So here are three things. I love about this new imac and two things that i think were a missed opportunity. This is liquid digital trends and man i’m excited for this new imac, but before we get to that, make sure to hit that like button and leave a comment below tell me what you thought of apple’s big spring event and specifically this new imac. I can’t wait to hear what you all think the new imac has finally arrived and it’s the one we’ve been waiting for for many many years. If you’re. Like me, that means you’ve been actually complaining about the outdated design of the old imac for a long time, but a major redesign is finally here and the size, and shape of this thing is definitely the number one feature for me that i really really like. It. Definitely catches your eye now, when you take a look at this new design, the most noticeable change right away outside of the seven new color options, of course, is this completely flat back of the computer, which gets rid of that larger, curved design featured in all the Previous imacs it’s insanely thin, looking it’s only 11.5 millimeters thin. The overall volume of the system has been reduced by 50 it’s, a big change and the reason apple was able to do. This is because all the actual components have now been put underneath the display not behind as it was before, but like in the bottom bezel below the screen, without all those hot components to cool behind the screen, they were able to trim down the chassis as much As they did but there’s a trade off, and that brings me to my first downside to this design and that’s the size of these bezels.

While i love the new look i’m, a little shocked at how big the bottom bezel still is. I just explained the reasoning behind it. I get it and yet i’m still left a little disappointed. I mean we’ve been waiting years for apple to come up to industry standard with this, and i thought apple would at least have found a way to match the bezels of the pro display xdr. But we’ve still got a pretty big chin going on here and you’re. Gon na have to be staring at that thing all day long, but let’s get back to the positives and the next one up is performance. This is the first imac to get the m1 it’s the same chip that shows up in the macbook air, the macbook pro and the mac mini, and even though there were a lot of expectations for a more powerful m1x version of this chip showing up in the New imac, we have to remember what this thing is. Replacing this 24 inch model is taking the place of the 21.5 inch imac. That apple is no longer selling, which was basically an outdated mess. As of just a few days ago, it had a 7th gen intel processor and it even still required you to use the fusion drive for storage. If you wanted anything more than 256 gigabytes, all that is gone, and you can now configure this new imac up to 16 gigabytes of ram and 2 terabytes of ssd storage.

But most importantly, you now have that same fantastic, efficient performance of the m1 that we’ve already seen in the first wave of products now in the imac apple, says it’s 85 faster than the previous 21.5 inch imac and again, given what we’re coming from. I do believe that they put special emphasis on creative software, of course, like xcode, lightroom and imovie, as well as on the power of the integrated graphics, which apple says, are 50 faster than even the discrete options that were previously available now. I’M. Not sure how these are going to stack up against the more powerful, discrete graphics, options from amd that are in the 27 inch imac, which is still being sold, but for this size it should drastically improve both gaming and content creation workflows. More importantly, this entire design has been built around the m1. It just couldn’t exist otherwise, and that gets me really excited for the future of m1 max, especially the future of macbooks when they’re actually designed around this chip. Music let’s go to portsnacks because they’re, an important part of a creative workflow and here apple is kind of short changing us again – and this is the second thing that i’m just not feeling about this new imac design, we’re down to just four usb c ports. Two of which are thunderbolt 4. and look that’s enough. I guess, but the base model is actually only sold with the two thunderbolt 4 ports and that’s.

It you’ll have to pay extra to upgrade for those two extra usbc ports and that’s. Pretty rough now apple is doing a couple of cool things with these new ports. The new power cable, for example, is now using a braided cord and now magnetizes to the back of the imac, which is a nice touch, and the power adapter itself also now features a built in ethernet jack for high wire connections, which is a cool way of Getting that in without having to put it on the back of the imac, but i know i’m going gon na miss my usb a and especially the sd card slot, which is pretty frustrating given how much apple talked about this being an option for creatives. Now. The final thing that i really like about this new 24 inch imac is the new keyboard option. While i would have loved a complete redesign of that horrible magic mouse. I really like the apple has finally brought touch id to the magic keyboard for the first time. We’Ve been waiting for that one for a long time. I still really want face id to eventually come to the imac, but touch id at least brings the basics in terms of security and convenience to the imac. Now there’s a lot more to these new imac, such as the six speaker, sound system or the improved webcams, but ultimately we’re gon na have to wait and see until we have these things in hand and we can test them out ourselves.

But for now this new 24 inch model has me pretty excited about the future of the imac. Hey thanks for checking out this video.