This is Russ from Retro Game core. We have a kind of special video today were going to do a Hands On Impressions, video of a device that I dont actually have in my hands. Now the thing is: Ive actually tested this device a couple times already, but it was while I was on the road and so in this video were going to talk about some of my experiences in testing out the pimax portal and some of my thoughts before it. Actually releases now I should be getting a review unit here pretty soon and when I do Ill do a more in depth analysis of the gaming performance that we can expect. But for now I just kind of want to talk about some of those Impressions that I had when actually testing the device and some of the prospects that I think are really interesting about this device for the future. And so without any further delay. Lets go ahead and get started: okay to start Im, actually just going to stay here on the couch. While I talk to you through this whole experience and then Ill show some footage along the way. Now. The first time that I heard about the pimax portal was when they invited me to go to one of their Road shows, and they had a bunch of them across the country. Now, given the fact that I live in Hawaii, I didnt assume they would be coming there and of course they were not, but they were coming to Los Angeles, and it just so happened that I was going to be there on vacation.

At the same time, they were going to have a big presentation, and so around mid December, I went over to this arcade called two bit circus, where they have basically an open bar and a bunch of different VR and arcade machines to play around with and there They had this joint release party with new egg and pymax, where they basically showed off the portal, as well as the crystal another device that pimax is working on now. The event itself was pretty crowded, and so I didnt get a ton of time with the device itself, but I did at least get to test out the buttons and the feel of it overall in my Impressions initially was that yeah. This thing is an Android based handheld device, but has these detachable controllers when it came to the actual button, feel it felt a lot like something you would expect from a Nintendo switch. So we had a dome style connection and they were pretty clicky. One big distinction, though, was that the trigger buttons had an analog input which Im always happy to see. Now there were some unique aspects to the controllers themselves. For example, they had four different face buttons up on the top that you could program for anything, and I learned that those buttons have their own specific key code, which means that youll be able to use them in specific cases like with retrowork for hotkeys. And so, while pimax was kind of positioning, this handheld as being an Android gaming device, as well as a VR headset that you could slot in, I personally started thinking about it more in kind of the emulation and Retro Gaming sphere, as many people know, if theyve Watched a bunch of my videos theres one specific Android device.

That is one of the best right now, and that is the Ayn Odin that uses a Snapdragon 845 processor and can play all the way up to GameCube and PS2. For the most part, and the way I saw it, the pimax portal improved upon the Odin in just about every single way. When were talking specifically about specs. This one is running the Snapdragon xr2 processor thats, the equivalent of a Snapdragon 865, but with some VR capabilities baked in, and so when it comes to Just Pure Performance, we can expect quite a bit more than the Odin. Another interesting aspect is, they went all in with the display were looking at a five and a half inch screen with a 4K resolution. In addition, it has a 144 Hertz refresh rate and a 16×9 aspect ratio which Im always happy to see when it comes to a gaming handheld. Now that high refresh rate doesnt mean a lot when it comes to Retro Gaming. But it will be really helpful when youre using it in VR mode, as well as when youre playing Android games. But all things considered with an improved screen, as well as a faster processor, were looking at something that might have a lot of gaming potential. Additionally theyve kind of thought through a couple other things. For example, it does have active Cooling and they have some software implemented. That will actually regulate that in real time. Not only that theyve really kind of thought about everything when it comes to the software as well.

For example, theres a key mapper thats going to be baked in when it releases thats going to make it really great to be able to play some competitive games that dont have built in controller support, and so, as you can imagine, after just a few minutes with A device I start to see a little bit of that potential. Of course, it can do other things like become an impromptu, VR headset and can also obviously be used for Android gaming, but when it came to Retro Gaming in particular, emulating your favorite systems, all the way up to PS2 and even a little bit of switch, I Was really intrigued? Another thing that impressed me is the initial price point were looking at 299 for that base price and thats going to come with 128 gigs of internal storage, but there is an SD card slot. If you want to expand it more now, you can bump that up quite a bit more, I think, for another hundred dollars. You can get 256 gigs of internal storage. Personally, if I was making an order, I would go with the lower amount of storage. Save that money and then use the SD card, and also for those who want a really crisp and beautiful display there is a qled model as well. Now I think some of these prices are not finalized, yet at least that was the impression I got from the company, but I think the qled model is going to be something around 550 dollars and looking at the difference between the two yeah, its impressive, I would Say the qled does look quite a bit better.

But again, what really intrigues me about the pimax portal is that 299 starter price personally Im the kind of guy that wants to get the base model of something, and you really have to sell me on those upsell items. And so, if you really like to have a nice screen with your handheld yeah, the qled model is really impressive, but for me Ill probably stick with the LCD anyway, before I get ahead of myself long story short, that La event was pretty cool and I did Get some initial Impressions back in December and if youre, ever in the Los Angeles area and youre looking to play some arcade games, that two bit circus place is pretty cool. They have a good selection of arcade cabinets as well as pinball machines, and they keep them in pretty good shape. In particular, we played a lot of cruise in USA. They had two different models. There was one with an LCD panel and one with the original CRT, and it was kind of neat to see both of those side by side, the original, CRT and kind of its old school glory, as well as that updated LCD. Now after I got home from Los Angeles, I thought to myself well Ill. Do a quick Impressions, video, but I dont really have a lot of data just yet, but then it turns out that pimax was going to be at CES, which I was leading for the following week, and so we did it all.

