This is my productivity, workflow um. The main goals here are to develop a system that keeps me on track with my goals and keeps me up to date on what I have to do. Moving forward with like classes or my own independent study, this information should be syncable across multiple devices on different platforms. It has to just work and Ive tried many systems in the past right, Ive tried, homonichi, notion, OneNote a lot of like iPad, apps, um and but uh yeah. This is the system that works for me, so lets get right into it. So as far as the devices that should be connected together in this little ecosystem that I have its mainly a Macbook thats running Mac OS a few Linux computers, so you can see that one right there and then I have another Linux laptop that I bring with Me when I go out and about as well as a few Android devices, so I have my Android phone right here and then a few Android tablets. They all have eating screens, but they are running to start Android. All these devices, hopefully should sync flawlessly. In my little system here right, so my preferred method, um to take notes, while Im in lecture or just in class or whatever is to mark up the lecture slides. I just find my brain the most engaged while Im listening to the professor or whatever writing it out. This way there have been times where Ive just had not taken notes during class, so that could focus on what the professor is saying and there have been other times in my life, where you know verbatim word for word: write down what theyre saying in turn Miss On all the concepts, because I was just too focused on getting down the information right, I find that this um is a nice medium, where Im still engaging and trying to understand the concepts theyre being presented, while also enhancing my understanding of what they have provided me.

Um and a more personal manner, you know um, so yeah, sometimes like the professor, will throw something at you like this, where its just a lot of crap on the screen and theres, no way that youre gon na ever be able to write this out like on Microsoft, Word um, so yeah thats how I prefer to take notes during class. So all this is to say that I should be able to have handwritten notes as a part of my productivity workflow, and I should be able to access those handwritten notes from my computer. As well right so just to give you an idea of how this all kind of ties together so say that I have a lecture for a particular class tomorrow. Well, go ahead and download their slides, um even prior and then once those are downloaded well go ahead and go to the folder for that particular class and then well go ahead and just drop it in uh. We can go and replace it, but yeah. So now that thats updated in a particular folder or whatever, okay, so now that its been dropped into that folder itll just go ahead and automatically update the changes to my tablet here. So if I just go into that, folder its in this class make sure theres your Logistics um and right. So I Music. This is Music, two right now right so um. You know what Im saying you just kind of update and mark up the Leisure slides.

As you may, um, um and yeah so now that were done, updating our lecture, slides well, go ahead and save the file and how you do that on this particular tablet, its just by closing the app all right and then now we just give it a. Second. All right so its about its been about 30 seconds or so and as you can see, it is kind of automatically syncs up to my folder here and it has someone just like to write on and you know, thats exactly what I just did so that was Pretty cool right um so now I can revise these slides, while also having my handwritten notes on the slides, which is the best way to do it right. So that was just kind of one aspect of this whole system that I kind of have developed here. Um, its all built around two main pieces of software, this thing called emacs or mode and sync thing so as far as like data processing and like storage and organization Im using this thing called emacs org mode emacs. Is this very popular piece of software? Its a text editor mainly used by Linux users, however um its completely free and its very powerful and org mode, is an extension for emacs that expands its ability to organize your files and your information right um. And when you use it in conjunction with sync thing that allows you to synchronize files across devices, thats very effective in organizing your ideas in a succinct and a very approachable way.

So well go ahead and talk about those two pieces of software. Now right. So, to give you an idea of how this is all kind of laid out um, I have this main folder called notes, and this is kind of my central folder that contains pretty much all the information that I use on a regular basis. Right so say that we have a new semester, um spring of 2025 or something I have my new semester so for each class Ill go ahead and create an individual folder for that class. For this example, Ill just go and use some old classes from a different semester, but yeah, so each class will get its own folder and within those folders itll have like reference materials pertaining to that class. So you know this is examples like lecture, slides, homework files and whatnot textbook files. Alright, so um within this folder Ill also create this thing called an org file and these files are just plain text files right, um, so its called – and this is an emacs. So go ahead and open up an emacs document, um right and then for each class. Itll get a top level heading, so therell just be one asterisk and play easy way or something yeah oops foreign Music and when this all filled out itll kind of look something like this um its kind of early in the semester at the moment. So this isnt very filled out, but um you can kind of see like this is a top level.

Um, you get the property, so you get the professor, the textbook location, and this is um, set to recur so um in Emax order mode. You can kind of see this thing called the agenda view, which is kind of my upcoming tasks that I have within the next week or so 10 days and yeah. So I have a skill, a lecture scheduled for this particular class and say that I did it um so go ahead and set it done and itll go and finish it for this particular day and then automatically schedule. For the next day. This class doesnt have an assignment due date, yet for running on any of the assignments, which is why this isnt filled out both lets say for a class that does heres the deadline. It looks like I already finished it, so it takes it off my agenda but say that I havent done it yet um. You can see that I have you know this assignment is due on Tuesday, so better get on that and yeah. So this kind of centralizes, the main information that I need – um and I just go ahead and update this as regularly as possible. So whenever someone posts a new assignment, um theyll definitely instantly get added to this file um. Thankfully, this semester, all my professors, have had lecture slides, but if they hadnt, for example, um, I could also go ahead and take notes for each class under each of its uh things here.

So uh yeah the cool thing about this. Is it all kinds collapses, and once you get good at it, you can manipulate things very quickly, but thats, just kind of how I have everything set out now, typically Ill also have one more ORD file for a particular folder for that semester. So what was this 1225 Ill also have another one called a refile, folder um and the refile folder is more like figure out where to put this information um. So this is just like done stuff that I need to figure out when I need to do it and uh yeah. So theres two, you know big files that kind of contain all the information that is relevant to a particular semester. Um and yeah thats, just kind of how emacs org mode is set up for me all right, so I missed my phone um Ill just go. Have this app called turnbox, which is a terminal emulator for Android, and we can just go ahead and open the file uh the same way you would on Aid start computer um and the special thing about this phone in particular. Is it has a physical keyboard um, which means that I can interact with the file in the same way that I would interact with it? You know on a computer, so if Im writing on my big tablet today, you have to use this app called or easily to manipulate or to view order files without using the Terminator Terminator, but uh yeah lets see.

I can just kind of see all my information right here and its automatically synchronized and uh. You know I have a nice widget for as well, and this works pretty well so same thing kind of operates like this um you have a. I guess I would call it a hub computer, which is that one right there, if I can just go ahead and switch to it real, quick um. So this is computer that Im mainly have connected to yeah. So here are all the devices that are connected to it and um thats, just the folder that synchronizes to um each one of them so say I write something on this one itll update to that one and then that one will send all the updates to the Other ones when its on the same network right – and I would also recommend, checking out this video um by Joshua Fatima, its a pretty great video um and his workflow is very similar to mine. So if I didnt explain something particularly well um, I bet Josh here did um yeah.