Still why its because its my only real machine that has architects on it and and and uh and dwm and d menu and all the rest of it? But if someone is asking me, do i recommend this laptop? You know this is a very difficult question, because i think the m1 is a lot better really and but if, if you needed a machine with your cyclist desktop and you didnt need to have anything else, i would say probably get a thinkpad. But i think for me going forward um, you know i rarely travel nowadays and if im going to travel ill, probably just bring the throwaway m1. You know i cant, i cant be be bothered losing ssh keys and all that other stuff. If i, if i lost this thing, so lets lets just focus on the thing pad here, so i love the fact that i can just fold that flat like this, you cant do that with the m1, so i have had a long history of thinkpads. When i graduated from the university of helsinki, i think i had a i think pad x61 that went with me. You know through russia, kazakhstan, pakistan, india for like six months uh. I dont know malaysia, indonesia, all sorts of places with me, and it was. It was my my road warrior, it was, it was rock solid, i loved it. I had, i think, uh. You know the circular desktop on it back then even and um.

You know i would check into a hostel and ask them if they had had a website or you know, could help them with the website, and i actually made money with it for the most part, and i got you know, i think i was doing some open Source work back then too, and i managed to do it all the time i was just backpacking, so the thinkpad does have a have a special place in my heart, but fast forward to i dont know married life good internet at home, um. I i just dont need. I just dont need something like this on the road right i and as as i said, if i lost it in indonesia, im not too sure i can be bothered with all the the stuff that id have to recreate and all that sort of stuff id. Rather, just use a throwaway consumer apple that laptop, i think, um. But it begs the question i need a pc and um like i was thinking of buying a kind of like a team red gaming machine, but like the the radeons are like two grand right now and this things like this whole thing was a thousand six hundred And some of the gaming laptops seemed quite good value for money, considering how much it cost to build a pc so thats, where i am in life, i want to build a pc im, finding it quite expensive to do so, because the parts are expensive and i Honestly think this will be probably my last link pad theres.

Just no need for me to have have something like this anymore in my life, so im im im very sad about it. Actually, im a big. You know ive been on the on the thinkpad reddit for, for a long time, ive been a huge fan of the thinkpad, but, to be honest, my x61 had a better keyboard. I had a network port, i i must say i have enjoyed the ryzen. I have enjoyed the horizon on this thing. The screen is sucks compared to that the microphones been bad. You know the drill, i mean, you know the drill just be realistic. So if i was gon na do it all over again, if i was gon na go, try my backpack all over again, i probably would just use a think pad because its just too painful to ssh to a same linux machine for work. But if youre like me, come on m1 guys, its its just just just buy the entry. What do you call it? The base level specs one youd be blown away. Do comment below, oh by the way i want to build a quiet, pc uh.