That is also using harmony os, so let’s take a look at my five top features of harmony os. So here we see my harmony os desktop. I configured it a little bit like emotion, ui, as you can see here, and one thing that i forgot to notice or to mention is this: is my matepad pro that i bought two years ago, so it got the harmony os update, but you see that some Features like the dock at the top at the bottom is still missing so i’m guessing it was not having all of the features that were presented by while we already in the harmony os reveal anyway. I want to show you some of the features that i think are pretty cool and interesting. Let’S go first to the share wi fi info of vlan info. It is called so here under the wi fi tab or vlan tab it’s called here w lan tab. I can go into more settings and i have a new option called share, wi fi info and when enabled this allows you to share the wi fi network, including the password with other shared devices during multi screen collaboration. So this is pretty awesome if you have, for example, a phone that has already a wi fi connection open, and you just want to do the multi screen collaboration and your tablet is brand new or something like this. It will automatically when you connect both of them. Connect also via the wi fi, or you have a brand new phone where you don’t have the wi fi information typed.

In already you can just go into the multi screen collaboration. It will automatically send over the password for the wi fi. So you don’t have to like qr codes are also pretty interesting and easy. If you want to go in your settings, i can click here and i get a nice qr code for logging in this is not necessary with this option, so this is tip number one. The other tip is the widget bar. You can go into home screen settings, i think it is, and there you have show widgets bar under icons. This allows you to show a nice little uh bar under icons that have special features, just like, for example, notepad or gallery. If i go in here – and it shows me the last picture that i had if i swipe up – and i can do the same with notepad – and it shows me the five tips that i have here and uh the same, you can do also with some other Things like, for example, the clock you can see. The clock is in real time showing me my current time and date and if i swipe up, i can get the time and date in beijing if i want to so it is pretty cool to have this functionality and it’s not it’s, basically, a widget that you Have but it’s not always there it’s only there if you need it, you can swipe up and see certain information, and this needs to be improved a little bit more.

I think, and some other applications need information for this as well. Calendar has here, for example, this information and, of course you can pin it and make it like a full widget on the desktop, but i don’t like this feature to have it to to use too much space. So i like the swipe up feature i already liked it on the blackberry devices when they had android devices with such an a similar feature, but here it is better integrated and yeah. Some applications still need this option for the new harmony os most of the applications. Don’T support this right. Now only harmony has specific applications or newer applications made by huawei. Then you have number three show weather information in calendar events it’s also pretty awesome, because if you go into your apps here you have uh some configuration or app settings. You go into calendar, and here we have the option to turn on weather forecasts for the calendar events, which is also pretty awesome, because if you have an appointment, for example, barbecuing outside with friends, i know in corona times a little bit harder in some certain locations. On in the world, but in other locations, maybe it’s possible, then it would be nice to see the weather forecast for this day as well and see okay. It is like a forecast, it’s raining, so we have to have a plan b. Uh do something else or just move it to another day the day after uh, our appointment is uh supposed to be sunny, so we can have this, and – and this is pretty awesome because it also like gives you the new opportunity, if you have to go for A meeting to know exactly what you have to wear because uh, you know the temperature and if it will rain or not the weather conditions.

Basically, so this is tip number three. Then we have tip number four, which is the new media player control. So i showed you already the control center if you swipe from the top right down. I have now here this media player and i think let’s play something in the background. I have to start huawei music. I had to reset my tablet because it is, i think, slightly broken anyway. Uh let’s play the stream impossible, probably won’t get any copyright strikes with this and it’s not playing anyway. You want to hear it because i have my dongle inside here, but it’s it’s playing i’m doing something else going an app gallery. For example, i can swipe down. I can see what is playing currently, i can see what he’s playing currently i can tap on it. I can see also, if there’s another player uh supporting this. I can also see this device is playing now in the wired on the wired earphone, but i don’t have any earphones attached just one microphone. So what i can do is here choose okay. Instead of the wired phone tablet – Music pause here, i can also like this, which is like a special feature of this player. I can go and find the lyrics that are now enabled on the home screen on the epic side. So, if i’m, in the app – and i should here – you can see the lyrics are also there – it shows you exactly where, where we are so, which is also pretty nice, so you have the option not only to do this, but other players will have the option In the future to integrate here well, the other players that are tried out – they don’t have it right now.

