This is the m3 model. This is the 899 us worm with the 128 gigabyte SSD on there, 4 gigabytes of RAM I've been using it now for about a week just wanted to give you my thoughts and opinions on this tablet here. So overall, using this thing is just blowing me away. Actually, with the performance that I'm getting out of the skylake is an incredibly good chipset. I can't believe the kind of performance now it's definitely a much needed step up from the original core eum's the 5y10. This thing has performing so much better and overall I'm. Just really happy with the performance just using Windows, it seems to do everything I want. I mean I can even encode, for example, a 4k video clip here, just a small one, though this is only 4 minutes in total and I'm using CyberLink PowerDirector here, remove around the timeline, pretty quick there and apply and do basic edits and things. So if I needed to, if I didn't, have a computer with me and I wanted to eat at a 4k clip just a small one, you could actually do that now, the output time to encode this. This is almost 5 minutes. This clip is going to take me probably about 15 minutes about three times. You may learn to encode using Intel, Quick Sync when producing this, and if I wanted to do a 1080p clip it's going to take around probably about double the time using this particular program.

Now, if you can use it another video editor that doesn't support Intel, Quick Sync, then time is going to be a little bit longer there. But overall I mean I'm really impressed the fact that I can edit a 4k video and produce it encode it with those kind of times from a family tablet. I think, is quite impressive there, and especially when it comes to 1080p. To that it can it can do it and about double the rate, so the encoding times aren't actually as bad as I thought now. We'Ve, never try this normally on an atom tablet. The fanless atom tablet wouldn't do that at all, but this is only a 4.5. What TDP CPU and there so it doesn't have a lot of headroom there with thermals, but speaking of thermals I've, never really seen it go over 56 degrees running those games and other tests. I'Ve done this thing just runs really well and overall, very impressed with it. The speed of browsing and websites, the speed that everything loads up think is really good. This is chrome, which is a little bit more leggy than edge, for example, but overall now the build over is definitely a step up from what these surface pro 3 was, and the fact that it's fairness I'm really happy with that, because my surface pro 3 had A lot of problems with fan noise, so it's a little bit slimmer. Now the design is more refined and the kickstand is still the same, but the logo has changed there.

The camera finally has an autofocus the original surface, pro 3 didn't. Have it the so. The surface pro 3 didn't have any autofocus. You could even take decent photos of text, which was unbelievable for the price of the machine and of course you still have that single USB port. I really wish that they'd put another one on maybe on the other side of the machine, or there is to simply put another USB 3 port below that have been really good. So it has the same docking mechanism and the type cover and talked a little bit about this typing on this type cover is really good. It now offers a laptop experience. The keys are now separated so it's that chiclet style, island, key style and really good. The trackpad has improved dramatically from the original type cover 3. I didn't like the trackpad on that at all. I still don't particularly like this trackpad but I'm, not really a trackpad person it's a lot more usable now with the glass touch, but I still find the left in a way that if I show you this, the left button clicks right down in there. I find that still a little bit uncomfortable and it doesn't come with the gestures set to start well, the see you can just do a double tap and then drag things around. You have to hold down and click at least I haven't figured that out. Yet I need to probably enable that with the gestures, but overall, the keyboard is so much better and it's a little bit more rigid now and just quickly dock it here.

So it clips in like that and lift list bounce as well when typing on it. Just overall the experience it's really good, I think ok, this is an expensive machine at 899 speed compared to those Chinese tablets that I often review here in the channel. But I think this has to be definitely the best tablet. Hybrid combination out at the moment differently and I'm really happy with it. I think that the performance of this is going to surprise a lot of people. It'S, definitely surprised me that the skylake, as I mentioned this garlic m3, is really good. I'D love to see Microsoft. Come out with options with the eight gigabytes and maybe a 256 gigabyte SSD on this model would be really great to see so there's. My initial well my impression so far. This is it's a really really good tablet. So far I can't really fault it.