down, so it’s meant to be opened like this pop that out. Oh, this is this. Is a nice little unboxing experience here? Oh this is so tiny. It feels like wow and light wow. This is an imac you guys in my hand, whoa that’s nuts, so over here we have our accessories. So we have man. Oh so here we have the new magic keyboard. Now this also comes in green it’ll match the color of the imac that you select here it is. This: is the new magic keyboard now what’s new, with this keyboard? Besides, the color is the inclusion of touch id uh. This is the normal version and there’s also one with a numeric keypad, so you can have the longer one uh. This is really cool, though, but guys check this out, so it uses a lightning cable to charge, but look at the new lightning cable. It matches the colors. I wasn’t expecting this. I don’t know if these are going to be available for sale to just pick a lightning cable of your choice in terms of the color so i’m. Definitely not using this and it’s like a braided cable. You guys can see the fine details on that. It feels like a fabric nice attention to detail, and now we also have the magic trackpad now magic trackpad is largely the same, but the borders also match the color of the imac and we also have the magic mouse.

You know the one that everyone loves also in that color it looks good right, jay and lastly, we’ve got our wall adapter and the power brick itself is actually pretty interesting. I think this is like a 30 option on the slowest model, but you can have your ethernet plug built right into it, so, instead of having a long, ethernet cable, if you decide to use that instead of wi fi, you can have it plugged into the power. Brick instead of this, so you can have less cables on your desk. I think that’s actually really cool and i don’t think there’s anything else. No paperwork there’s got to be some paperwork somewhere right with some green stickers. Okay, oh no! No! No here haha found it let’s see. Do we get colored stickers? Oh we do. We do oh let’s go. This is what i was hoping for. So, like i said, it’s two toned, so you get two different colors, but oh baby apple. This. This is the stick. This this is the sticker i’ve been waiting for my entire life. Look at this little transformer box. You guys put that down. Bang i like that all right. This is the moment. I’Ve been waiting for let’s, see it. Oh it’s got a plastic on it. Hold on hold on we’ll get to it. You know they call it green, but this is like a dark teal, which is like my favorite color. You guys know this, but let’s uh, let’s peel, this part off.

We ready ridiculous, it’s ridiculous. You guys that’s ridiculous. Oh baby wow look at that. Why is it in the back? I want to see it in the front. Wow, okay, but let’s, see what the front looks like too, because that green is actually not too bad. Okay, it is really light up front, it’s really light, and this is the new 24 inch imac. This is amazing, stuff, but, okay enough losing my mind over the beautiful color back here, but let’s take a look at this screen size. You guys this thing is ridiculously thin and obviously this is pretty much based on the design of apple’s xdr display, which we actually have over here. Um, except, of course, with all the components that you need for a computer being placed down here with this chin. But this is incredible: having an entire computer built inside of this thin body is only possible because of apple’s new m1 chips that i’m sure you’ve all heard about by now. So the m1 chips are apple’s own silicon, their processor. They used to have intel which got really hot and didn’t, allow for a design this thin because of the heat, and you guys know if a computer gets too hot it’s going to slow down it’s going to throttle. But now that is all possible, because the m1 chip allows it to be very power, efficient, not produce so much heat. If you guys see the m1 chip is in the macbook air with no fans, and that should tell you everything so we’ve gone from imax with this giant hump to imax that are this thin and it’s pretty incredible.

Now let’s take a quick look around it see what we’ve got in the back. We have our ports, so we’ve got two thunderbolt ports as well as two usbc ports. We have our power button over here and one nice change is our headphone jack is over here. On the side, so when you want to plug in your headphones you’re, not like, where is it and filling out for that, you can just plug it in on the side, it kind of would have been cool to see all the ports on the side. I don’t know how feasible that is: uh actually i’d. Take that back. That would look ugly as soon as you start, plugging things. You’D have cables hanging out on the side, no, never mind. I i take back that suggestion. Now. We also have a new facetime camera. This is a 1080p camera and this is supposed to be the best camera on a mac as well as new studio microphones up top. You can see the little holes for that and we also got this 24 inch. 4.5 k resolution retina display and one thing we didn’t really talk about. Are the white borders? Jay what’d? You think you don’t like it. If it were black and we’re black and look kind of nice, i’m, not gon na lie, but i guess, since they’ve got these pastel colors up front they’re, trying to keep it bright and vibrant. But i do agree black you like it carl.

