And, while Ive been a huge fan of gaming on ultrawide monitors ever since their debut around seven years ago. Today they have a bit of a problem and thats price. Compared to the F048U or other large format. Oleds ultrawides tend to be priced as though they still have the parts of the display that have kind of been sliced off to narrow the field of view.. Now this does contribute to a more cinematic experience, but it was actually Wendell from Level1Techs that initially made the argument to me.. He goes Linus. Why are you paying extra for a sliced off monitor when you could just have a bigger one and put the black bars on it? For that cinematic view? Now, if we were talking about conventional monitor technology, I would say: Look. I dont want two glowing black bars shining at me, while Im trying to experience my game or my movie, but with OLED you can turn those pixels off.. So why settle? Why not have cinematic ultrawide when you want it and full gigantic 169, when you want to get some work done, Lets take a look at the F048U and find out if I am going to be abandoning ultrawide once and for all. thuds theme, music chuckles. I actually cant figure out how this box opens.. It has the normal conventional monitor, opening things here, but then it has more TV style ones. Here. Lets try doing it. The monitor way., Now GIGABYTE AORUS did sponsor this video, which entitles them to a couple of key product talking points.

, But before we even get to those, we got ta acknowledge the elephant in the room.. There is only one manufacturer of 48 OLED panels right now, LG Display., So that means any price premium. Gigabyte AORUS demands for the F048U will have to be justified, whether its by the accessory package or by the gaming and monitor centric features that theyve built into the display.. That uphill battle begins with an accessory package. That is more interesting than it at first appears to be starting with the remote.. Unlike an LG smart TV youre, not gon na have a built in Netflix, app or anything like that., But what you will have, hopefully is more gaming. Centric features in a more conventional monitor, OSD.. The next thing we find here, a DisplayPort cable., Thats, right., No TV on the market. That Im aware of supports DisplayPort 1.4.. Now, whether were actually able to leverage that to run at 144 Hz 4k with overclocking, it remains to be seen., But a girl can dream right: An HD ultra high speed, cable for the included HDMI 2.1 port.. You could use that for your game, console for example. Theres, a USB 3.0 cable, so itll have a built in hub, like you would expect from a monitor power cord and this product warranty card. Now, while the C10 and the C1 can be used as desktop displays. There are a few sort of quirks. That begins with the stand which, on the C1 48, is a long wide foot that makes it difficult to run cables under your monitor.

With that said, Im not a huge fan of these sort of widespread little feet, either.. Well, thankfully, both of them have VESA mount on the back, so you can ultimately put them on whatever stand. Youd like.. The bigger issue, though, is that, on the TV version of this panel, not all of the input modes are optimized for gaming. And, more importantly, the brightness will automatically modulate., That is to say it will dim when it detects a static image.. This is to help reduce the chance of the pixels wearing out or becoming burned in.. Now you can alleviate this and most of the issues with using an LG OLED as a desktop display, but in doing so you could end up actually voiding your warranty by changing unauthorized settings in the service menu.. That is why I held up the warranty card., And that is where this monitor might end up standing out for people who really want to use an OLED as a large format, desktop display.. Of course, some of the other benefits arent very well laid out on the product page, and I dont even know if there are benefits., For example, theres a USB Type C port here.. What does it do? I have no idea. Theres a 3.5 mm input as well. The headphone jack that presumably will carry the audio stream from your HDMI 2.1 or DisplayPort 1.4 input., And ah this is a key. Benefit. Navigation can be done with the nipple on the bottom of the display, rather than using the remote.

If you want to which is nice., I actually am using a C10 48 at work right now and having to have the remote on my desk does add unnecessary clutter., Oh shoot., I got ta move my old monitor. scoffs By the way, if youre confused as to Why I ended up with the LG UltraGear on my desk after the ASUS version kind of won, the shootout that I was doing? It came down to the lower pixel response times on this particular model, which is what makes this AORUS display such a contender for my desk, because OLED inherently has much much lower pixel response times than well. Really any LCD based technology. One small challenge is going to be my streaming stuff and the cable management holes that I drilled in my desk though. That purple cast when its off. You can really tell its an LG OLED hey., So the bad news is youre, paying a lot more than for the LG version, but the good news is: you know that its an absolutely kick ass, pound. Youre, just paying extra for warranty, the DisplayPort port., Oh Actually, And the integrated soundbar. I havent tried this yet, but obviously being a TV, the C10 and the C1 do not have great integrated sound because they have no visible speaker grills.. Hopefully this is a little better.. I already have a USB … gasps. Oh my shoot. My pre run cables dont reach.. Now it seems like as good a time as any to get in some of GIGABYTE.

Aorus talking points here.. Let me change my desktop wallpaper.. This is a little awkward. laughing. Oh, this is hilarious.. I already mentioned everything organically, except it support for 10 bit color obviously. And its 98 coverage of the DCIP3 color space.. Now something thats not well understood about this monitor is its HDR capabilities.. It does say on the product page, it supports both HDR 10 and HLG.. Now Ive already noticed when bringing up large full screen white content. I am seeing some dimming of the display.. You guys noticed that. Can you see how bright that is And then, if I go full screen, you can see its a little dimmer., But what I also noticed is it seems to be a bit faster in terms of that responsiveness., Whether you prefer that or not is entirely up to You but lets see what we can do to tune it in the menu., So were in SDR. Vivid. Really. My options are custom: 1, custom 2 and green. Oh green, like … laughing Green, like power saving., I thought you meant green, like a green, tint., Andy laughing Thats, very …, GIGABYTE Id like you to change, that., Call it eco or something please.. Oh, oh theres, a whole bunch more reader movie, RTS RPG, FPS, arcade, standard., Thats, weird. Okay. Burn this image into your mind. Pun intended. Is green brighter than vivid Andy, No way.. It is. Andy No way that doesnt really make any sense.

