Since this time I haven't found any that I personally prefer so let's talk about why I picked the error 15x, all right, full disclosure. Before we start this laptop – was provided to me by gigabyte. However, I want to emphasize that I was in the process of looking to buy one due to some recent pack sales that I covered in a previous video and, if you've been following the channel, you'll have seen me talk about wanting to get one for a while. So massive thanks to gigabyte for hooking me up a few of you have been asking me to do a video covering the laptop that I use. So here we go for the specs. We'Ve got an Intel: i7. 8750: h6 core CPU nvidia 1070 max q, graphics, 16, gig of ddr4 2666 memory running in single channel, which I'll probably upgrade to dual channel waiter: a 512 gig m2 nvme SSD and a 15.6 inch 1080p IPS 144 Hertz display with nice thin bezels. As a result of the good specs it's, a very capable gaming machine, I'll, just briefly skip through some graphs here, giving you a quick idea of performance if you're after the full details, though, check out my full review on the error 15 X. While I might play the occasional game on it, for the most part, I'll be using it for content creation, 4k video, editing and exporting in Adobe Premiere to be specific. Prior to the error, I was using a 2012 13 inch MacBook Pro, while traveling as it was thin and had good battery life.

That was well before I started this channel, though, and had no need for video editing which, as you can see, has changed. You may have recently seen the videos I made at PAX, Australia. I managed to get by thereby borrowing a three year old laptop, but it was clear that I'd need something better if I wanted to start doing more of that content in the future, while I'm traveling. This is where the error 15x comes in. The is 78758 CPU. Is currently one of the best laptop CPUs available and will give me the best experience while editing and exporting 4k video files I've got a video coming soon talking about why I think it's not really worth waiting for nitrogen CPUs in laptops, so don't forget to subscribe For that one, the large 94 watt hour battery is one of the best I've ever tested in any laptop with similar specs, with the only close competitor of being the more expensive razor blade it's, also at least somewhat thin, not as bulky as many other machines out There with similar or lower specs, which should help out when traveling the small bezels the result of the overall smaller footprint of the laptop. So despite it still having a 15.6 inch display, it ends up being a noticeable amount smaller than many other 15 inch laptops. Perhaps the most important feature for me personally is the UHS SD card slot and while this may sound trivial to most for me, it's simply awesome.

I record all of my video to SD cards with my Panasonic gh4 camera in 4k, so the files can get quite large having a fast SD slot allows me to take advantage of my fast SD cards, so I can offload video from the camera quicker it's, pretty Common for me to shoot 20 gigabyte of footage per video, so this time adds up for my workflow. A decent, SD reader is pretty important and competing laptops in this space, such as the Razer Blade, msi gs70 don't have an SD card slot at all, which is fairly common from gaming, focused laptops. Unfortunately, for me, though, gaming specs are also perfect for video editing, so there's limited choices now the Aero 15 is certainly not perfect. Let'S talk a little about the issues with it. A number of people have reported issues with the keyboard and asked me if I had any problems with it at the time of my initial review, I didn't have any problems now that I've got it again, I've been able to do some more in depth. Testing with the latest keyboard firmware installed, I don't have any issues pressing multiple keys down at once, as was previously reported. I think that was fixed in an earlier update. Sometimes, while typing Kay's do seem to not be picked up, but I think that's just a result of me not pushing hard enough if I push a little harder while typing the issue doesn't happen, so I think it might just take some getting used to and may Just be down to the actuation of the keys there's, also webcam placement position down the bottom, but, as I don't personally ever use that myself, that's no problem for me overall to me, the benefits previously discussed massively outweighed these small potential issues and so far I'm very Happy with the gigabyte error 15x, so there you have it my new laptop and the reasons why I picked it.

Most importantly, it's got good specs good battery life and is nice and portable for travel. Derro 15x isn't cheap, but for what I'm using it for and compared to the competition, I think it's a good choice. Let me know what you thought of the gigabyte era 15 laptop down in the comments, as well as what laptop you've got or are looking at. Getting and don't forget to subscribe for future tech.