If you haven’t seen the unboxing it’ll be first link below the like button or if youtube puts them somewhere, that’ll be where it is, and i love this laptop, the carbon fiber palm rest, the keyboard it’s, not bad trackpad’s, a decent size. I mean they could have gone a little bigger there’s some space up here in here, but then people don’t really have much space um touch id i’m, not touchity, but i mean fingerprint scanner: windows, hello, it’s, all aluminum super light, but the problem with this laptop for Me is the lack of expansion that that that and that four ports that’s it you’ve – got your two thunderbolt 4s, your micro sd and your audio jack that’s it for the dell xps 13., while the 15 and 17 does have more expansion, they’re, bigger and thicker, but Also, if you’ve seen my unboxing of the hp elitebook, you might want to watch that because that’s something i’ll be comparing it to in this video but yeah. This is also a good contender for my daily driver. It’S got a faster core i7, but it’s a 10th gen instead of an 11th gen there’s problems. With this laptop too, the display is not as good and there’s no touch it’s still light, but not as light. This one’s definitely heavier they’re, both made of a silver aluminum. This one feels a little bit more premium, but this one’s also more premium. I know they’re premium in their different ways.

This one’s got 4g lte connectivity. This one just has wi fi uh 4g lte built in is super cool because you can just switch out your phone sim something and have connectivity to the internet, so there’s a sim card slot right here, it’s nano sim, so yeah that just slots right in there They’Ve both got touch sensors, as i said, and windows hello track. Pads are about the same size. You can see that here this one’s a little bit more rounded this one’s squared off, and this one has a nub in this one does not, and then this actually does not come off there are your arrow keys. These speakers are a lot nicer on this one, because these are down firing. These are just theirs, are different laptops in their own ways, but this is a big contender for daily use. This is a big contender for daily use, and also this is a big contender for daily use, the macbook pro 13 with apple m1.