. Hence what was once almost a niche market dominated by only a handful of brands. The growing competition has introduced some really appealing tablets this year and unless youre a power user who wants the most powerful device with all the high end hollow bellow. There are plenty of compelling options inside the 500 bracket, so in this video i will be going through our picks for the best tablets under 500, starting with the realty pad. It is a butter tablet that starts at just 14, 000 rupees in india for a budget price. It does not get better than the real me pad and looking at its build quality, you might mistake it for a premium device. This aluminium unibody design, mixed with slim and lightweight, build quality, exudes a premium look and feel even its display is something unfamiliar in the budget tablet space. The real me pad has a standard 10.4 inches lcd screen, but with a sharp 2k resolution. So no more squinting to read your notes or settling for low quality video streaming, since it is also white. One l1 certified complementing the media consumption experience here is the quad speaker setup with dolby atmos audio. It gets loud enough and is perfectly fine considering its budget. I also find this display comfortable to use on a bright sunny day or when im curled up under a warm blanket in this chilly weather, to read some books as well. There arent many tablet specific features to go with the realme pad, but this is not necessarily a deal breaker, considering its a budget tablet targeted towards students or kids or those who simply want a large screen to binge their favorite shoes regardless, you obviously wont be running Heavy apps and games on the realme pad, so the helio g80 fits in just fine.

Even my gaming tests show that it can handle some popular titles like pubg and call of duty mobile by adjusting some settings. Besides, regular tasks like browsing, the web, editing documents or attending online meetings are no trouble for this device either. Talking about online meetings, realme has been clever enough to house the front facing camera on the side. Bezel plus realme pad managed to go almost two full days during our tests without needing to fuel up, which is all the more impressive next on. My list is the night chain ipad right off the bat, if youre, already knee deep in the apple ecosystem. Getting an android tablet just does not make much sense, and this 329 ipad will get you through your workloads, just fine, whether youre a student or an aspiring digital artist. Seeing apple stick with the first gen pencil support is a little disheartening here, but if you can look past it, this ipad is one tough cookie. Then there are the pro apps, like adobe, fresco and procreate available only on ipad thats, not to say that android does not have its fair share of capable illustration apps, but ask any digital artist, and they will tell you where the gold standard is at. Moreover, the performance jump to a13 bionic on this years. Ipad is a pretty sweet upgrade and even the base storage has been up from 32 gb to 64 gb. This time as youd expect everything just flies here, be it gaming or multitasking, plus the ipad os 15 lets you make the most out of this large screen real estate too, from the nifty shortcut to launch the notes app to all those multitasking utilities.

I like how the front facing camera now supports center stage as well makes attending video calls much more efficient, since you now have the freedom to move around a little without going out of frame, but this ipad is not going to win over anyone with its design. The thick bezels paired with the outdated lightning port is a bit of a let down. If you ask me additionally, although this four is two three display is great for productivity, oriented tasks, um streaming. Videos here is not the most immersive experience. Unless is something like jack, snyders, justice, league or other videos with 4 is to 3 aspect ratio. The big letterbox on the top and the bottom gets quite distracting. Then again you can learn to live with it right, um, anyways! Next up we have the xiaomi bad. Five um, after being absent from the tablet scene for the past couple of years, xiaomi made an incredible comeback this year with a couple of really fascinating devices. However, only the entry level xiaomi pad 5 has seen global launch so far, while the pro models have been reserved for china anyway. What xiaomi has accomplished with this is really commendable. If you look at other android tablets in the same price range, most of them feature a mediocre chipset which ultimately cripples the overall experience. Yet xiaomi has managed to deliver powerful performance and impressive design and a terrific display all at a relatively affordable price tag.

I ran the xiaomi pack 5 through a bunch of rigorous tests, including cpu and gpu stress tests, gaming and multitasking tests, where it passed with flying colors. The snapdragon 860 is a reliable performer through and through. This also opens up immense possibilities for turning the xiaomi bad 5 into your go to productivity machine. Unfortunately, its official keyboard and stylus accessories are not as widely available, and neither do they come cheap. On top of this, the miui 4 pad android skin is not exactly on par with ipad os or samsungs one ui when it comes to making the most out of such a large display and xiaomi skipping lte connectivity entirely on this tablet comes as a shocker as Well, but none of this should matter to someone who is considering the xiaomi pad 5 as a media consumption device, i mean it has the most impressive display of all the tablets. Ive mentioned so far. A smooth 120 hertz refresh rate check dolby vision, hdr check, um dc ip3 colors check pair this with the booming quad speaker array. You will get hooked to streaming videos on the xiaomi bad five now, if youre shopping for a proper android tablet with uh polished software and all those stuff, the samsung galaxy tab s7fe is among the few options available in the sub 500 price category. It shines bright. Exactly where the xiaomi pack 5 falls short and vice versa, id say one of the biggest selling points of the tab.

S7 fe is that it comes with a free spin granted its not an active stylus like you would get with the regular tab s7 series, but for simple note, taking to even doodling and such its a terrific accessory to have and the upgraded one ui 3.1 makes Browsing through the tablets, large 12.4 inches display so much easier. Besides, all the other helpful features from the ability to open up multiple apps at once bundle those that you use frequently to tech support. The tab. S7 fe could easily be your portable world setup plus, unlike the wi fi only constraint of the xiaomi pad 5, you can configure it with cellular connectivity as well. Nevertheless, things are not all bells and whistles here, as the tab. S7 fe does have a few restraints of its own uh. You see its wi fi. Only variant is powered by snapdragon 778g, whereas the lte 5g version has a relatively underpowerful snapdragon 750 g running the show, while both of them are capable enough to get your work done. Um, given the price tag, i strongly feel like samsung should have gone with. Snapdragon 860 or snapdragon 870, and at least 6 gb of ram on the entry level model instead of 4gb. Also, this thing is quite heavy, even though a large screen and a massive battery inside this have their perks. These ultimately take a toll on the overall weight of the device at a whopping 610 grams. This is easily the heaviest stand alone.

Tablet ive used so far. As a result, i often found myself struggling to hold it in one hand after a while. So if something sleeker and more handy is up to your alley, apple has got you covered with the new ipad mini designed with portability in mind. The 6 gen ipad packs the a15 bionic chipset the same one youll find in the latest iphones. Therefore, the compact size, coupled with this powerful chip, makes the ipad mini one heck of a gaming tablet. Besides this, the ipad mini has been my go to tablet for reading ebooks or binging netflix as well, since its lightweight design means that i can easily take it with me. Wherever i go, then again, this screen does not get as bright as id want and neither does it support 120 hertz, refresh rate um. However, unlike the 910 ipad i talked about earlier, the mini does have a laminated display and supports the newer second generation apple pencil. So i can easily see this as a portable sketch pad for digital artists, but the price is where things get a little complicated at 499 dollars. The ipad mini certainly does not come cheap and thats for the base. 64 gb wi fi only model by the way. So unless you have a specific vision as to how this ipad will fit into your workflow or if money is no object, the ipad mini feels like a niche product that i cannot recommend to everyone, a mighty capable device, but a niche still on that account.

Those who can afford to sacrifice portability for something equally powerful can get last years ipad air instead for a hundred dollars more, it brings a bigger screen and magic keyboard support on top of all the goodies of the mini, like the usbc port, a fully laminated display And more so guys that was it for our picks of the best tablets under 500. If you want to learn more about each one of them, make sure to check out the description for the link to our reviews.