So have you seen this meme before youve seen this meme before everybody has? This is actually like, really old, but it still gets reposted all the time. So the girl on the left is posing next to her, drawing with her booty popping, so she got 600 likes. Meanwhile, the girl on the right got 15 likes because she did not show off her fat booty apparently. So basically, this drawing is implying that attractive people, people who have juicy putts, get more likes, even though their growing is literal crap, just because theyre more attractive. It really is true, ive seen it happen numerous times before, and you know what lifes unfair we live in. A society so like i have to agree with this post. However, despite that, i hate this post so much. You know why the likes, if you really did not care about clout, if you really valued quality over the booty, why would you care about the likes dont? Get me wrong: this post is accurate, its reality, but the thing that im pointing out here is the hypocrisy. At least the girl on the left knows that shes there to chase clout, at least she knows shes shallow, but her look at that face. That is the face of an incel who is bitter, because she doesnt have a juicy butt its like that scene in mean girls: okay, wait while im ranting. Please enjoy this speedpaint that i made using my gammon pd1320 tablet.

Anyway, where was i oh? Yes, cloud chasing? Okay, tell me if this is familiar. Have you ever looked at someones drawings on instagram and then looked at their follower account and then you went like. Why does he have more followers than i do im clearly better than him? Dont lie? Listen. I know. Youve thought this before, because ive thought that before ive thought it numerous times before in the past lets just say that im, a very jealous and insecure person id be like. Why is this 14 year old, more successful than i am when i was 14? I did nothing but cry about my non existent problems and this kid has a 100k followers, his art isnt, even that good. But the truth is it doesnt matter whether you drop poop, emojis or well drawn fat rats, it doesnt matter how good you are. If you know the ways of the cloud you will get clout, this is exactly why i never draw ugly people. Yeah call me shallow, but do ig girls get famous because they have a nice personality. No, i dont think so. Also also, i have seen a few artists who are really good amazing, even ive seen their instagram posts top tier man, but the thing is they only have a few followers, sometimes not even a thousand. Now compare that to people who make fan art of popular fandoms bro. I have witnessed how a certain artist grew from a few thousand followers to a hundred thousand followers because they started drawing attack and titan fan art back when it was still really popular granted.

They were good artists, but so were the other people. It just goes to show that skill is just a small part of being successful, its all about the passion to chase cloud. But here is the question: what is cloud four? This leads me to my next point, which is making money off your art. If you have clout, there are multiple ways to make money. Clout is power so for some reason, its very controversial to make money off your art. There are actual people in this world living today who are disgusted at people who make money off their art, so they could pay bills and not die. Oh my god, youre such a sellout disgusting. Do these people not understand that artists are human too, have some compassion people like seriously? Do you honestly believe that i make drawing tutorials out of the kindness of my heart? Do you know how expensive med school is now you might be watching this right now and thinking nah this video aint? For me, i dont want to make money off my passion no lie. I used to think exactly like you until i got my first paycheck just to clear things up im, not telling you guys to go on and make nfts right now. If you dont want to make money off your art, go! Do your own thing, its a free country im just saying: stop looking down on people who make money off their art theres a reason why boomers think artists are broke and thats because of artists themselves, who refuse to sell out and would rather be broke and pretentious Artists who think theyre above everyone else just because they dont care about the amount of followers they have people say likes dont matter.

If likes dont matter, then why is it that every time you post your art and it gets no likes, you feel pathetic? Okay, wait! You think i made this video to call you out. No, i made this video to call myself out my past self. You see, i used to be all high and mighty thinking that art is the only thing thats respectable in my life and therefore shouldnt be tainted with dirty stuff such as cloud chasing, but no, nothing in my life is respectable. Ever since i stopped being pretentious and accepted the fact that i love attention and clout, i became a lot more free and happy. Listen its not just about money, its also about proving to your old school bullies that youre better than them, but its mostly about money. Is that such a bad thing, though buddy? I am telling you its either? You girl, your clout, or you end up with no choice but to set up a patreon and draw furry hentai. I understand that there are people who purely want to draw for their passion, and you know what i understand you. I respect you but thats. Just not me man, we have our differences, youre, a professional artist and im a professional cloud chaser. I know im not really that big, but even now getting clout has given me a lot of opportunities stuff. That, literally, would have never happened. If i didnt have all this clout such as this gaomon pd 1320 tablet, look at that it looks like an ipad but enormous.

I love the minimalist design. It also has a stand that makes it look like an ipad even more so yeah. Thank you galma for sending this over okay. So after getting used to it for a week, i could draw real smooth its great overall and i didnt experience a lag. It has a stand, but i suggest buying your own sand. If youre like me, hands are heavy. So yeah overall its been a great experience for me. I can see myself really using this if youre interested to buy check out more info in the description yeah anyway. Back to the point, i do have another thing to say: theres an exception to all of this. If youre like this, you literally dont have to chase cloud cloud will chase you, and these are super high level. Giga chat, artists, artists, who are so good that inevitably people will get attracted to their art artists, like love or whatever the heck you pronounce his name. These people seem to be gods and people will pay to see such godly artwork, but imagine how many years they spent just to be able to draw like that, like you would only get to that level. If you did a hundred push. Ups 100 sit ups, 10 kilometer run and go bald. Youre gon na have to dedicate too much of your time. Remember. Your asian parents are watching you time is ticking. If you chase clout, not only will you have a lot more opportunities, but also be given this gaumont pd.

13 pd1320 tablet. It even has a pen, holder and customizable express keys anyway about cloud chasing. You still kinda need skill more or less, but thankfully you can fake it. So go watch this video if you want to fake being a good artist.