Now i have to make a video explaining how to fix it, who’s even going to watch something like that: hey guys, it’s bait, bringing you another informative among us video if you enjoy the content that you watch here. Please smash that, like button and the subscribe button, we make videos almost every day today, we’ll be talking about the new update that inner stuff pushed out yesterday and the one that introduced the chat world or the quick chat feature. A lot of people are having issues with not being able to text normally and that’s because they probably set the date of birth as younger than 18 years old. If you read here, you can only access quit chat if you’re 18 years and under only if you’re over the age of 18 or an adult can you have both regular chat and quick chat or just quick chat only as an option. So let me just put the sound effects down and we’ll have a look at what this means. So, as you saw when i installed this on my tablet, i said that i was under the age of 18 and, as a result, i actually can’t type anything anymore. I don’t have free text or the keyboard available either in the lobby settings or in the actual game. I can only use the crit chat function and who wants that as a setting? No one exactly you can use, kick and start buttons, and you can say that, but you can’t actually type anyone’s name so let’s see how we can fix it.

If you exit into the main menu and go to the settings section and go into data, you’ll notice that the chat type is quick chat only because i’m under the age of 18 or the app thinks i am. I can’t change it to free text and quick chat. Quit chat only is the only option available for me. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to change your date of birth other than to freshly install the app again. So what we need to do is essentially close among us and uninstall. The app after you’ve uninstalled among us go to the play, store or the apple app store and install among us again once it’s finished, downloading and reinstalling again open the app and this time when it prompts you to choose your date of birth, make sure you choose Something that would actually make you over the age of 18. in case you’re, not sure what year to choose pick one that’s from the year 2002 or earlier or in my cases, 2000 works. Just fine just like before know that once you set your dead birth, you cannot change it unless you reinstall the app. Let me just turn down the default sound effects. Music again, so we can hear ourselves talking here under chat type. Look, you have two options now you have either quick chat only or you have free and quick chat as options, whereas if you’re under the age of 18, you can only choose quick chat.

Only so there you go that’s a way you can fix it. So you can type again uh. Most people will run into this problem if they’ve set their date of birth when they installed it initially as an age that’s under the age of 18. Currently, so if you reinstall it and you change your date of birth to one that means you’re over the 18, you get access to both typing, as well as the chat wheel function or you can disable it. At least you have the choice but note that, once you put your data, both in you, can’t change it unless you reinstall the app again and also by uninstalling it, you actually lose all your statistics in the game, uh, which might be a little bit annoying for Some people, but i find most people don’t, actually look at the stats in the game because sometimes they’re not the most accurate. That being said, i’ll still advise you to take a screenshot of your statistics because they probably have some sort of sentimental value for you, and you can even compare them to how you go. You know in your next phase in your manga’s career when you reinstall it again think of it as a statistics refresh if you like, because, unfortunately that option isn’t available at the moment to actually refresh or reset your statistics manually so uninstalling it ironically, is the only Way to do that anyway, i hope you guys enjoyed the video.

I figured out how you can access free text as well as the chat will again and any questions. Please leave a comment below. I will answer every single comment left on this video.