34. I have bought this Mini PC approximately eight months before and I have used it in many many ways, so I have used it as a nest device. I have also used it as a server and also as a firewall. So if you want to know how it has performed stay with me in the video – and we will talk about it – so first start with the basic configuration. So this PC comes with a Intel. Celeron j3455 Processor, which is able to run 4K videos, and if you tell me whether these 4K videos are really the best thing to play with this PC, I would say: maybe this PC comes with the tool Lan Port, so which has real Tech Nick behind it. According to the manufacturer, it should be one one gbps 1000 Mbps, but Im not really sure whether that much of throughput is available through those Lan Port because its Realtek, but its up to you. I have faced some issues in the past, so Im still testing the fireball on this device. So definitely I will come back with another video, where I can give you more information about how it works with the firewall. Okay. Additionally, if you see it has a Micro, SD, uh slot in the device, this device comes with the inbuilt 180 128 gigabyte of micro SSD card. You can also extend it to the 512 gigabyte, but Additionally, you have a micro SD slot. So if you think about the hard disk, definitely it wont have issue, because you can extend it to a bit much larger hard drive a hard hard disk.

If you see here on backhand side, it has almost 5 USB 3.0 Port, which is really nice. Additionally, it has a 2 SD Emi slots, so you can connect to monitors directly without any kind of adapter to open it. If you see the back side, I have already opened it, so it has a full screw hidden behind these covers. So you need to remove these covers and then unscrew this device and change the SSD. If you want to change it. Okay, this is the basic about from the outside. How it looks like from the inside, you can see it has a you know: 6 GB of RAM, which is not extendable, and additionally, it has a 2GB, a 2mb of cash. So yeah you can think about whether 2GB of cash is enough for you, but 6 GB of ddr4 RAM looks quite okay uh. Why Im reviewing this PC? It has a two reason: one. It comes with a two Lan part yeah, so definitely for the firewall region. At least additionally, from the point of view, it has a very less power consumption. You can see it takes a tc12 volt and in my test it has. It was working on the on the idle condition for approximately four water forward, so which is really nice. So um in terms of using it as a Windows – 10 PC, so it as I said it comes with inbuilt Windows, 10 Pro operating systems. I have used it for a few months, but uh.

Definitely I wont say that this is the best thing which you can uh. You know use with this PC uh Windows. 10 Works quite well for normal things. So if you just want to browse and use normal things with a one to websites opens that it works. But if you are, you know watching the videos doing some other things. Simon tells you doing two or three things is not not the best part which you can do with this PC. It slows down afterwards. I then change it with a box mod server, and I install my Pi hole in on it and additionally, the next Cloud. So in that way I would say it works really well, so it was working really well with the pie. Hole cause. Pihold usually require maximum one gigabit of RAM and with the next Cloud you can give it another 3 4 GB, so it it is running approximately 4GB with pi hole and next Cloud approximate 1GB uh of ram. You can keep for the box. Mod server, proxmo server. Does require a little bit more RAM, but I would say I it didnt create any problem for me, so it was working afterwards. I have also installed a nest device on it and, as you can see that it has many slots, definitely it made my life a little bit easier say I have connected many external uh hard drives with it, and then it worked really nice with the nas device.

But at the end I changed it from The Nest to uh no P absence, because I wanted to use the functionality of the PF since, as it has a two Lan Port um, the with the PF sense. Initially, I noticed some kind of lagging and some kind of uh. You know breaking of that that internet, so I I was not really aware why it is happening, but uh. This could be a reason that it has a realtech network card, but um I could get maximum of say, 100 Mbps throughput, which I think is quite good um for this kind of device. I will be testing it further, so I have again installed a p absence on it and try looking into the direction of using it for for a while. So I will come back to you whether it worked uh that well or not in another video. So if you have any question about these devices, you can come back to me in another video where we can talk about it um. I will also show you my setup in another video delete it deleted to the pdfsense firewall so Im using p absence Fireball with this, with the access point from the TP link. So I can also show you how that worked, but for this video this is a sufficient.