Here there are ones that I have reviewed. They have fully laminated panels on them, so they do look a lot better than the non laminated cheaper tablets that you will find. So we have right here. The Lenovo p8, also known as the Tab 3 plus 8 inch screen. It has three gigabytes of RAM power by snapdragon 6 to 5, and it has 16 gigabytes of storage. It’S got a plastic build on it, but not a bad build at all. Now all of these tablets have wireless AC. They also have micro, SD cards on them. For it, expanding your storage and your adding your files onto them as well and then we’ve got to take lasts master t8. Here now sorry, the master t10. The ta didn’t make the cut for this review because the screens got a bit of a greenish tint on them, but this one doesn’t have that kind of problem. So this one here runs Android 7 and we’ve got a relatively stock rom on. There has four gigabytes of RAM and a media tech on here, it’s a hexa core, the most powerful tablet out of these three that I’m reviewing and then we have time to overlook this one because of its price. We have the mini 4s. Now this one has a four by three aspect: ratio screen on here: it’s the same exact screen as you’ll, find in an apple mini iPad, Mini 4. So it’s got a really nice resolution on it and again it’s fully laminated metal build on it.

It only has 2 gigabytes of RAM a rock Tech, 4 chord chip on there, which isn’t the fastest out of these three, but it can’t really be overlooked because of the build quality, the screen and what you’re getting for the price. And this one has been selling. As low as 89 US, I think it’s selling for in about hundred at the moment now taking a look at a performance here now: benchmarks, aren’t everything but in synthetic benchmarks. Here this is saying to to you can see that the master t10 is definitely the leader here around about 30000 points faster than the i5 mini 4 is so. This has a mediatek, 81 76 Hicks a core in here. This has a rock tech chip in here. It’S quad core with a Mele t760 GPU. The GPU on this one is the Mallee t8 80. Then we have a Snapdragon six to five on here, which you normally find in mobile phones on the Lenovo p8. So this one, coupled with three gigabytes of RAM the Adreno 506 GPU, puts a decent performance, but the difference is definitely clear when we’ve got four gigabytes of RAM here and only two on this one. That multitasking and just the UI in things feels a lot quicker on the master t10 now in terms of the rom. So we’ve got Android 6 on both of these models here and then we have Android 7 on the tip glass. Now the tear glass does have a few bloatware applications.

You get about five or six of them, but you can uninstall all of them apart from one. The i5 mini 4s is definitely the best. In this regard. This one has no bloatware whatsoever, a superlight ROM and the lenovo is probably the worst but got a couple of things on here, like some antivirus programs and just a few other bloaty apps, and things that we probably don’t really need on there to start with. But overall the roms are going to stock, like they don’t have custom launches, which is really good on to battery life. So the master t10 will of course win here, because it does have a much larger battery capacity. We’Ve got 4800 milliamp hours on the i5 mini 4s 4250 and then on this one 8400, so much larger capacity there. You can get around 8 hours of screen on time on the master t10 about 5 hours up to 5 hours on the mini 4s there and then around 6 to 7 on the lenovo, which full kind of size are better. It has is not bad at all. It just shows you how energy efficient that Snapdragon 625 is so, while the tick last master t10 does have a GPS module and there it lacks a hardware compass, which is something that a novo has here. The mini 4’s doesn’t have any GPS hardware at all, so that’s a clear winner here. If you must have GPS – and it performs well go for this lenovo here because of that compass on there and the GPS performance with the snapdragon just seems to be so much better than media techs gps.

Now all three of these tablets can get play. Gaming frame rates and all the games that are tested so modern titles demanding titles, but the performance is probably the best and smoothest I found on the lenovo p8 because of its lower resolution, so it’s 1920 by 1200, that it has to drive just makes it a Little bit easier for that Adrina, 5 or 6 GPU, but because we also have the 4 gigabytes of RAM, and I did find that the Mallee T 880 performs quite decent as well on the master, t10 that’s, also very smooth who can play games like World of Tanks and all that smooth playable framerates, if you want more details on this, please check the review of each individual tablet and when it comes to speaker performance, the lenovo p8 also is the only one that has Dolby Atmos has the best sounding speakers: quality wise they’re, Not the loudest the loudest actually turns out to be the tick last master t10 and the speakers on the i5 mini forest. They are okay, they’re, adequate they’re, not its greatest strength. It also has some interference over the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Moving on to the screen quality, now you can’t go wrong with either three of these tablets. They’Ve got very decent screens in them. The highest resolution. One is on the master T 10, and it is in fact to me the best looking screen very nice colors deep blacks now touch response on all three of these models again as decent and really you can’t go wrong with either of these when it comes to Screen quality.

Now, if I’m, to pick a winner, it will be the master T 10 for its screen for the build quality. But I like the fact that it has the HDMI out on here, which is one thing I do like to have on tablets now, because it is larger, it has a better battery life than the other models, and tick last have been quite active. Pushing out software updates we’re on to about an update number, I think five or six now so they’ve been fixing some of the minor little problems. Were there now things that you can’t fix? The cons of this tablet would have to be the port location, which is definitely a bit of a con here, don’t, particularly like the location of the charging port and in the HDMI out at the top, and then, of course, the fingerprint reader on the back. There is very awkward to use. I just prefer using a pen with us to be honest, because you know that location that is really bad, it’s rubbish. It shouldn’t, be there trippy on the front just below the screen. It also has the best cameras. If you do want the better camera of these three tablets here that I’m covering, then this one definitely for sure, because it’s got a 13 megapixel front facing camera. Skype calls tend to look a little bit bitter if you into taking selfies with the tablet. They will also look a little bit better there as well.

Sorry, well, those are these three tablets. There are my top picks for 2017. It doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the best tablets that you will find with Android no it’s, just the ones that I have personally covered and reviewed on the channel here.