Yes, we have some leaks. We have all the specs. We know everything about it. We’Re talking about the surface laptop four i will get one in, of course, so stay tuned for my review. There is actually no other news on other surface products, but it will give you a hint of probably what sort of processes will go in the surface pro you know eight or surface book, etc. Now, with this release, we have all the full specs there’s, some good there’s, some bad and there’s. Some real ugly with this um have microsoft lettuce down again let’s discuss it. First of all, you may or may not know that the microsoft surface laptop and surface pro is one of my most recommended laptops. I do like the microsoft surface products. I have a surface pro 3.. Anyone that asked me if they just want a general purpose. Sort of laptop you know not for gaming, video, editing and stuff like that. If they just want a good laptop good battery life, premium, quality, nice display – and usually they say – oh that’s, a bit expensive and i usually say pick it up when they have the discount. The 15 to 20 off then pick up a surface laptop just get the base model that’ll be perfect for your everyday computing. Now it’s, probably not my most recommended anymore, because they’ve fallen so far behind in terms of specs etc, which we’ll talk about in a sec.

My most recommended laptop, probably now, would be the m1. Of course. This is general use. Macbook air pick it up 9.99 perfect for an everyday computer, good screen good. You know battery life, good keyboard, everything and if we think about the pandemic 2020 early 2021, everyone is selling out of computer parts. Everyone has had massive growth in computer sales, except for microsoft and the surface. How is it possible in the pandemic when everybody else is having record sales we’re talking del lenovo acer, whatever hp apple, everyone has record sales for pcs, the first time the pc segment has grown in like nearly a decade, and i think microsoft is the only one Where the actual pc business, if we’re talking hardware, you know surface products it contracted, how is it possible? I want to know down there in the comments what you think i’m going to tell you what i think i think first they’re just too slow to iterate. They don’t give people what they want. If you have a surface pro 5, why would you buy a new surface pro i mean the last surface. Pro was out. I don’t know how long ago now i can’t remember they haven’t done much with it. They haven’t upgraded. It much you know, minor processor bumps, looks pretty much the same, and even this surface laptop looks pretty much the same as well. They’Re, not giving you stuff like thunderbolt. So, on the one hand, they’re not giving you know, people the latest stuff, also there’s, no reason to upgrade and overall i just think they’re too slow to come out with new models.

I think you need to come out with new models, all the time or people aren’t going to upgrade or buy or you’re not going to get. You know eyeballs on your products, because people will forget about it because there’s a new product right, everybody’s, looking at the new product so anyway, let’s get into the specs of this thing, i’d like to know what you think and i still think, they’ve failed us with This model here as well, i don’t think they’ve done enough. Now it is the surface laptop 13.5 and 15 inch surface laptop 4. That is, if we have a look here, they look pretty much exactly the same as the last models but let’s get into the specs. So here’s some of the prices i’ll leave a link to the description. This is win future dot d, wonderbar site i’ll, leave a link to it, but here we have some leaked prices there. You can see the euros whatever you can usually pick up a surface laptop for even sub 1 000 for a base model, so think of that in the us. Now we have a look here. It is in german, but it’s easy to interpret 13.5 inch and 15 inch comes with windows home now. If you want to upgrade your windows home laptop to windows, pro i’ve got a link in the description you can get it super cheap i’ve got a discount code. You can also get office 2019, just check out the description, but this is one thing you know on surface products you used to get windows pro back in the day it doesn’t cost microsoft.

Anything to give you windows pro, i guess they’re using it as an upgrade it’s like well. Why not just give it to your microsoft come on. I think maybe the oems might have complained to something who knows about that, but we can see the two displays there. They’Ll be 3×2, which is awesome. Surfers do have good displays. Multi point touch it’s going to be a good display. You don’t have to worry about that intel 11th generation cpus, so you can have the i5 and the i7. Now they didn’t skimp on the intel cpu. Here, that’s the 1185 g7, so that’s the best one you can get it’s the fastest one you can get, and one thing to know about these microsoft products is: they have really good thermals and they’re, really quiet. All the surface products are really quiet. You can get a fanless i5. Who else does that that’s in the surface pro, but even in the surface, laptops you’ll barely ever hear the fan. Now what you get with intel? 11Th generation, you get good graphics, all right, so that’s good, but have a look at the ryzen processors. Now they are custom, rising processors, so hopefully they are still a core. But what are you doing microsoft? This is exactly what i’m talking about it may be. They cannot get the 5000 series parts but they’re, giving us ryzen 4000 series parts, okay, so it’s, not the new 5000 series. I actually haven’t seen any amd 5000 series.

U parts out yet, but you know how long it’s going to be until they upgrade this laptop again and you’re going to have amd 4000 series cpus when everyone has. You know amd 5000 and i bet there will even be laptops when this is still sold to surface laptop 4. That will have amd 6000 parts because that’s how long microsoft take to upgrade their laptops. So that is a big disappointment to me. They are custom. So i don’t know have they nerfed some calls have they. You know beefed up the graphics i don’t know, but it is custom and just seriously microsoft. What are you doing anyway? You got the iris graphics, you got the radeon graphics, which should be good, for you know, built in graphics, they’ll, be good enough up to 32 gigs ram. You can upgrade the storage, so you can get up to a terabyte and here’s. Another big disappointment. Of course, amd you’re not going to get thunderbolt because i haven’t seen an amd laptop with thunderbolt, yet you can do it, but i haven’t seen it why not thunderbolt in the intel version? What are you doing? Microsoft? Are you allergic to thunderbolt and you had all these numbnuts last year saying oh it’s because of security issues, no it’s, not it’s, because microsoft and inept, we do have wifi six and you still have the surface connect which is good but come on. Microsoft. Get your hand off it, give us some thunderbolt seriously.

I mean you got usb type, a type c and yeah that’s about it. It should have thunderbolt 4. You have the dma protection with thunderbolt 4 it’s enabled by default so that bullcrap so called floor. In you know, thunderbolt where they had to actually access your computer have the dma protection off and they have to unscrew your computer and all this crap like seriously. Microsoft were never not using thunderbolt 3, because the security it’s just because they’re i don’t, know they’re cheap. Please tell me why and you can see their 49 watt hour battery said i have decent battery life and 1.25 kilos or 1.31 kilos with the intel um. Maybe that’s fanless, i don’t know why? Is it a little bit heavier than amd? These are going to be great laptops, but i think you know too little too late. To be perfectly honest, i would still probably recommend an m1 mac unless you need windows yeah anyway. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Why has microsoft surface contracted? Why are they the only ones out of everyone else that haven’t, you know boomed in this time, where everybody’s buying computers, how can microsoft surface sales contract? Let me know down there in the comments i’ll be very interested to know why you think that is. These will be good laptops, but i mean too little too late for me anyway, catching next one. I will get one in, of course, so stay tuned for my review.