I want to talk about so i’m going to focus on a few of the features that i think are kind of noteworthy, but then i want to take this conversation to just like the bigger picture. The whole talk about windows 11 and the whole launch it’s there’s. Some interesting things to discuss feature number one: the centered taskbar. This is probably the most visually recognizable element of windows, 11. So far and it’s, a nice look it’s something that i’ve always tried to achieve in my previous versions of windows and it’s, just right out of the box it’s in the center. The start button is also there. So if you’re used to just moving your mouse to the bottom left because it’s been like that for ever, you now have to get used to clicking it kind of in the middle. If you want to have it in the middle, you can obviously position the whole taskbar back to the left if that’s your jam, but the center looks better number two is the start menu so they’ve gotten rid of the live, tiles and it’s. Now, a more modern kind of refreshed look to the start menu the apps are just available in a grid and it’s just a nicer looking start menu to me. The third feature is on the window itself. These now have rounded corners it’s, a more modern look. We’Ve seen it on a whole bunch of other operating systems, and now we see it on windows 11.

. I think it’s, a nice look but it’s, obviously not for everyone. You also have the ability to adjust these snap layouts, which allow you to adjust the position and relative orientation of the different window. Panes it’s, just a simple way to organize your workflow, which is pretty cool now. The next feature is near and dear to me because i’m, a laptop user i’m, a sweaty laptop nerd, and i reconnect and disconnect the external monitor to my laptop very frequently like multiple times a day, and i can’t believe this hasn’t been thought of before or no One seems to have done this properly before, but when you disconnect an external monitor on windows 10, the orientation of your panels are all jumbled up and then, when you reconnect that monitor back up it, doesn’t go back to its original state on windows 11. When you reconnect that monitor those panes and windows that you had in your particular positions, they’ll go back to the way they were every time you reconnect a monitor, it’s, so simple, but it’s, just so good and as a laptop user. I love seeing that now. The last thing i want to talk about is how windows 11 is technically bringing android apps onto the windows 11 operating system, but it’s, not you know, they’re, not getting app developers to write apps to run natively on windows 11.. What they’re doing is you go to the microsoft store and you download the amazon app and then through the amazon, app store? You can download android apps like further kindle products and stuff to run on the windows 11 operating system.

Now i looked into this a little bit: it’s, not really clear how it’s done like they say they use like intel bridge technology but it’s, a runtime post, compiler, so they’re, basically taking an app that’s written for not x86 i’m assuming an arm chip and they’re making It run on an x86 device which is kind of cool it’s, not for everyone right, not everyone needs android apps on their system, but for the people that have wanted that in the past you now have access to it, but there is something that pops into my Mind it’s like because that software that tech is from intel, if you have an amd based system, would that work and also like way more valuable than that was like? Would they allow just? Could we install apks like just go grab an apk from the chrome like the play store and just you know, just install it like side load it onto the windows device that’d, be so much better than running an app through an app of another app that’d. Be weird: okay, um all right, let’s talk about the good stuff, so, if you’ve noticed everything i’ve talked about so far about this windows, 11 launch has been aesthetics. It’S just been a very. It almost feels like a like a like a rich skin for windows. 10. Right all this stuff could technically be done with a fancy, skin and i’m sure there’s a lot of stuff under the hood right.

There’S performance advancements there’s a lot of stuff that they don’t really talk about on the stage about what’s actually happening, underneath that makes windows 11 special, but the main headlining features have been these aesthetic tweaks refreshes, which is cool and because it’s a free upgrade i’m. Not going to complain, but traditionally, when it came to a new windows operating system, it was usually more substantial shift. Like you went from 98 to xp to 2000. Each jump was like this big shift and not just how it looks, but how you interact with the computer right it’s, just an operating system, but those were big changes. Every time you jumped up to the point where, if you relied on your computer for work, you probably you were hesitant you’re like do. I want to update this because it’s there’s a chance it’s going to bust things. This is weirdly stable. This is a really early build. This is like a may deployment and it’s a not even meant for public consumption. It’S like the leaked beta and it’s surprisingly stable i’ve played games on it. I’Ve edited videos on it and it’s so stable, because i think it’s just it’s not that much of a shift from windows 10, which is a good thing right in the sense of stability, but for the people that wanted something crazy and something more substantial. It’S. Not really there now the question i had was: why like, why did they even call it windows 11, when it could technically have been, it could have been passed off as a incremental update for windows, 10 right it’s, not a huge shift, and i think it’s, because Of like they’re just trying to draw publicity to this new version of windows – and i think it’s a good time right.

If you think about apple products, those m1 devices, the desktops, the laptops – they are popular right now, they’re gaining traction and it’s like okay apple’s got some moves. We got a new move, not that windows has ever been a bad product, but it’s, just like it’s been stale it’s been sitting here for five six years: it’s just windows, 10 it’s like reliably good, but you breathe something like this in windows, 11 it’s, the new Operating system – and i think it just breathes life to the whole windows ecosystem in a nice manner. I think it looks nice yeah there. You go that’s kind of like the first look for windows: 11.. Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs.