2, hey guys, it’s roxy book with paperlessx a channel that is all about digital productivity. If you’re new to our channel hello, make sure you subscribe and turn on your notifications, so you know each time we release a new video and if you already subscribed fantastic human welcome back nebo has been accommodating devices that don’t use the apple pencil it’s, not surprising. Therefore, that in nibble 3.2 they have introduced the nipple viewer for the iphone. This is a mini version of nibble, which we are excited to watch develop into a full nibble application. At the moment, you can only view your notes. You can copy your notes if you want to paste them in another application. You can search your notes and the application also supports universal search. You can export your notes as text pdf word or the enable format, and you can publish your notes from your iphone. How many of you guys are excited to have niba on your phone now that nipple supports writing with passive styluses, and it also has keyboard input. There is no reason not to have the application on our phones. You can select pages to pick multiple topics for exporting out of the application. If you’re exporting nibble pages the pages that convert your handwriting to text, you can choose to export them as text pdf word or the neighbor format. When you export the free form pages, you can export them as png, pdf, svg or the neighbor format.

Only pdf and enable formats are common between the two different types of pages you get to nebo. Those are the only options you get when you choose to export a combination of nibble and free form pages. You can choose to combine the topics that you want to export into one file, the application lets you name the document you’re exporting nebo lets you export all the documents individually, so you can export documents separately and unzipped if you ever wanted to export multiple topics. Out of nipple, you can do that now without a fuss. You can preview your document to see what they look like before you export them, and this is a feature we’ve not yet seen in any note, taking application before nipple 3.2 has also changed their exporting options. We can no longer export html format from the application. How many of you guys were exporting html out of nibal just out of curiosity, they have replaced html with the nipple format, which is the format that you can share your notes with other nibble users. They’Ve also changed the way we export our pdfs out of the application, especially for newborn pages. You can now export your pages as handwritten notes. The application no longer converts your handwriting to text if you export it as a pdf. The best part is that your handwriting remains searchable in the applications that have handwriting recognition. We have successfully searched through our handwritten notes that we exported out of nebo in liquid text.

Note shelf, say: word: nibble is now the second note taking application to export searchable. Handwritten notes, goodnotes was the first to introduce this to introduce this feature in case you’re, wondering let’s hope they can start allowing us to decide our pages when we want to export nodes out of the application it’s important that we decide the pages we want to create. You can now add checklists to your notes. You can either write items in a list and then convert it to a checklist, or you can draw the checklist boxes yourself. You can tap the checkboxes to tick off the items you’ve completed at the moment. The application only takes off items without dimming or striking them out. Let’S hope those features will come in the future ticking off. The checkbox is not enough, especially when you have long lists. Our new developers continue to improve the free form pages for us in this update. They have introduced the erasing gesture gestures, enable are great and they help us work even faster with less effort. We certainly look forward to having all the nipple gestures in the freeform pages. In case you missed it. We are having a giveaway for good notes and for more details on that. Please watch the video we did on goodness 5.7 don’t forget to check out our pc apps channel. Nibble 3.2 is a great update. It is laying a solid foundation for what to expect in the future from nebo, and that is exciting, which of these updates.