, But it is Andy laughing Type C DSC.. I think thats Display Stream Compression.. I think it has a Type C display. Chuckles input, Andy., Andy Wow., Thats, nice., Im gon na go, get my laptop and find out. Man. Imagine it has USB Power, Delivery and charges of the laptop keyboard clacks and just has that completely not dock …, It totally does.. It has Power Delivery., It charges the laptop. keyboard clacks Since were poking around in the AMD control panel. The reported FreeSync refresh rate is 48 to 120 Hz. So as long as you dont get below 48 fps in your game, you shouldnt experience any stutter or tearing.. After fiddling with it, I wish I had a more complete answer for you guys, but I do at least have some information.. It supports Power Delivery, but with a very limited amount of power, so youll probably have to plug in your laptop separately and over the Type C port. It does accept a display input., But so far, Ive only managed to go as far as 4k, 60 Hz or 1440p 120 Hz. Its hard to say whether thats limitation on my laptop or the display at this point., And I dont – have any alternatives here with me.. Oh cool, It has a built in KVM, switch., So thats a function of the built in USB hub. I guess., Of course, the Type C and the Type B can be your alternate computers. finger, snaps, Frickin sick.

, And then you plug your mouse and keyboard into the USB A ports.. I dont actually need that function personally, but if you frequently use two computers say, for example, youre a developer that would be super handy. Audio mode out 600R.. I have no idea what I just did.. What is 600R Okay were back on the Type C input.. Okay were back., 600R is a setting that allows you to tune the audio output for high impedance headphones.. It also caused my display board input to immediately cease. Functioning. chuckles Actually wait Andy. This is interesting. Im only getting 4k 60 Hz here as well.. I wonder if theres another DisplayPort setting, I didnt, see before.. The good news is that 4k 120 Hz works just fine.. The bad news is that this Thunderbolt 3 Dock – that I use actually only supports DisplayPort 1.2.. So that means 4K 60 Hz. Unless I want to drag the DisplayPort cable through the wall, right, now., Okay, Im plugging in the new cable., What is this doing back here? Look at this cute Linus plushy Its not exactly ideal, but this is the longest DisplayPort cable. I have., Im gon na have to fix the cable management later, but I should be able to send it to 4k 120 Hz now. cheering. I do notice a little bit of a green tinge when Im off axis so when Im looking into the corners just because the display is so large, so I would recommend having a solid 18 to maybe even 24 between you and the display.

If you do plan to use it as a desktop display. Its hard to really gauge performance without all of our gear and a 48 TV to put right beside it., But what I will say about the HDR content consumption experience is that compared to GIGABYTE AORUS specs, This is a lot better than I expected., Of course, not everythings HDR. Lets change gears and focus on gaming. Ill start with one of my all time. Favorite games, which happens to benefit from as much screen real estate as you can possibly throw at it Supreme Commander. Forged Alliance., So one of the coolest things about this game is these strategic zoom. You dont have a mini map.. You just use your mouse wheel to see the whole map. And Im being bombed.. I did not build lay fighters.. Well, I did say I wanted this to be a quick one didnt I Andy Mm hmm. Yep that was it. Thats. The GG. Either way is this: a great gaming experience, Uh freakin yeah a little bit. Now lets change gears and talk about how we can set this up for the more cinematic black bar experience.. Instead of having the scaling performed on our display were gon na. Have it performed on our GPU and were gon na change, our scaling mode to aspect ratio.? You can also change it to no scaling. And then youll just have kind of. However, many pixels you specify sized display in the middle.

Like, for example, the 3840 x 1800 resolution that I made thats gon na give me some kinda cinematic black bars, but its going to allow me to continue to utilize the full horizontal resolution of my display.. So lets go ahead and fire up DOOM Eternal. And there you have it cinematic, ultrawide gaming experience on a regular 16 x, 9 monitor TV, whatever. Whatever this thing, is., The one thing you cant do is make it curved obviously. And thats, something that can be an advantage on a display of this size, which leaves us one more major thing to uncover.. Can it support 144 Hz with overclocking? That would be an advantage over a TV. So far its not looking good., Sometimes monitors will have a setting that allows them to enable overclocking.. I dont see anything like that in here, though, so all thats left is to try this one more time and see if it clicks.. Okay were going to the settings menu., It thinks its at 4k, 144 Hz its actually at 120 Hz, so the scaler might think it can take 144 Hz input, but the actual panel does not seem to be running at 144.. I thought maybe ARS figured out some kinda super cool way to get it to run at 144.. The reality of it is its not a huge difference between 120 and 144 in terms of the perception, but I mean hey every little bit, counts. Last things: left.

Narrator, You cant, take a step forward without a leap of faith. Yeah. The built in speakers are …. Theyre okay. Theyre bigger and they fire directly at you, which is an advantage, but theyre still monitor speakers and youre still gon na need a nice pair of cans. And thats it.. Whether or not you need a monitor like this well thats up to you, but I can tell you that the experience of using a large format display like this as a gaming, monitor un freaking believable., And I will not be swapping this out for my ultrawide.. This is coming with me to the new house and my new gaming setup, but Ill probably get like a VESA mount for it..