So today we will uh be doing. I will be reviewing my laptop, so yeah just get let’s just get into it so right now this is my laptop it’s, a dell it’s a dell xps 965. I think um and then once you open it it’s kind of hard to open but wait with one hand, but wait. Oh my god. Wait! Sorry, guys all right all right! Here we go. We have my home screen, let it focus a bit all right: cool, cool beans. Let me just uh log in wait: uh Music! You guys can’t, see this for obvious reasons: okay and i’m in so okay. So first off i’m gon na show my specs because uh yeah wait wait, wait no i’m, not gon na call this pc. I think right done. Yes, okay, so first off we have here uh 1.6 gigahertz uh, my processor and it’s up for i7. As you can see right here and uh, and then i have 16 wait, sorry and i have 16 gigabytes of ram well 15.9, but uh 0.1 isn’t gon na really matter, uh 64 bit operating system x64 based processor. I think everyone has that and then pen and touch support with touch points. What that basically means is that i i have a touchscreen right yeah. I have a touchscreen wait. Let me see okay and uh there’s, nothing more interesting over here. So next thing i wanted to show is uh the design actually so over.

Here you can see this has pretty thin ledges, not gon na lie like pretty thin it’s around, like here finger size. Now, the top this and uh yeah. This doesn’t have a usb port. So i can use a mouse, but that doesn’t really matter, because the trackpad is good enough and yeah there we go so next thing i wanted to show was this actually has backlit. So three, two one backlit activate backlit over there: okay, uh that’s backlit. All right. I think you saw enough of backlit and then i also have my camera. Let me show my camera. My camera is actually down. This. Is my camera it’s not up here, it’s down here right here, so uh? If you don’t believe me uh, let me just pull over to my camera. Let me see my camera right here. All right, it’s me recording hi, yeah, so i’m gon na point, so you can see my finger pointing see. Okay, let me just uh close out of that and uh. This is uh, actually not just touchscreen. Actually, this is a full on 21 design. So what that means is, i could play roblox basically like as like an ipad using nominal tenting uh. I could. Let me just show you that real quick, we are back Music, and here we go so now uh. This is basically an ipad and i can basically play any game. I want i’ll play epic minigames and i’ll press play.

Oh no, i didn’t press play. Did i play yeah? Okay, all right now. Let me turn up the volume a bit Music see now. I can actually like play like this that’s pretty nice, and this actually does work. I could jump in everything you know probably gon na get probably and um and okay. There we go and i and i could play all sorts of games on here. Mainly i play tf2, but i could play some other games wait. This is tf2 right here. Let me just launch that. Let me just launch it. Okay, it launched one. I think it always gets to me. Man pretty funny it’s, just loading right now, but wait Music and here loaded in i obviously can’t play because uh i’m holding my camera and then yeah so i’m, just gon na exit out of that real, quick, okay, wait. Okay and um. I don’t have much else to say really i mean there are life tiles, but yeah it’s it’s, not really that cool uh going back on that uh twin one thing i could like draw if i wanted to, but i don’t really draw because um let’s just keep This between you and me i suck at art, okay, but um, anyways uh. I i have uh a few programs done here, i’ve been to my taskbar yeah. I still have to work on it a bit because i got this as a gift from my dad uh.

Very recently, actually uh. I got this as a gift from my dad and i’m very grateful to him for it because it’s a it’s, a very nice laptop, especially it’s, an i7 which is absolutely amazing, but um. I think that will conclude this video uh. Not much else to say here make sure to like and subscribe and maybe even share that helps me out tremendously.