I want to thank Glenn daising on Discord for recommending this and, if you guys have any suggestions feel free to throw them at the Discord server. We also have some deals that we post as well as giveaways every now and then so be sure to check it out its going to be in the description below Im assuming on here is the model number, the actual specific one. I could be wrong though it comes with Windows. 11 pre installed has a Qualcomm 7c Ive, never heard of that one before a 14 inch full HD anti glare screen. The vram is shared thats interesting. I Wonder What GPU it has. It might be kind of an APU but Im just taking a wild guess there ddr4x four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigs of internal storage and its made in Vietnam. The only other thing thats mentioned is that youll get all these apps free for 180 days. After that, you got to pay for it so kind of sucks. Ever since Microsoft did that, I really dont like that. Personally, honestly, a poor excuse for a seal where you cant really tell that there was a seal here I mean I was kind of careful and I got lazy at the end. So you can see this part, but still its whatever todays sponsor is lapel, with their all new 2022 portable monitor through Travelers workers and students, who need an extra strain on the go thats flexible to work, either portrait or landscape with a 15 point, six inch, 1080p Hd or IPS screen youll get vibrant color reproductions, which is wonderful when watching videos and movies, not to mention a dual speaker system and thats kind of rare to find in these it doesnt stop there with a 60hz refresh rate you can play through most games on This honestly, if youre working from home or on the go a portable monitor, is definitely something you should consider and one where you dont miss out on all these features.

All right in the Box Im assuming theres the user manual in here youve got the quick start guide warranty and then the USB cable, its USBC to USBC thats, how this recharges heres the travel adapter uses USBC from a distance. This looks really premium like just seeing the logo itself and then being kind of it almost feels like its made of metal, but its really just plastic all around when you hold it, and I dont mind that too much. Obviously, if you get what you pay for thats one thing, but the other thing is plastic isnt too heavy either, although this does weigh a little bit, not too bad on the bottom. There are four rubber tacks here, along with the two speakers on the side. Youve got just two ports on the right side and then the rest of it is on the left here not really much at all its like theyre taking a page out of uh Apple, because this actually does resemble a Macbook in a way wow. This definitely resembles an old MacBook, if not a new one, maybe like mixture with uh a Chromebook because of the top here, but wow Im surprised they didnt get sued for this or anything there is a trackpad down here just insane. There is some feedback on the keys theres, a camera on top, probably a microphone on the right side here, if not left and the bezels are kind of thin on the sides, but a little bit thicker on top and bottom heres, the camera first off its a Little hard to tell on video how good this camera actually is and Ill get to the screen in a moment.

But I do there is sunlight outside so the windows reflecting on my um on my face. So this is how its going to look at best and at worst heres what it looks like a little bit away from the window and everything, but it still seems like its uh decent, so give it that much okay, so its viewable, but its slowed down. Quite a bit and it freezes up Im not why its not like theres anything running back here, the laptop can go all the way back like this up to 180 degrees. Now the downside here is the screen itself. This is a TFT screen, meaning if your eye level is above the screen its going to look pretty bright like so or if you try to change the angle too much or if its a little too high higher than your eye line, then its going to look Too dark, so you have to have the right area to view it so that its not going to look too flushed out or too dark and thats kind of a deal breaker. In my opinion, the old RCA tablets and just old tablets in general used to have the screen, so I wasnt expecting to see this in 2022 granted. This is a cheaper device, but still, nonetheless, they should have had an IPS screen. At least another disappointing factor is the storage space. Just look at that theres only 23 gigs and thats not much at all, not much of anything granted.

At least there is a Micro SD card slot to install something. If you want some extra space micro SD card tray that you can take out, the one redeeming quality is, the speakers are actually decent granted. They are on the bottom, but you can still hear it pretty. Well, all – and this is a 1080p screen, so you can still watch videos at full, HD, 1080p, no problem whatsoever, but again that CFT screen that can be kind of a deal breaker depending on the angle or your eye level. If youre going to have it at that and you can kind of adjust the screen as needed, so there is that to combat it, and I havent ran any tests so far or anything like that. But I got ta say this is pretty smooth so far. Everything that Ive done really no major problems. Besides, that camera are the webcam, and this is really responsive. This touchpad right here, canva, my guess – is probably going to be the best web application that you can use on here without having any major problems or lag, because you are pretty limited on what you can do on here with having a less than four gigabytes of Ram then the keyboard is really responsive. I havent really had any problems whatsoever or any delays. First game here is Roblox, and this game mode seems much smoother than this other game mode that I played for a little bit, which was like cops and robbers, and that was more intensive, so that lagged a lot more.

This is surprisingly, I guess kind of playable. I mean Im not doing anything crazy here, oh yeah and in case, if youre wondering no. This is not a touch screen at all whatsoever. Its just a 14 inch 1920 by 1080 display yeah very interesting because it was lagging before even with the graphics turned all the way down. So I guess you can say this is this is playable for certain things, heres another game mode. It seems to be lagging a little more, so you can kind of tell for yourself. I dont even know how to attack someone in here, but it is what it is was that a grenade kind of looks like a Roblox version of a Dark Souls room. I dont know how this game is played really, but I mean I guess you can kind of say this is playable just barely. Finally, I wanted to check out a steam game. Nothing too crazy here. This is Dark Souls 1, remastered and uh its just way too slow its, not really playable at all, thats really disappointing. Yeah! Look at that way too slow Im a little disappointed with gaming. Here you really cant do too much, maybe just light gaming and web browsing and thats kind of it. Maybe one or two web applications like canva, nothing intense, but one thing this does have thats really good Id say. Besides it being portable, is battery life now Ive had the battery on since, like 10 30, and it says 7 37 here and I still have 59 battery left granted.

I didnt have the screen on for the whole time. I think Ive had it on for maybe a couple of hours, no more than four, I want to say so. Yeah the battery life is is pretty good on here. The only other one that I can think of that has good battery life. If you want something, just really simple like this, for web browsing, Word, documents Etc is our Chromebooks.