It is here it is. Oh, we got, we got it, we got a baby, we got it, oh my god. All right here it is pub g new state is finally here. Let’S freaking go all right guys! Well, there you go thanks so much for watching the stream pubg newstates here i’m so excited. Hopefully you guys will check it out. I’Ll see you guys later, no i’m. Just playing i’m just playing here, we go tap to start signing with google. Oh you’re gon na leak. My info don’t leak, my info uh. I agree to the privacy policy. I agree to the terms and conditions set forth here in in the document. Article, a optional, receive push notifications at night, yeah baby new state. If you want to get a hold of me any time of day i’m right here, all right here we go mail. Am i? What kind of type am i a type a? Am i a type b or a type c, i think i’m, a type, a kind of guy we’ve also got different types of women, all right, i’m, a type, a guy name, win sanity. We got ta have that og. If some jack wagon kid took my name already, i swear to god, name already taken what it’s been out for 15 seconds. What all right this is, it we’re in new state has arrived. Oh yo, movement’s like fast. I, like the movement all right, let’s, see what what do we have in terms of graphics, we’re on ultra, we got a max frame rate.

I wonder what max is. Okay, that’s got to be like 90.. What are graphic settings we’re on ultra wait? This is the best graphics, oh that’s, a oof bro that all right, it doesn’t if it looks bad it’s, probably my tablet, i’m playing on a goober ass little samsung thing that i bought specifically for this. What is, oh god, what does light? Look like oh it’s, pretty much what’s the difference. You know what honestly the game ran ultra like perfectly well: okay, uh. We got level three vest, so this game has white helmets which is kind of interesting. I have a hundred health. Is it possible to get more than 100 health and did it wait hold on? Did i put it back to uh, i put it back to ultra okay, my red bar is charging. I don’t know what that is. Where are the guns? I want to just fire a gun. I want to see like how it mechanically looks. We got a wall full of guns. Give me the trusty m4 where’s the m4. I got the m4 okay it’s kind of like pub g. I need to increase sensitivity. We go high, so if you guys are wondering it feels just like pub g mobile, it doesn’t really, i mean maybe it’s just my tablet, but it doesn’t. Look like pub g let’s go into our first match. I wanted to make sure i did all that crap before before we experienced the map for the first time i hate jumping into a new game.

I did it with apex legends, i hopped into a new game and then it was just like. Oh, i have to fix my buttons training mode we’re gon na pick, troy we’re gon na go in uh let’s just go in solos let’s just see this let’s see this map for the first time. Here we go man. This is the first match ever on. Troy is it always gon na be on android? No, no. This will for sure be ios as well. Oh, what the people are just like falling out of the sky. What the hell keep in mind if it looks bad, i i i’m playing on a not very good tablet right now. Android tablets are not that good compared to ios tablets, so i’m sure on an ipad. This would look way better like way better dude. We played pub g earlier on this tablet and even pub g looked awful here’s that map so we’re at silver. Lane right now looks like we got a uh. We got a shelton plane path, guys we got shelton graveyard let’s go i’m gon na i’m gon na hot drop shelton. That sounds so weird it’s, like i’m gon na land, robert all right, yo here’s the plane damn. This looks pretty good, though oh sick, shelton city hall, phallic loganville, cornwall midtown graveyard mall there’s a lot of places. This is dope. Let’S just go. Midtown let’s go midtown there’s, the mall too. I don’t know let’s just go to midtown.

Oh my gosh man. This is it. This is like we’re experiencing the first ever jumping i’m. Never gon na experience this again, we’re doing it right now. I remember my first game of pub g mobile ever like it’s burned into my memory, and this is it right here. This is my first game ever of pub g new state. This is it. This is the match guys. Are we really going to come out here? Are we going to lose our first game of new state, or are we gon na win this guys? We got ta win this bro. Our reputation is on the line. We have to win this first match. That way i can always. I can. I know, even if i never play another game, i’ll say: i’ve never lost a new state. I’Ve won every game. I’Ve played this is crazy dude. This literally feels like pc pub g like the doors and the movement. This really feels like pc pub g glass like there’s glass, too that’s, the craziest part. I can see the blue line on the mini map. I think there is a like a tram line going around all right. I see a car. Is this like a rusty old car, yeah that’s gon na be a okay that’s like one of the rusty old cars, we got ta find a car that we can drive. Wow, this is great man, and this is by the way by the way.

Don’T forget. This is just an alpha, so uh, if you think it like, if you have any criticism or you think it’s, good or bad or whatever they’re definitely still working on it. They’Re gon na have other alphas they’re gon na have another beta test and then they’re gon na launch it. So this is like version 0.1. All right i got to catch the tram. Can we make it get on it? No, what the oh, i missed, the jump. One i literally, i missed my jump button uh rip. I have zero ping there’s no way. How do i have zero pin? I don’t have zero ping that’s right, guys, the god tier gamer, zero ping. I love this little heads up display that shows how much ammo i have it’s, pretty cool. Oh, no, no is it a bot i don’t know what’s going on no it’s, not a butt that’s, not a butt. That is not a bot. I missed my aim. Button. Ouch, do that hurt? What did he have smokes and meds and stuff all right cool, oh god, by headshot, oh there’s, a car? Finally, okay, so wait. We have drive, i can open the door and i can like hide behind the door, and now i can go explore the map. What is this? Oh that’s? Are we gon na lose our first game of new state, or are we gon na win this guys? We got ta win this bro.

Our reputation is on the line.