Welcome to my channel. All things streets if you are new here, welcome, welcome. Welcome, make sure you hit that subscribe button, so you can be notified when new content is dropping. If you are returning. Thank you for your love and support, as always make sure you like it and commenting and if you haven’t subscribed already make sure you do so at this time today, we’ll be talking about the one and only brand new 2021 eye mask that comes in a variety Of colors, well, i make it supposed to be the fastest one. Yet, with the m1 chip is 24 inches with a 4.5 retina display the imac on the first day of pre order, which was april 30th, and it was expected delivery time was from may 21st to. I believe may 27th, so, luckily for me i was able to get on the first day as promised it shipped the night before overnight. Ups beside i was gon na get an imac, so i did my research on the ones that were out there and i realized it was coming up with a brand new one, so i’m like and they come in colors. So i remember being a kid and seeing the big, vibrant imax and it just made you want to do work it just made. You want to look like you were doing work like so, of course my handle is pink, which i think is so cute, and this is so freaking heavy like i struggled getting it upstairs so hi.

She says hello, hi, hello, but it’s upside down, but this is the front all right, let’s try this again, that’s more like it. As you can see. This says hello, um and i don’t know. Oh, let me follow directions. Two arrows. Can you guys see that? Look? Oh, my god that’s so cool what in the easy that is so freaking cool and cute? Oh, my gosh. Okay, all right let’s get started it’s so light. Compared to how heavy the box was. I thought it’s gon na be so heavy. Oh wow, all right! So let’s get into this unboxing questions. Oh, i am so clumsy. This is oddly satisfying. Actually i still can’t get over the fact they actually paired red with pink like i do not like this at all. It should just be all pink. I just prefer either white in the back apple is fancy with the direction they want you to do all this. All these arrows and i’m just messing up their beautiful designs, everybody’s doing it how the hell, i think i should do it i’m sure they did not have this in mind. This is the back of the twenties inch new imac in the pink color. This is so skinny and so beautiful this is the reveal. Are you ready look at this beauty? Oh, is it me you’re? Looking for yes, i’ve been looking for you, my whole life, oh mg, y’all. Okay, we got so many guys goodies in here, so i’ll put to the side while we open the rest of the goodies okay.

So now we have, i just can’t get over how this like opens and close like that was just brilliant definitely get into this. I had so much fun with this box. I don’t want to get rid of it. Three different versions of the imac, and i opted to get the second version so with the 8 core cpu and 8 core gpu. It also comes with a ethernet cord and the magic keyboard touch id usb 3 port, two thunderbolt. What bro? What are you talking about man and two thunder bolt ports as well? If you get the version that’s under you, don’t get as many ports. I believe you get two points you don’t get an ethernet cord and you also don’t get the touch id magic keyboard. It could bend back even forward and it’s. Just nice and sleek look at the size of this, like the apple, which is this the power button. Here you will have the four usb ports as mentioned, and also on the side. You will have your headphone jack, just beautiful. Next, we have the keyboard, so this keyboard in particular, i purchased the one that came with the touch id this around and it has the apple logo on the back, so it’s, nice, it’s, cute, it’s, very lightweight, and it just sits right there. We turn this around. It matches perfectly, and now we have the wireless magic mouse, so smooth sleek, and it also matches the color of the imac.

All the colors are identical with the pink wireless short cable. This is gon na can go into the ports in the back. You can charge your mouse and also can charge a keypad, as you can see. It’S wired nice thick quality, not like the the stuff that we usually we’re, used to where it kind of bends and it breaks easily like apple. Please give us more. This is really good quality. So then i purchased the package that came with the ethernet cord, just because for one it came with more things. I want the touch id and also why not right you never know what situation you’re going to be in. So i connected this already and same material, same quality material, which is great because we know how macbook computers wires are usually, and it comes with the red extension we’re gon na set this baby up, put everything together, all right, so we’re gon na get started with Placing the imac to the back so we can get it plugged in. So, as you can see, this is the back of the imac and those are the four usb ports that comes with this particular imac device. So you’re going to take your cord and plug it into the adapter in order to get your power and everything situated. So here we have the power cord you’re gon na plug inside. So, as you can see, it is magnetic. So, as i was feeling around, i felt the magnet pulling the cord towards where it needed to go in so once i was able to put it in it automatically snapped into place and, as you can see, i was tucked in just to make sure it was In it correctly – and it is very strong, so this cord is very heavy duty and i think it will last so once i turned on the computer, it prompted us to turn on our wireless keyboard and wireless magic mouse.

How cute is that is saying hello in a trillion different languages like i love this, my pink is just nice, like i’m, just really ready to like set it up. Where’S hello. There we go that’s. What i know. Oh wait: that’s, not what i know, but now hello. So the package came with two different colorful stickers. Whatever computer you got, it came with the matching stickers, which i thought was a nice touch since we usually always get the white regular stickers from apple each time. We purchase something so the first thing i wanted to do was set up my desktop wallpaper to match my aesthetic of my home office. So i just went to google did a quick search of some motivational quotes, so i am someone that’s big on quotes and after two failed attempts, i was able to successfully download a desktop wallpaper and add it. As my background, you know how fast all my footage just ear dropped to this imac wow. Okay, now we’re gon na try out the microphone and the speakers. With this we’re going to type in photo booth. You got ta, see what’s going on y’all. He being me, i don’t do something so now i got ta restart it. Ciao i’m always messing something up. Oh, this is what i was trying to do. Okay. So this is the test to see how well the built in microphone and speakers work. I’M doing it strictly from the imac itself, so don’t.

Let me down i’m rooting for you, we’re all rooting for you, let’s see. If you got the power to give us what we need all right, so let’s hear it okay. So this is a test to see how well the built in microphone and speakers work i’m doing it strictly from the imac itself, so i’m pretty impressed with the sound quality. It sounds really really good better in person. Actually, so good it’s been moving pretty fast. The video quality is good. The camera is good. The speakers, the microphone everything has just been so perfect so far. It is so light that you literally can just pick up and move to a different place if you want to it’s no strain. None of that all the accessories that it comes with it’s, just absolutely stunning. Look at this mouse it’s, so smooth it’s, so perfect – and this is my very first imac – so i’m super excited about it and so far it is like doing well. What i will say, though, is that i don’t like the fact it doesn’t have the old usb, but we know that that’s been out for a while, because i bought a brand new external hard drive and i’m like how am i supposed to connect it? But i think that i’m overthinking it and it may be another way but i’m, just not using my brain, i don’t know, but so far so good. So i hope you enjoyed this video.

Let me know in the comments below what you like or what you don’t like about the new imac it’s. The color is the shape. Is it because you know you use the old imac, tell me what you don’t like about it.