The i5 10th generation is a great processor, but with four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of emmc storage, it really was lackluster, and so what does the average person do when they’re faced with buying a product that they don’t really like? If your answer was, they buy another of the same product, then great you and i are on the same wavelength, to give myself a little credit. This one’s blue – and i guess it also has eight gigs of ram and gig ssd, so it should solve the only problems that i have with my surface laptop go. But in the meantime i also upgraded. My old service laptop go to have 256 gig ssd nvme, which was a huge benefit so now, with these two devices having quite different specs, which one performs better answer, which is the best surface laptop go let’s talk about it. This is an oiso, and this is the surface laptop. Go improvement, review. Okay, my fingers are getting tired, so i need to put down one of these i’m going to keep this one because it’s blue. If you haven’t got my review of the surface laptop go, you should check it out here, but in case you don’t want to right now. The surface laptop go is an absolutely incredible device with just how amazing the form factor is. Yes, it has a plastic bottom cover, but otherwise the design is very, very premium and incredibly impressive. Really the design is quite comparable to the surface laptop 3 or laptop 4, despite it being a significantly lower price point.

I was really impressed my with my use of the surface laptop go, but the performance really felt short and i couldn’t really tell whether that was a ram issue. A storage issue or some combination of both four gigs around many people say, is not not enough. For 2021, which i understand but 64 gigs of emmc storage, is a real bottleneck as well. Emmc storage is notably cheaper storage, that is usually quite a bit slower than an ssd. Just any ssd and it’s usually found on most entry level laptops. So i was a little bit disappointed when i saw that and in practice it really made a big difference. But then i went through the process of buying a new surface laptop, go and upgrading my old surface laptop, go with a faster significantly faster nvme ssd for around 35 bucks and now, after the fact that thing flies like it, is very, very impressive. Just how capable it is, and it feels like i’m really getting the opportunity to let the i5 stretch its legs now. Most of my use, with my surface laptop go, is in browsing. Some office work answering emails and some light web development which it handles quite expertly, notably if you’re the type of person that keeps 50 tabs open at any time. I doubt 4 gigs of ram is going to be able to handle that, but 8 gigs of ram might not be able to handle that typically for me, while browsing i’ll have anywhere between 7 and 15 tabs open and the surface laptop go with 4 gigs of Ram handled that just fine, i really didn’t see that many many tabs frequently going into sleep mode or refreshing in the background, which was excellent for me, even when switching into other programs and back into into chrome, i didn’t have any issues with tabs falling asleep in The background now, notably, what really makes a difference here is the speed of the ssd, even if those tabs did fall asleep or even if my programs fell asleep or went into a sleep state in the background and took up less ram, they would be on such A fast portion of the ssd that re accessing that data was incredibly fast and so, interestingly enough, the biggest bottleneck of my surface laptop go was, in fact the 64 gig emmc storage and just upgrading that made a massive difference.

I think this is a huge opportunity for people who are a little bit handy to buy the entry level model of the surface, laptop, go and upgrade so then, of course, i tried my new upgraded blue model with eight gigs of ram and 128k ssd and, ironically Enough, despite the fact that less apps fell into a sleep mode in the background, since it had a actual slower ssd in terms of normal day to day performance, it actually was a little bit slower despite being 100 more in the base price. And, of course, it costs 50 bucks more 35 to 50 bucks more to upgrade to a high end ssd, and so ironically enough now i want to upgrade this ssd, but based on the way that i use my surface laptop go, i don’t think i even need To the only additional feature of this model over the base model is the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor in the power button, which does work very well, and it is a good replacement. Considering surface laptop goes, don’t have windows, hello, ir sensing like the normal surface, pro or surface laptop, but that’s, really it, and so ironically enough, despite this being technically a better better model and me being able to upgrade this just as easily, i think i’m actually going To stick with my old silver surface laptop, go and list this one for sale. If you are interested in this surface laptop go, i will be selling on my ebay page and viewers of the channel can get a special discount by following the instructions in the description.

But yeah i actually think i’m going to stick with my old silver one. Now that i’ve upgraded the storage on this surface laptop go from this piece of crap to a real good, 256 gig ssd. I really can say that this is one of my favorite laptops that i’ve used in the last year and maybe my favorite laptops ever it is so compact powerful and it is really the coming of the new netbook. I wish other people saw what i saw on the surface laptop go and hopefully to push that rebellion i’m going to start calling this the surface laptop goat, and i hope that everyone who views this channel does the same. If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to try out the service laptop go and you are considering a super light, thin portable netflix like machine, then you should consider it. Of course, there are other options on the market, and if you are more apt for mac os, then maybe that the macbook air might be the better solution for you, despite being in a significantly higher price class. If you are stuck like me to windows or always need a windows device, then this one is a pretty compelling one anyways. Thank you for watching now iso. I hope you like this, follow up on the surface laptop, go and i’m interested in seeing what you have to say down in the comments below.