Recently, the combination of tablet and control center was introduced and you can find out what it can do, how much it costs and when its available Here in this video, I wish you a lot of fun watching music when I saw it in the Google presentation. I immediately had the idea man, it almost looks like Amazons Alexa Show only in my opinion, google makes it better and packs a punch still a lot of function in the new product with pure, but everything one after the other and piece by piece. The new pixel tablet comes in the aluminum. Housing is coated with a nano ceramic which should imitate the matte feel and the look of porcelain. It should not gather dust in a drawer, but is together with the available Doc deliberately designed for permanent use in the home or on the go and as a control center for the smart home, making it the direct competitor for many Amazon, Alexa products.. The LCD display of the Google Pixel tablet has a diagonal of 10.95 inches Diameter then 27.8 cm. The screen resolution is 2560 x, 1600 pixels, which leads to a sharpness of 276 pixels per inch. It comes onto the market with an aspect ratio of 16 to 10. Google specifies a maximum brightness of 500 nits for operation should be sufficient. The 24 bit screen can display 16 million colors and also supports input pens. What has not yet been said exactly? Is it a 120 Hz display, or will it have significantly less? The tablet then weighs 493 g is 258 mm wide 169 mm high and 8.

1 mm thin with knobs and buttons. It is less equipped at the edge. There is, then, only the power button in this, but then there is still a fingerprint sensor for security. Together with the volume rocker for sufficient speed, then the Tensor G2, with Titan m2 security coprocessor. This high performance also works in Googles. Current smartphones, such as the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro, as well as the new Google Pixel 7a., The tablet has 8 GB of RAM and, depending on the model, 128 or 256 gigabytes of device memory, which then vary in price.. Unfortunately, the memory is not expandable, google relies on its in house cloud storage and the streaming on the tablet can then run several apps at the same time, similar to the Apple iPad. To use the virtual keyboard, you can also dictate inputs by voice which should now be much faster than with older devices., The front camera and the rear camera each have a screen resolution of 8 megapixels.. Both cameras make videos in Full HD with 30 fps, which, unfortunately, is something nowadays low, but is still sufficient for streaming. Google paid attention to good speech, intelligibility and high functionality during development, especially with regard to video conferences, Google meet Zoom or Whatsapp. The Pixel Tablet is the first tablet, with a built in chromecast, so music or videos can be played in the same WLAN transferred to the tablet and, of course, also watch on board are then three microphones for calls sound or video recordings and, of course, for the Google assistant, the new Pixel 4, also has built in speakers.

The tablet supports wifi6 at 2.4 and 5 GHz as well as Bluetooth 5.2. Google promises security updates until at least june 2028, which means five years of support. The guarantee period is 2 years. The home panel gives you quick access to the google home app is loaded via usb c connection or via the dock. Google promises 12 hours of endurance for videos Streaming. This should then be made possible by a 27 watt hour battery via the included Doc. That is the intended storage and control center. The charging speed is then up to 15 watts. To start with, the pixel tablet always comes with the Doc, and a power supply unit is also included here in the small memory configuration with 128GB. If the price is 679 for the large storage variant with 256 GB, Google, then charges 799 for another single stick: 149 and the case available as an accessory 99.. The products are available in the colors Pause, Lane, Hazel and prosie, and can be pre ordered now they should be available from 20.06, compare together with the iPad and the Amazon Echo Show as soon as I have received it so subscribe to the channel.