. When I first heard this news, my first thought was that there might finally be some more competition for GPUs on the laptop side. On the desktop side. Amd has been doing well with their new 5700 and 5700 XT graphics, which have been offering a good combination of price and performance.. This seemed to cause Nvidia to launch their refreshed, Super graphics cards to try and compete.. You may have noticed that we dont have Super graphics for laptops at the moment as the same level of competition. Just doesnt exist when it comes to laptop graphics. AMD are marketing the new 5500 series, graphics for 1080p 60 FPS gaming, and that goes for the 5500M too, where presumably, the M stands for mobile.. The 5500 is based on their new 7nm RDNA architecture, just like the 5700 series and AMD are claiming that on the desktop side, this results in 20 more performance than an RX 480, but with 27 less power draw or 1.6 times more performance per watt.. This improved 7nm process should be good for laptops where energy efficiency is arguably more important due to battery limits. Heres. What were looking at in terms of specs Ive got the desktop 5500 listed too. So we can see how much the mobile version is cut down in comparison. Both have the same number of compute units and stream processors, though the desktop one has higher clock speeds, most likely due to a higher power limit as thats, typically more of a limitation for A laptop.

, The mobile version, is also listed as having 4GB of GDDR6 memory, which likely ok for 1080p gaming today, itll be interesting to see if this is a limitation in future.. As for how the 5500M stacks up to the competition AMD are claiming that its up to 30 faster when compared to the Nvidia GTX 1650., These numbers are provided by AMD, so take them with a grain of salt until we can test it out for ourselves., Based On my own testing for comparison, I found Nvidias 1660 Ti to perform around 47 faster than their own 1650, so theres quite a huge gap in this space.. I said in that comparison, video that I wouldnt be surprised if there was a 1650 Ti or regular 1660 for laptops to fill it in future, but that still hasnt come from Nvidia yet so the 5500M might be a good option for this gap.. At the time of recording Im only aware of one laptop that will feature the 5500M MSIs Alpha 15, however, there will be others announced.. The Alpha 15 will also be using the AMD Ryzen 7 3750H CPU. So its an all AMD laptop – and I honestly cant recall MSI doing this before, but let me know if Im forgetting a model. Ive asked MSI when I can get my hands on one for testing, but unfortunately theres no ETA. At this time, its meant to be available by the end of October. Anyway, its pretty interesting up until now, Ive only really had AMD laptops featuring the 560X, which seems to perform close to the GTX 1050 so having the 5500M potentially beating the GTX 1650 by 30.

Would make an AMD gaming laptop a nice option.? I asked AMD if we could expect to see the 5500M paired with an Intel CPU in other laptops, just like how we have laptops with an AMD CPU but Nvidia graphics.. I was told that, although the first instance the MSI Alpha 15 was all AMD, they expect there to be laptops pairing the 5500M with an Intel CPU as well.. Basically, we just have to wait for other companies to do this and release products with that. Combination. AMD also advised that the power limit of the 5500M is configurable by the company creating the laptop. So we could see thinner laptops with lower power limits, but less performance or higher power limits with thicker machines that have better cooling to deal with the extra power.. This is the same deal with Nvidia graphics, for example, Ive tested the 2070 Max Q with 80 90 and 100 watt power limits in different machines, so performance of a 5500M would vary on a case by case basis like were seeing with Nvidia based laptops already.. I also asked it overclocking would be allowed and was advised that it would, but it would depend on the individual OEM configuration as to whether or not they allow software like Wattman.. The 5500M also supports PCIe 4, but given the CPUs itll be paired with for now, dont support this theres not really any benefit at the moment.. Hopefully I can get one of these in for testing soon, unfortunately, for now its too soon for pricing.

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