I want to share my experience with being bad d480s series. I think this is the most perfect laptop for 2023, at least in my country. I think Lenova was a weight ahead of time to implement type c charging port on this device. So do keep that in mind that my most important feature of this laptop that I could actually charge it from the power brick. So I can show you this is the cheapest power brick. You can actually get just USB type c, cable and, as you can see, I have now like any warnings that in some way I could damage my motherboard or my charging port. So this is like a crucial thing to me to have right now. I think Lenovo was wet ahead of time to implement this feature because Music, at least for now, as I could see it, and not that far future European Union, all the manufacturers. We have regulations just to use type c charging ports on the cell phone devices and the laptops so thats. A nice thing to have also, as you can see, this laptop has Thunderbolt boards, ethernet, HDMI and USB audio jack card reader and this vulnerable ports. Its very actually handy thing to have on the other side, you have only one USB, nothing special. Yes, this laptop is direct thick and Light. Also, a nice nice way to carry them around. You dont need to worry about its weight, that it is too heavy or something also.

It has a webcam like in general, from the technical specs. It has 8 gigabytes of ddr4 SATA to the motherboard, and also it has a free memory slot that you can expand. It to for 64 gigabytes, I think, but the main complaint Im having this laptop is that it has only one SSD and I like to switch between the operating system, but right now it is not an option but like in general. This is the laptop ThinkPad Brands. So keyboard is amazing. Trackpoint is amazing and overall I think this is the best laptop you can buy over 300 dollars. I have 10, maybe 15 laptops of ThinkPad brands and I wont suggesting you to dive any lower that d480 series, because the lack of this vulnerable port and type c charging port so yeah sure there t460 470 is still decent laptops, but lack of vulnerable ports. Just put them on much much more desirable category and 300. I think this decent price and this laptop worth any Penny the aps panel. This laptop, is also pretty great. I dont have any complaints its a pairs, full HD, no big, surprise but like in more modern laptops, Ill think about brands. The panel is much much more brighter yeah sure you can swap it if you want it, but you have to spend extra 50 bucks and feel doing that. So, like I was saying this is the best laptop for every user in 2023 and this Thunderbolt board that support this laptop.

I think you can do crazy stuff with it. You can turn up turn into the gaming rig this machine, so this small laptop okay actually came, but you need to buy external GPU, Maybe in the distant future I will be making such a video – maybe not I dont know but like in general. If you have free phones on doors and youre, looking for the laptop, I think this is the best option, with no compromises at all. So you keep that in mind.