6 inch gateway. Two in one laptop now raise of hands who here even knew gateway was like still a thing thats. What i thought, but they are in fact, still around theyre producing sort of like entry level, notebooks and weve actually got a few of them that were going to be reviewing over the next few few weeks, uh because thats, like our timetable here, but anyway, this one Is an 11.6 inch kind of thing that folds in itself and creates a little tablet and its not exactly the most powerful laptop in the world? In fact, what we want to find out is, if this is the worst laptop in the world, spoiler alert this one isnt it in fact, for a hundred ninety nine dollar computer. I actually think this thing is not too bad. Let me dive in a little bit deeper. This one comes with four gigabytes of ram: it comes with a celeron processor and only 64 gigabytes of solid state drive storage. Now this thing is kind of reminiscent of the netbooks of yore. Basically, like 10 years ago, pc manufacturers thought itd be a good idea to introduce these netbook things, which were like these chunky, small useless laptops that didnt last very long, they werent very powerful and then apples answer was the macbook air which absolutely dominated the market. Excuse me, the screen went black lets. Let me pause one second, to get it back on screen saver mode, ta da its back anyway, so that was pretty much apples answer.

What was the macbook air, which ended up dominating the hell out of the netbooks? In fact so much and that theyre gone you cant even buy netbooks anymore, except except for this one. So this is an eleven point, six inch machine so sure its, not fhd, but it is hd. Its got seven two one 720p on it and i do wish that it was a little bit of a tighter resolution screen. But that said, you know again its a 200 laptop youre, not gon na get that. But it is a touch screen and in fact its actually not that bad of a touch screen uh everything is fairly responsive. The screen is pretty bright now, its not the brightest thing in the world, but its less glossy than most hula packard screens are and which is kind of nice, because you can sit outside with this thing and probably see whats actually on the screen and it doesnt Have a lot of backlight bleeding colors and everything are actually fairly well represented. All in all, i think the screen is better than some of the asus panels that uh that theyre, using in some of their like entry level, notebooks so from a screen part from a screen aspect, its not so bad keyboard and trackpad, and no this doesnt have Any crazy features like a backlight or anything like that and funny enough. If you look at the keyboard, its missing the sort of up and down brightness keys, you do have to do that within windows, but nevertheless the keyboard is very tactile, its responsive.

It feels pretty good to type on. Trackpad is multi, gesture, supportive and its its just it doesnt ghost it just goes where you want it to its got. Good responsive clicks, its a better trackpad than a lot of cheaper notebooks ive tested these days as well and, in fact, the build quality on this thing. Isnt too bad either. It is made of like some fairly good plastics. There are other brands from ranch paint that have used even cheaper plastics than this, like you basically are afraid to open the goddamn thing up, because you think that maybe the hinges will snap apart from the body of the laptop, but i never get the fear of That, with this laptop, in fact, this thing is pretty like hefty, like it just feels pretty good and like it can probably take a beating, which leads me to my point as to who this notebook is for see. The thing is is that this notebook is not terribly fast because it has a celeron processor. Even with that solid state drive in it, it does tend to sort of chunk around a little bit when you really overwhelm it with tasks. In fact, here is a nova bench score of what this thing is capable of and as you can see its, not really that impressive. But this thing does have a webcam built in and it is a better webcam than ive seen in a lot of and even frankly, more premium notebooks heres a heres.

What the webcam looks like now. This is a test of the webcam on the gateway 11.6 inch. Convertible tablet laptop thing, and you know, for a 200 computer thats, not bad. I frankly have seen laptops more expensive with worse webcams than this, but really all of my complaints with this thing happen to be small little nitpicky things. You can actually get this thing in an array of different colors. This one is blue, but you can get like black white and green and some other kind of nifty things, but because it is a foldable two in one computer, the the girth i dont know. I guess this may not translate that well on screen, but you know its so heavy on the display here that it tends to tip this sort of light body a little bit now. That really wont probably do anything in practical application, but nevertheless its worth noting that thats, something that it that it does its again a small little nitpicky thing, even the i o in this thing, is really not terrible. Youve got a regular usb port here, where you plug in your headphones, a micro sd card, which i think a lot of people are going to like. For some reason. I get a lot of people asking about micro, sd card slots and it does have one cannot fit a big sd card, though its got to be the got ta be the micro, its got its got a small little hdmi port there just to plug in your Little mini hdmi cable, you know be careful its, not a big hdmi cable.