Over again, I went and I met up with pymax at their booth at CES, and I spend a lot more time this time around. I think by then I had kind of started to appreciate that price point and the quality we were going to get, and so I wanted to dig a little bit deeper. Not only that, I had an opportunity to sit down with the CEO of pymax itself and kind of talk through what its like to be a retro gamer. In my perspective, My overall impression is that they had their finger on the pulse when it came to VR and a little bit with Android gaming too. But Retro Gaming was still Uncharted Territory for them, and so I kind of talked through some of the things that are really important for retro Gamers and why the pimax portal has a lot of potential and I would say it was probably an eye opening experience for Both parties, the CEO, learned, a little bit about my perspective and what I found important and, at the same time I learned a little bit about the thought process at that kind of higher level when actually rolling out a handheld. For example, one of the things we talked about in detail is the d pad on the left side. Right now it has a four button configuration much like you would find on a Nintendo switch joy con, and that makes sense for the purpose that theyre thinking about which is to pull the controllers off then flip them on their side and then play them like that.

Thats going to allow you to use both of those controllers for two player gameplay, but the thing about that is that it removes the cross style function of a d pad, and so I explained to them how it is to play a platformer when youre using joy, Cons like that, as well as the same thing when it comes to fighting games and trying to do a rolling move, and so we kind of talked it through for a while and then the CEO himself was just like. Well, maybe we can just add a different controller module that will be available for purchase and its funny, because I hadnt really thought about it in that perspective, because that would be pretty awesome to be able to just buy one for maybe twenty dollars. That would be more d pad or Retro Gaming Centric, either way it was just kind of a fun experience to go back and forth, even though there was a bit of a language barrier just to kind of talk about everything that I was looking forward to with The handheld, at the end of the day I found the whole experience really refreshing because often Ill be sending out emails, and I never know whether or not theyre going to be completely understood. But at least as a result of this one meeting hopefully well get a little bit more of those Retro Gaming features that Im hoping for now, in addition to the handheld itself, as well as the VR headset, I did learn about a couple other accessories that are On the way to start theyre going to be offering a dock with the pymax portal, so think of it like a Nintendo switch dock, you can plug this thing in pull the controllers off and start gaming.

Just like that, and of course, because this is an Android device, you could go ahead and connect it to Bluetooth controllers as well, and so I think, when it comes to things like couch multiplayer with retro games, there may be some potential here now. The thing is with a doc solution in Android, its never quite as perfect as it might seem, and a lot of that has to do with the development side on these Android emulators it just isnt something that a lot of these developers think about you know using It as docked or with a controller and swapping between the two and so because of that many of the emulator interfaces are just not quite conducive to that switch, Plug and Play kind of experience. And so I would say dont expect that whole switch experience. But maybe something close to it over time now. Another thing that I found interesting that they have in the works is something that theyre calling the pimax portal XL, and this essentially is going to be a larger screen. I think its going to be around nine inches altogether and much more ergonomic and larger controls, and the idea here is that youll take the pimax portal itself and slide plot it into that larger handheld, and also that handheld will have an additional battery as well. And so essentially, youre going to be able to extend the battery life of your pymax portal, but also have something thats a little bit more like a steam deck experience, and this again was something that I hadnt really thought about before.

But the more I thought about it. I was like yeah thats, a great idea too. The way I kind of see it rolling out is that people are going to buy the pymax portal and its five and a half inch screen and kind of treat it like. A Nintendo switch light after all its going to be about that same size altogether, but I think over time I think people are going to start looking for an upgrade and maybe theyre not ready to buy a whole entire new device, and in that regard I think The pimax portal, XL might be a great solution. Theyll be able to plug this up and have a whole new experience while not having to pay the full price of a new device and so Im kind of excited about that Prospect as well and so wrapping things up here. I am actually fairly excited about the pimax portal. I think that pimax is being fairly ambitious about everything its almost like theyre, trying to hit every single Wicket in one single handheld and personally, I dont think theyre gon na hit a home run with every single aspect. For example, Im not really sure that slotting in a screen into a VR headset is going to be the same as a dedicated headset thats actually made for VR. And so I do think there are going to be some compromises along the way. But at least as it stands right now as long as they hit most of these as a home run, we should have a hit on our hands, and so, in the end, if we do get an Android based handheld that has this nice screen resolution.

The 16×9 aspect ratio and a powerful chipset and we can get it at a base price of 299. I think this is going to be a hit, and so let me know what you think in the comments below. Is the pimax portal going to be the one for you, or are you going to wait for something else? As you can imagine, theres going to be a ton of handhelds coming out this year and so youre going to have a bounty of choice here in the coming months, and as I mentioned before, I should be getting a review unit here pretty soon and so Ill. Be able to do some emulation testing and show you what its going to be like, as always thank you for watching and be sure to like And subscribe.