This is my computer and yeah um. You know i made a video of the review of the alienware aurora r11, so i got a new gaming pc dell. G5. Three months ago so see this, and i got i have these um gaming, mouse and keyboards, and i have a headphone and see this. This is the computer, the lg5 5000. It came out, i think in 2019. I don’t know – and i have these two – you know – and you guys are you guys thinking why i have these two keyboards and nails it’s, because um uh these uh, these two mouse and keyboards, these two um they’ll go on surface artsy yeah. This tablet surface rt model number one, five, one, six um it’s uh. It has windows, rt, it’s, um, it’s, good for movies stuff, like that. So i buy set it up here. Um it’s not charged right now, so i’m gon na make a part two that time. It’Ll be charged so yeah part, two e will come so i’m gon na make a video in eid and yeah, and this is the controller xbox controller. I don’t have xbox but it’s only a classic controller for pc, and you see this oh good. That looks excellent. See this um, so this thing that this thing is called the external speaker. I connect uh, my headphone with it and you can hear since and you can um your stuff or you can use it as or you can.

You don’t have to wear a headphone or something you just have to you just have to plug it in the computer. Uh there’s a option – and you can oh see me here. I am and here back i’m in the computer spot and i have lots of games in it so yeah, but i install about installing i’m going to install more games i’ve. I have watchdogs g um, a gta. I have fortnite. I had these but it’s. Not only these three games because they’re not coming in the screen right now, that’s. Why but um it’s good today is so windy, so windy, so yeah, um, 11, 13 years old, monitor so that’s. Why i’m thinking about to get a new, monitor, that’s? Why so anyways uh? These are my keyboard and mouse and that it’s for surface rt, microsoft, surface windows, rt and that’s, the other spot in your closet and there’s, the alienware computer and hp computer and there’s a my acer monitor there and there’s a keyboard. This is what this came with the dell g5, but i changed it yesterday, so that’s what but um, because i wanted to make a setup and yeah so anyways, but i can get a monitor like any time like if this monitor is okay. For now, when i see outside see this is the backyard see, this oh see the outside there’s other people’s house. There oh see that um anyways but um. I play these games.

I stream on my nvidia shield tv so that’s why i install lots of games and i have and and it’s good the surface surface surface rt, that’s, um, that’s, a microsoft keyboard, the bluetooth keyboard, that’s, a microsoft keyboard it’s for tablets, mobile android, ios, it’s, compatible with Windows, 8 windows, 8.1 and windows rt, and you can connect with windows 10 too, because it’s bluetooth, oh, this is the. This is the option to connect with the tv or – and this is a usb but it’s a good thing. They gave it usb it’s because um i was thinking about that. Um i’ve got ta fix this tablet in my car and then i can watch movies in my van so yeah you uh you guys. Would you guys watched that um watch that video, so yeah, um and there’s my and that’s, actually a gaming headphone? It has a mic too, and there there’s my other mic um Music for recording. I not only for recording talk with my friends um, so yeah, it’s, 10.3 or 10.