Yeah what’s up you guys over here. I just want to shoot a little video and mention a couple of my things that i’m using here to record well, first off i’m using my computer and uh there you go, i got them, i think it’s, a microsoft or something macintosh. I don’t know i got it from thailand, it’s okay, i got all kinds of weird thai language on it and it ran about five six hundred dollars. It’S doesn’t have good quality picture and uh the memory and the ram and all that stuff’s pretty low so i’m. Having to drink some of my batteries running right now might want to close the pc says. Let me see, should i do that uh, maybe i’ll, just stop it right now and put the battery in hang on i’ll, say all right guys, so i want to go over a couple of the items that i’m using here. I got this new microphone here. This is like a joe rogan kind of podcast microphone. I think it’s a yeti, some kind of uh yeah, i don’t even know the name of it, looks like it’s a blur. You guys life’s like a blur, but you get them at a you, get them at uh. Where is it that’s? Five plus 230 bucks? You get cheaper ones or you just use the little uh, the little ones right here, these little puppies, but these don’t really plug into the uh these don’t plug into the computer, but they plug into the uh he’s going to your phone.

You got the jack right. There right there, you can see that you got the little microphone right there for the lapel, so you put that on when you’re talking, but it doesn’t work in the computer right now. So you got to get a bigger system like this or just pop talk right into the computer, but it might be a little bit crackly and stuff the noise. You know cleaning it up a bit with a little bit of mic like this. I ever paid for this mic, but i was planning on doing live. Videos i’ve actually done one live. Maybe a couple live videos on youtube so far and uh yeah. This is something i want to show you and what else i got. I got this big battery charger here. You can see this thing. I got this in thailand. This is pretty heavy. I carry it around my backpack and uh yeah. It probably weighs two pounds. I could charge your computer to charge your camera and your cell phone all day if you charge it up, this is a really good deal. These run about probably 120 from like best buy, maybe get them cheaper for around 100 that’s. What you’re gon na run about that, and this uh this little mic thing here on your phone, is gon na run you about for your phone to connect it to your phone. This is going to run you about 20 bucks at best buy so that’s.

A good deal pick up a good phone you’re, looking about three to six hundred dollars from an iphone to a galaxy samsung. So, in order to shoot your videos, you need a phone and a tripod. Basically and uh. You get a phone, a tripod and a cable right there. Folks right there to start your whole youtube career. You got the phone. You got the little uh wireless uh lapel mic right there and you got your tripod. So we’ll go over the tripod here in a second let’s go over the tripod. This tripod ran me about eighty dollars from uh best buy and it’s real excuse me real good. These things bend these monkey legs, they bend around. You can see how they bend and you can wrap them around stuff like your arm as a stance, and it holds on like that and uh this thing swivels. I got it so it swivels this thing, swivels up and down, and you get adjusted like that that swivels and it’s got the mic on top to sound, like hello, hello, to filter all the noises that so when you’re doing an interview, you just put your phone Right in here, let’s see, if i can give you a demonstration of this, put that right in there and just lift this back part up just hold it down a little bit snap that and there you got your phone and then you could also use this mic. If you got this mic, you don’t need a lapel mic.

You just plug that in right. There that’s all! I do you guys set that to camera video or youtube video. So there you got that right. There that’s a nice and then also for my ipad. I got this for my tablets. I got this speaker system right here. This is a bose speaker. This is about 100 dollars very nice from best buy, and i put it in this thing here. So that’s got the speaker right there and i can put it around my neck and actually just play songs and hold it and record right into my uh phone or my tablet like the beatles or bob dylan. Anything just get music right under my video. So this is what i use. This is an extra. This is a bit expensive. Along with the the tripod and the camera, you get a cheaper camera. You get cheaper tripod, like 20 bucks or best buy. You get something cheaper like this, but this is a good way, add music from youtube or itunes or anything, but you usually need two separate things to do it. Let me see if i could stop this uh, this video for a minute just take a little break. Let’S see if it works we’re at 5, 40., okay, folks, i’m, back on so that little stopper worked. I got my light right here. You can see. I got my light behind me. I got that mounted on a big tripod system. I bought a big tripod system.

I bought for uh, i got it the goodwill. Let me set that up too hang on, i asked cool. I got that at the goodwill for, like 20 bucks it’s a good tripod, it works for a lot of different things. So i got that and then you got your memory thing it’s. Just when your computer gets loaded up, you can load it up with memory right on your computer. Hard drive external hard drive for your computer that runs about 80 between you get them from 40 to 150 dollars at a best buy depends how much memory you want to hold on to it, and then you got these little rack things that hold the uh another Camera mounts right: there it’s almost like a door hands, and that holds real, quick i’ll show you how that works with my phone. Just give me a moment. Take the phone out of here. This goes pretty quick. What you used to you just pop that open slide. It up hang on pop that open slide it out, and then this thing here this little thing right here, just works like that. You see you can just set it down like that to uh shoot a video or watch videos, and you see this. You could also do that like vertical. So this is really nice, this one here and it just folds up into your bag. It’S heavy this one’s metal – this runs about 10, 15, maybe 20 at the most.