So if youve got like a projector or a tv or something you will need an adapter and then its got a usb super speed port on there, which for a 200 it in because even laptop 200 you cant get something that runs on solar energy. But the thing does bold in itself and creates kind of this like neat little tablet thing and i found that it is in fact fairly responsive. I mean let me turn that annoying thing off. That was the switch to tablet turn off this stupid speaking microphone guy. It does it it folds in itself. Now the thing is: is it is a little bit thick for a tablet its like about an inch, and i dont really see anybody using this thing as a tablet. Basically, youre sitting in a chair sort of like browsing around and like i just i dont see that happening its not very comfortable. Its kind of got sharp edges. Youve got the keyboard behind you its. I i highly doubt this will be used in a tablet manner, but ive been wrong. Now. Are we kidding im never wrong, but nevertheless it is an option. If you want to, i think, its a little bit gimmicky and it doesnt have any kind of meaningful pen support. You can obviously use a stylus, but nevertheless i dont think youre going to be taking any handwritten notes with this thing in class, but thats who this thing is potentially for now hold on a second while i work some camera magic to turn this thing back around.

So um whos this thing, for i think that this is like, like babies, first laptop, maybe probably somebody thats like in third grade, maybe fourth grade – they need something just sort of cheap but efficient to sort of plunk out. Word documents powerpoints excel that kind of thing. With a 64 gigabyte, solid state drive and you are playing with fire with that that amount of storage, but with a 64 gigabyte, solid state, drive youre, not going to be able to load any kind of meaningful pictures, music movies or anything like that. You will need to use like cloud data if you need to store things or for that matter, you can have an external hard drive that you can plug in to that usb super speed port, but for those that like – and this sounds maybe a little crass – but For those that cant afford a very expensive computer, i kind of think this thing. Isnt too bad 200 bucks gets you like a fairly peppy little thing and you could play minecraft on here. If you wanted to so like um. You know, i guess you know its like for like a your third graders first laptop or somebody that just needs something kind of small and tiny to kind of get around with, but like they dont do anything like really serious. You can obviously browse the web and do email and stuff like that. Obviously you know that youll youll be sort of sort of limited by the smaller resolution screen, which i dont on a 15.

6 inch laptop. I would crap all over it for not having fhd, but on this tiny little 11.6 inch. 200 thing its kind of hard to hate on speaker wise. The speakers have no character whatsoever. There is no bass or or treble to speak of. There are no mids, no highs, no lows, it must be bose so much for my bose sponsorship uh, but nevertheless the speakers are absolute trash, so you will want to plug in a set of headphones like for almost every purpose, but again tiny little laptop. What are you expecting? No windows, hello, compatible features on it. So no fingerprint scanner, no windows, hello, camera. It has 802.11n wireless, so it does have wireless built in but its kind of the slower older generation wireless and it does have bluetooth. So its a fair, i mean again its not like a feature rich, but its not like a its, not crap either um. Is this the worst laptop in the world, and the answer is no its actually not bad for 200 bucks. I would never buy one myself, but id have no problem recommending it for somebody and if somebody just needs a tiny, little cheap thing to plunk away on and theres really no other, i mean just like thats all they need go for it good for non profits, Because it can take a beating if you have like people helping you like, if youve got like an office or a nonprofit, or something like that or people that are taking like information at a booth or something like that, and you just need a little cheap.

Beater laptop for, like volunteers to plunk away on this thing is absolutely perfect for that as well, and if youre, if youre, like grandmother, wants just a cheap little notebook that doesnt has no frills and doesnt need to do anything with uh. Also fine for that too. But except she might have struggled with the 11.6 inch screen so nevertheless, this is something to kind of keep in mind. It does have windows home s mode in there, but of course, thats free and very easy to bail. Out of so, the fact that it only like loads in windows store apps is not that big of a deal either. I dont hate it. This is the gateway 11.6 inch, convertible laptop. I think if you buy one its obviously very purpose built, but if you buy one i dont think youll hate it either. You wont think that its the worst thing since, like moldy bread um but anyway, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us in the comments section. If you wan na just give us some. What would you like us to review? Next weve got a whole slew of other products that were going to be reviewing very, very cheap things. We are still investigating the worst laptop in the world, believe it or not, ive got a couple.