Now I heard a lot about this that it can shoot really good 4k video, because apparently the sensor records in 6k and then samples that down to 4k giving a real detailed shots. You can also record in what's called super 35 millimeter. Now I don't really know much at all about cameras, I'm still learning, and this is going to be a big learning curve with here. So if you do see some of the videos with slightly funny colors or something that probably down to my color grading here, because this can't be shot in s. Log 3, which I'm trying to use at the moment and see. If I can grade the colors to not be over saturated and try and get the white balance as well correct, which is something that I'm a bit of a new vet and all of that sort of stuff I'm, not particularly good at that, so overall i've been Using us now for just a couple of days, some of my newer videos will be coming out with this right here. Recording the shots on this, and not my sony axt now, that's a can call Danna camcorder is not really suitable cat. At least I can change the lenses here, because this has the email system there's, also a hotshoe there. I do have a rode shotgun mic as well, that I'm trying to improve audio quality and just try and tweak things a little bit. So hopefully you will see some improvements when it comes to quality, so i have taken some video of this and the quality and good lighting, and things is phenomenal so when outside interested in recording it just captures so much more detail because of that sampling, even though It'S something down from 6k to 4k.

You just get extra details you wouldn't normally get or that i didn't get when i was using other cameras for 4k downside to this is well. It'S only got here a microphone input which i'm using for the road Mike pro, but there's no headphone out, so you can actually monitor all here. At the same time, when you can see it on the screen, it will monitor it there and I'm still waiting for another lens, so you could see different shots with other lenses, because this is the this. Is the kit lens here, so this is there one that's? Only 16 millimeter 250 millimeter has stabilization and by II and a mirrorless of course, so there there is no actual end body stabilization with this type of camera. So I'm learning now to use this, and I hope you do like the improved quality that I hope it's going to bring to the my videos and the channel.