What else do i got here? I got a one on my uh extension. This is uh one of the uh one of those cool things that you use like that. The selfie stick and you could shorten this thing like that and then like that, and this also will hold the phone just like in there let’s open this up spin that right there open that put that in there and then uh tighten it down. I put this. This is for a gopro, also and uh. This is a nice little setup. This thing runs you about 20.. You get all these things at best buy that’s like going to america, california best buy they’re the biggest or online. If you want to get them online, you get them cheaper, see how that holds you, and then you just extend it out for a picture when you’re shooting a video yourself and this one works good. It doesn’t work so good with the cotton ball. Doesn’T work so good. This one doesn’t work so good with the cotton ball. It works better with this right here. This little uh lapel mic. You plug it right into there and then you hang it up and you talk and you just put your lapel and you get yourself some good videos that way. So you got these items here. They all start adding up to some money, you guys and then uh. What else we got we got that then we got a little charger here.

These little ones are nice little pocket charger. These ones run you maybe i don’t know 30 bucks right there that’s nice, and then you got another one which a lot of times. I just leave the cords right in them at times or take them out, but this is a solar one, and these ones are about 32. You get them at best, buy set them in the sun and they work pretty good. Sometimes they poop out, but i’ve had some success with them. You can even charge these ones up also into the wall, so you know not just sunlight i’ve charged this as you can see directly into the wall. So but if you don’t have access to electricity uh, you know, then you can go the uh sun route, the old vodka bottle. You guys, i cleaned it out real good, absolute vodka. I, like the a for al albert alcoholic always and then you guys know i got some new uh. I don’t know where i put them, but my new uh business flyers, just some of the old ones. I got the old youtube and i’m putting my name on the back. I’Ve cut them all down, but i got some new flyers that i promote trying to get my uh build my channel and uh. Let me move this out of the way build my channel up and then i also get these plastic signs. I found all this plastic for a smile, effie, frick, haters and frick corona.

I got that and then they flip around. These are cool if you’re trying to sell products on the road. Those are cool, i’m gon na anything, helps if you’re panhandling. You need some money. Anything helps you guys just like subscribers anything else, honey and drinks, you guys and then, if they want to give you some money anything else. So these with the flyers, uh yeah, just keep it going, and then i bought me another big external tripod right here. This one’s, pretty nice it’s got the adjustable legs right there that adjust out and these things swivel out, and then you got the adjustable here, the neck that comes up and down. So you got that these run about huh between 70 and 250 dollars, but 150. You got to get them for 120.. I don’t like this one. I like the latches better. I don’t like these round ones too good, and then this comes out with uh. You know the bag bought me a tablet. You guys they got me an eye tablet that uh is pretty good. I could shoot imovies on this and i could also edit. So i got a nice tablet with a little screen, a little keyboard there, these running about six hundred dollars and that also comes with a nice little bag, so surviving these tough times. You guys, you know some strange times out there. If you need money bad, you could always just you know, it’s just crazy out there, you guys uh, you know just the way things are so uh, nothing really shocks.

People anyway, they say things are getting better but i’m, not so sure about that it’s been going on for a while, but uh yeah these. I like these masks. You know just mess with people now you wear masks, nobody’s even shocked, so you got that what else you got just keep praying keep your faith. Follow your dreams. God bless you, christians, rock you out a little music rock out, and god bless buddha over here. You got little buddha, so there you have it what else we got a little yeah yeah folks, just uh keep doing what you’re doing you do. You don’t do me and go l.a and try to hypnotize people and to watch your channel subscribe subscribe to almighty subscribe. You are getting tired. You are going to subscribe to my channel. You are going to watch my videos, my videos, my videos, whatever it takes, you guys, but i hope you have fun from youtube. Videos start them up. You don’t need that much money to start. If you got a phone, you can even hold your phone where’s, my phone here’s, my phone practice keep taking these things out. It’S takes a while folks to get used to all your technology, but uh take that out, just a phone’s all you need you guys and subscribe go to youtube. Uh sean kennel. Think media he’s got a good channel how to start a youtube channel so that’s it. You guys i’m to wind it down for tonight, thanks for watching.

I don’t think this will get downloaded but we’re going to see what we can do.