If it were me, make it all this color and with the black borders that that’s just me, we of course have the new port in the back, so let’s get this guy plugged up. So, oh magnetic, oh, no! No! You don’t it doesn’t! Oh, oh that’s! Tight! Hold on oh wow, so do you? Does it turn on its own or anything? Oh wow, so it’s crazy, because when you look inside of it it’s not completely uniform, you can see that there’s something at the top and bottom here. So you think you’d have to angle it the right way, but no, you just bring it up close and boom it’s in and it’s like it’s in there you guys those are some strong magnets. Oh you use a little bit of force. You got to use a bit of force to take it out. I’M sure you are carl so now let’s go ahead and plug this in you know what let’s move this and just plug it up over there, goodbye mac mini all right, so we put together a little something real, quick now let’s power it on okay, that’s dope. You got instructions or diagrams telling you what to do with your accessories when you first get it. This whole setup process is like really bright and vibrant, but this is crazy to me jay. This feels like the xdr display that we had here, but just on a much smaller scale, and if you take a look at the overall design, this is exactly like the xcr display.

The only difference here is that you can’t bring the monitor up or down like the xdr display this one. You can just kind of change the tilt angle, all right. So let me finish, setting up and then we’ll jump right in okay, so we’re actually up to the touch id portion of the setup. So let’s continue and right here this little circle, that’s our touch id button to set up touch id on your magic keyboard. Double press the power button on your imac to ensure a secure connection, all right so double press the power button. And then you place your finger interesting, so that’s, some extra security there and it’s the same process as with any other touch id device, and now, of course, that means we can use things like apple pay, because we have touch id officially enabled – and here we have It guys we are in and all set up now. This is interesting. This is a touch id sensor, obviously, but it’s also a button. So what does it do as a button basically turns on the lock screen and then in like two seconds or a few more seconds, it’ll turn off and when you want to jump back in, you can either place your finger right there on the touch id and Then boom we’re unlocked that’s, pretty much how touch id works here and it’s funny if you hold this long enough with the finger with touch id, it’ll, lock and then unlock really quickly.

But now we have to check out the camera. Let’S open photo booth, not bad. At all, considering all the light is behind us that usually leads to a pretty bad image, but this is actually not bad at all. The noise suppression is great, still looks kind of clear. I bet if we were facing the other way. We got a giant ipad over here. Yeah, it looks way like this is. This is definitely a better camera. Listen, i just like picking up the imac because i’m picking up an imac it’s insane now what’s also cool about this – is that, like i said before, it has the studio microphones, which are really really good. I’Ve used them in the past for video work without anyone noticing so it’s high quality stuff here, let’s just do a quick clip kind of hear what that audio sounds like okay, guys so right now, i am recording with these studio, microphones, uh we’re gon na use. Our speakers over here to kind of listen to them once we’re done with this clip so nice we just take our cable plug it into the headphone jack. Okay, so let’s take a listen here: okay, guys so right now, i am recording with these studio, microphones uh we’re gon na use our speakers over here to kind of listen to them. Once we’re done with this clip, i mean we’re in a really big room. So we’ve got like a little bit of echo, but i can clearly hear that this is this is good quality stuff, actually let’s hear what it sounds like on.

The regular speakers. Uh we’re gon na use our speakers for a small, listen to them. What for a small imac, this is actually pretty impressive in terms of sound quality. Let’S go to a youtube video who’s, not gon na hit me with copyright me. You know what carl you’re right. How hard is game the future waits for? No one and planes are positive, what’s, going on guys, it’s your average consumer, and today we are going to try and answer a very important question wow now this is impressive stuff. I, like the speakers here. I didn’t expect much because of the super thin form factor and the overall size is being so small, but these speakers are great okay, so first impressions i’m really digging this imac. I feel like this is a nice entry level imac for someone who might want to be like a prosumer. You want to invest in a nice easy computer to use, but with the power of m1, you can use things like final cut lightroom. You know those professional apps. This thing has the power to make those completely usable, so this is very interesting, i’m going to give it a little bit more time hit you guys with a full review uh, but so far, i’m digging it. I just wish. I could see the back. I want to see the back from the front carl. Can i use it like this? Maybe no maybe if i have it like this and i put up a mirror, yeah and then another mirror, so i can actually read no, no damn, but that about wraps it up guys.