Ah, here this is what they meant by on the home screen, where you can see here, there’s now the lyrics on the home screen. So this is also a nice feature that you have, so you want to sing along with the song or something like this. You can control, of course, the volume which is also nice, but this is really nice that you can choose here on which to play, because i literally had the problem when i was cutting videos and had my several different input devices attached to a usb c dongle. That had audio output that every time i plugged the dongle in it would automatically switch into the wired earphone of the audio dongle, and i would not hear anything and the only work around on an android on emotional 11 was like to attach a bluetooth adapter. Then it will show up in a notification where i have the device chooser to choose which device i want here it is built in. I can choose whenever, even if nothing is playing let’s let’s close the close, the music player, and what we will see is that okay, the player is still here, but even if the music player was not here, i have the option to choose where my default audio Is going through, so this is pretty pretty cool to have built into the system, uh globally system wide and yeah it’s working fine. So this, i really like then tip number five, the last tip of my top five tips of harmony.

Us new features is actually i’m cheating a little bit because those four features are new features in a way. But this one is not a new feature, at least not for the chinese devices. If i go in settings and i go into huawei assistant, there is the ai touch feature, you might know a touch feature. Ai touch feature from motion ui, but it is a bit limited, and here it is a lot more powerful. I don’t know why only the chinese version gets the most powerful version here, because in the global version the only thing that you have is like make a purchase. So you can search for a certain image that is on the screen like let’s let’s go to let’s. Go to this here, for example, and i’m i’m. On this, i can now hold with my two fingers and it will go into this ai mode, and it will recognize this. This uh sunscreen sun protecting um umbrella and it will then allow me in a shopping mall. In this case, on or visence can choose between to search for such an umbrella. You can see it. This detection is pretty nice. This is the only one that is currently available on emotion, ui on the global version, but what this has here is a lot more. You can see there’s german words in there. I click here on translation. What i can do is like translate the whole screen and what it does is now takes a takes a while, maybe it’s, translating from german to english.

I hope and then it will translate the whole website. I know the website doesn’t make any sense, because you have the option to translate it in the web browser itself, but you can see it translated this picture and you can see um in this case. I think it looks like it translated yeah translated into english, so this is working pretty nice. You have also scroll translation. If you want to do this – and i use this a lot when translating, for example, chinese stuff – that i cannot read into uh english to to to get to know some certain things then there’s another feature feature which is like a text feature in general. Ai reader feature where it can try to read and execute sure encouraging glitch fighting in diamond marks. So it has like a bit of chinese accent here, but it’s reading this german thing now for me i can pause it. I can make it quicker. I can jump back, which is also pretty interesting if you want want to read certain things: yeah and there’s, a translate feature, of course, in the browser itself, this is really really powerful and i hope i really wish that at least this translation feature and, of course, Text selection in images you, you saw – maybe the apple announcement that they have such a feature. This is long long, integrated and emotional 11 in the chinese version, and i think it is even better now um in harmony os and i really really like uh to have this uh later on also in the global version.

So please uh huawei. Add this translation feature, especially i like this very much. This translation features not only shopping. We are not only thinking about shopping here in europe or u.s or wherever you are probably that’s, not but in europe, but we also want to translate certain things, and this is a very, very useful feature and i hope it will come also in the global version Of harmony us, otherwise it is at least here in the chinese version of harmony us – and these are my five tips of harmony. Yes, keep in mind, i’m running the chinese version, so i got tons and tons of question people asking. How can i insulate on my device, first of all, it’s only a certain limit of devices that are supported right now and mostly chinese devices? I have bought my matepad pro and my mate 30 pro in china, so i flew there. I bought it in a shop. Actually, the matepad pro someone someone had to bring it to me because i was busy uh going to the airport that day flying back to germany and yeah anyway there’s. There are videos about this, so you can see uh next time when you want to do this. Maybe uh try to fly to china. No. This is the chinese device and it’s only working currently with those devices. There are some tricks where you can maybe run it also on european or global versions, but i would not recommend it as it is changing certain aspects.

I can show you one thing, for example, of the of the tablet don’t even have it here installed. Do i map app, i don’t. Have it pedal maps, for example, is not working in china and if i start pedal maps here on this version of harmony as it will, it will complain that pedal maps. It will complain that this is not available in my region, despite my region being set to germany so that’s enough. First of all, my top five new features of harmony os. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have some questions, you can write them on the comment section.