Actually, this tablet was sent to me for review purpose, but for the first time ever, i loved this tablet so much and decided to make it my main tablet. So in this video im, gon na tell you about my experience with it as ive been using it for at least three months, so without further introductions. Lets get started first of all ill start by unboxing and showing you whats inside the box. So, as you open the box there is this big. Thank you message with the word. Thank you written multiple languages. Next, this is the tablet, its very thin and light in white and even though its a medium size compared to my previous tablet. It takes much smaller space and it also comes with a smooth finish and has a usbc connection on the top and over here. It also comes with a bag so that, if you want to carry it outdoors, you can easily protect it inside this bag, its a very high quality bag and comes with a pocket that has a place for accessories as well. For example, you can store the cables and the pens and other stuff, but personally i havent used it yet because i dont use this tablet outdoors, as i draw mainly at home with my desktop pc. Next, we have this little box over here when you open it. Youll see that there are two pens, one of them is a thin pen and the other is a thick grip kind of pen, which is the one ive been mainly using in the past few months.

This box also has extra pen, nibs and two usbs for wireless connection over here. Under this thing, we have a little sticker with the companys name and logo printed on it, and this leaflet is for the warranty policy and inside this little plastic bag. There is this extra device, which is like a remote controller with express keys and a knob at the top. Finally, this box has the connection cables and the artistic gloves alright. Now that im done unboxing ill proceed to show you a demo of trying the tablet. First, things first ill download the tablet driver from their official website, which is a pretty straightforward process, but the nice thing is that i didnt need to restart my pc. I just downloaded it and pen pressure was immediately activated and, as i always say, i really really appreciate this. I just hate for starting my pc just to get the pen pressure started now. This stuff was done a few months ago, but ever since then ive been using it so much to draw my webtoon chapters and other illustrations. So since i use a clip studio paint throughout my process, i tried adjusting the pen pressure from clip studio, paint itself and also from the tablet driver. This tablet comes with 8192 pressure levels and it also supports 60 degrees of tilt. It weighs only 710 grams, so its very light. Now the tablet driver comes with so many interesting features. First of all, this tablet is wireless, so, throughout the driver, software you can see whats the percentage of charge left in your tablet, and it also allows you to change the settings of all of the tablet and the thick grip pen and the thin pen, and also The settings for the remote control of the express keys.

The interesting thing is that when the tablet is on, it comes with lights and you can actually play with the brightness and the colors of those lights through the tablet driver software, and you can also adjust the settings for different softwares. But generally as usual, i kept almost everything at default. Now, both the tablet and the express keys remote are wireless and they can be charged through usb c cables. I want to talk a little bit about the express keys remote, so usually tablets come with express keys embedded into them, but with this tablet they did something unique. They put those express keys into this extra remote. This remote, i would say, has in total about 36 shortcuts. It mainly has eight buttons and a knob that you can control, but you can press this button to change the menu of shortcuts. So, for example, you can have a set of shortcuts for transformation and you can have a set of shortcuts for your brushes and erasers and so on and it comes with a screen, so you can see which button has what shortcut and these menus are also color Coded so, basically from the color of the light around the knob you can tell on which menu you are, which is also a thing you said from the tablet driver software and you can have different settings for different apps. Now, personally, from my experience, i tried using this remote, but honestly, i felt that it kind of slowed me down, because i use a lot of shortcuts at one time and, as i told you not all of the shortcuts can be available at once with one screen.

You have to switch between them so, for example, if im on my brushes menu – and i want to undo and redo and stuff like that, then i have to switch the menu and i have to look at it and this back and forth didnt. Allow me for a quick experience of navigating between all the shortcuts that i use thats. Why, honestly, i couldnt implement it into my work process because im very used to speed and reducing the time as much as possible, but i still think its a really cool idea and for our first model, its doing a great job and im looking forward to see How they will improve it with time now i want to talk about the pros and cons of this tablet. As for the pros, i really like its smooth finish its really so easy to draw with, and my line arts honestly havent been better. I feel that my line, art experience has really improved while drawing with this tablet, because i dont feel that its hard to control. Another thing is that i mostly use this tablet in its wireless mode and the battery lasts for a long time in the wireless mode. Like sometimes, i even forget to turn it off and it can run for a day or two thats amazing. Also, as i showed you earlier, this tablet comes with two pens, but personally my favorite was the big grip pen. It felt more comfortable to use so ive been using it for the past few months and its perfect.

The nice thing is that the opposite side of this pen is an eraser side, so you can just flip the pen sometimes to quickly erase the stuff, and of course i mentioned some pros as well earlier. You dont need to restart your pc after installing the tablet driver and the tablet driver software is really user friendly and has a modern user interface and also since it comes with a usbc connection, its perfect, because sometimes when im not charging my tablet, i can just Use the same cable to charge my phone its very convenient, i would include also the customizable express keys remote as a pro for artists who would like to use something other than their keyboard. I mean its great that the tablet comes with this, because, most of the time youd have to purchase your own device, whether its a smaller keyboard or devices from other companies but yeah. The fact that it comes with this is really nice. In my opinion. As for the cons, when i first started using this tablet, i was trying out the wireless mode and it didnt work properly at first. It was a little bit delayed, but after contacting the company, it turns out that the placement of the wireless connection usb really played a significant role. So i first had it connected to my case, which is under my desk, but it was very delayed whether i connected from the back or the front side so, lastly, to get it to work properly, i connected it to a usb port that is at the back Side of my screen, and ever since then i havent been having any problems with it.

Sometimes, though, as i put my pc to sleep or hibernation mode, when i come back to it later, i find that the pen pressure is lost, so i would have to plug the cable and unplug it to restore it back. But lately honestly, i havent been facing this problem anymore. I just turn off the wireless mode when i hibernate and turn it back again after i turn on my pc and its been working properly so far among the cons also, i would say that, unfortunately, this tablet collection doesnt come with a stand for the pen. I know this is a very trivial detail, but ive been used to have a stand for my pen ever since i started digital art more than 10 years ago, so its weird for me not to have a stand now. I can, of course, leave the pen inside this box, but, to be honest, thats an extra step and many times. I just leave my workspace quickly and come back so id really not feel like opening this box and closing it multiple times so basically, ive just been leaving the pen next to my tablet on my table when i stop drawing the last con, is the one that Ive already talked about, which is about switching between the shortcuts of the express keys remote. Personally, i felt it slowed down my progress, so i havent been using it. But overall, my conclusion is this: tablet is really amazing.

Its high quality and ive been having a blast using it. It feels like i upgraded my tools and, of course the biggest proof is that it has become my main tablet and ive been using it for at least three months. So that was more than enough time to have a rigid judgment, whether it is worth it or not. So that was all i wanted to say in this video. I hope this answered any questions that you had about this product and, if you have other questions that you couldnt find the answer for feel free to leave a comment under this video. Thank you so much for watching this, video is brought to you by skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community, with thousands of inspiring classes in various creative fields. For anyone who loves, learning and aspires to grow their skill set, i enjoy using skillshare as a learning destination, as it offers an ad free access to classes in so many different creative fields. All at once, ive been taking a class on how to render comics by ed feuchuk, and it has helped me understand how to do lighting better and apply. What ive learned in my webtoon panels im also an instructor on skillshare and i teach two classes on there about drawing anime from scratch and digital anime coloring for beginners. You can use the opportunity to try skillshare yourself as well, because the first 1000 people to use the link or my code bluevias will get a free one month, trial of skillshare premium membership so head to the link in the description box to join the community.