The good folks over at xp pen sent your boy a new tablet, especially after what happened to the last one. Music is so i decided to do a little review for them. This is the xp pen artist 15.6. Pro obviously bigger than our last tablet, that was a 13.3 and we’ll kind of test it out as well as do a little review for you guys to see, if you guys like it see, if i like it, you can get all the specification stuff right there In front nice pressure sensitivity over 8 000 over 9000 would have been lead if you know what i mean, but really once you go over 4 000 you’re good, like so that’s like super good, like i said, i enjoyed my last tablet until its unfortunate demise. You will be missed, we had fun times, but, as you can see, it worked out pretty well, it lasted a long time. It didn’t really crack on its own. I kind of messed up, but you know there were things with the last design and what came with it that could have probably prevented it from cracking and we’ll get to all that. But xp pen has been doing well for themselves, a pretty strong, wacom, competitor and it’s, also not that expensive wacoms are kind of like the premiere and have a solid reputation, but they can be a little more pricey, but you get what you pay. For. That said this from what i’ve heard so far, it’s pretty dope, i thought this would be a great video for you, guys, testing this bad boy out, so let’s get to it.

So this is the box. It comes in just in case slick white box over here here it is with this bad boy out. You got your techno mumbo jumbo it’s nice that comes with some instructions, different languages, step, two heal the film don’t mind. If i do, you got ta, see my reflection on the screen in a very blurry way: it’s a nice texture overall, a nice design very slick i’m with it. It comes with eight express keys for your hot keys. I don’t use them that often sometimes i just straight up use the keyboard, but i do use them every once in a while, but even when i do use them, i really only use like maybe one two or three of them and i use the rest uh On the keyboard, but it’s nice to have size comparison to the 13.3 over here i mean 15 – is not that far off from 13 anyways. So but it is bigger. You can see the size comparison right here, real easy. I think i’m going to enjoy the bigger screen. I can see more of my canvas when i’m, drawing when i’m zooming in i’m, not going to have things cut out and have to zoom in and out all the time, so i think i’m going to like it. Just note that the bigger screen also means that you’re probably going to need a bigger table which i’m going to be investing in anyways, so works fine.

For me, this, i think, is the stand that comes with it, the design overall sleek. Let me see how does this yeah there? It is okay, so that’s how it works. I believe there are other tablets that come with a stand like the tablet itself comes with a stand, because this you can misplace, and this gets to why the previous tablet, cracked, did not have a stand for it, and i was reaching for something, and i believe My elbow was on it and i just rested a little bit on it and boom crack that’s how it happened. Folks, i am secretly kryptonian but it’s nice to have a stand with this one and it comes with the tablet so that’s cool you don’t have to like get it separately. So definitely this is going to help with the new tablet to ensure that it is safe. Having a stand also helps with your drawing, because if you have the tablet flat on the table and you’re drawing that way, it can’t affect your back. Sometimes my back is like come on come on dog. This is the pen comes with a little holder. There you go, don’t worry you don’t, draw like this. Leave you take it out, and the cover for the container can be used as a holder for the pen, pretty nice to carry around you got stuff to wipe your screen with nice xp pen. Glove. Thank you message, no shout out to your person sending the tablet and then a quick guide, but you guys probably never gon na read this i’m.

Never gon na read this it’s. Probably why you’re watching this video but good thing is you don’t need to but i’m sure. If you really want to know all the kinks which might be interesting, you have the option. I mean in 2021 your stuff better, be easy to put together without reading a whole manual, which i believe is the case. Here are some of the wires you’re going to need one of the nice things about the xp pen. Is you don’t need to plug it into a wall? You have that option with some of all this stuff, but you can just have it be powered from your computer, your laptop pc mac, whatever the case may be, and just do it straight straightforward that way and that’s where these wires come in several options for the Wall and that’s it i was hoping for a special thing behind i don’t know why i’ve been let down the 13.3 used to come with a usb that had the user guide on it, as well as a video tutorial guide to help you put it together. I do not see a usb here, but maybe we’re not going to need. It call me crazy, but i think that’s it for zbox. If i remember how to put this, this is where you plug it in it, connects to your computer mess with brightness, where you turn it on mount that bad boy back to the pens over here and get some extra pen nibs.

If the one you have starts to you know, chip away, if you look at my last pen, definitely was chipping away so comparing the 13.3 with 15.6. If i remember things correctly, this is what you need to connect to your computer. Like i said you can work. This straight off the energy of your computer, or you can plug it into the wall, but i always plug it into the computer it’s. Also great. That way, if you want to be mobile, you want to travel with stuff like this. It makes it a little easier if you’re just going to connect it to your computer. You don’t really need the red one it’s, the hdmi, remove that, and this end by itself is what goes on the side. So you plug the hdmi and the usb to your computer. You can find the appropriate driver for the tablet you have on the xp pen website, just scroll down to download and you’ll find it there i’m gon na turn that on see what happens boom, you might need to mess with your system preferences just a little bit. Just automatically is actually even more comfortable to draw on than when it’s just flat. I can already feel it so moment of truth testing out all the buttons with the default hotkeys express keys, changing to eraser tool. This is for zooming in nice. I believe six was hand, so you hold and you can do, but you can change all of these, obviously hitting the buttons on the pen actually toggle between the eraser and the brush tool.

Yeah, you really have to press it in. I wish the touch was. Maybe a little easier and the moment of truth. Thankfully i think it feels better than the 13.3. It should quick toggle to the eraser. So i can clean that part. So you know based off of how i tend to work i’m liking. This uh might take a little bit of getting used to the buttons a little difficult to find, sometimes just with how it’s just rolling in my hand, because i’m, not sure i’ve pressed it. If i press it twice Music, you do have to press a smidge harder than what you had to do with a 13.3 increasing the brush size here with the express key. For me, my least favorite thing about the tablet is the pen how responsive the button is? Is you know for me and the way i work a little troubling because it’s too slow, even though it’s just a millisecond late, i like to be able to toggle back and forth between the pen and eraser seamlessly, and i don’t fully get that with this pen. Testing out the pen pressure dig to the thin to thick to thin, see you really need to press up on one hand: you’re not gon na make any like silly mistakes when you’re drawing it to ink when you don’t actually mean to. If you just go across the screen, you really have to press to a certain degree before you see anything it’s, not you’re, not pressing too too hard.

I’M sure you can tell from my hand, but if you press, like extremely light it’s not going to show and depending on how you work, i guess, to a degree that’s a good thing, more purpose in the strokes. I guess so you guys are going to see me speed this up and get back to you, Music, perfect Music. So, in closing i, like all the accessories that come with it. I like the pen. I, like the stand overall, very satisfied i’m, the type of artist that, as long as it gets the job done i’m good, and i think this gets the job done and then some little drawing of damon from bokassi that we put together here. I think it looks good if you guys are interested in my comics. This is damon from bokassi publishing. Serializing saturday p.m. Apple black purple, since your license at the am there’ll be links to where you guys can get all of that in the description as well as where you guys can get even this tablet. Everything is in the description below so maybe i’ll. Look at other tablets for the channel, if you guys really like this review. Hopefully i don’t break it. So please, like the video, if you enjoyed it, leave a comment. If you have any questions for the two and a half people that made it to the end of this video, thank you don’t forget to like this video and hopefully go smash that subscribe button hit the bell, so you stay notified each time.

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