It is a lenovo i7 has an amd it’s, like 5700 graphics card in there and i’m, using wondershare filmora to edit, and this thing can’t even handle 1080p without freezing and it’s just annoying as hell frenchy blanket frenchie it’s annoying as hell, because it takes so much Time to even make a video and that’s without even adding text comments, uh transitions. You know, fancy stuff, it takes forever. So i decided to build my own pc look at the parts guys. So i went to micro center and i picked up all this. So basically, we have everything we need, except for a brand new gpu, because they’re all sold out everywhere and i’m, not paying over for scalper prices or anything like that. Everything that i got here was retail price, no markups, because i’m, not paying extra money, i’ve been editing on that for so long. I could continue, but it’ll be just nice to have something dedicated for a good editing system that i could eventually. This could handle 4k 6k editing easy once we get the upgraded graphics card card in there, so i’ll kind of unbox everything go through it we’re going to put the tower together, install it um. This is by no means going to be a how to video, because this is my first time ever building a pc. I watched a ton of youtube videos. They make it seem easy as hell. I work on cars that are much harder, so this should be not going with a breeze, but bullock is gon na, come by we’re gon na start opening all this up, setting it up more or less.

My tower is coming tomorrow from amazon, so it’s gon na be a two day build but we’re, slowly showing you what we got. You can figure out prices on your own if you’re interested i’m not going to tell you how much i paid for everything but uh yeah let’s get started all right. Let’S go over some parts. We got our power unit, psu evga, 850 watt gold fully modular supply. I have two nvme m.2 samsung one terabyte cards, one which is going to hold basically the apps windows filmora and another one i’m going to have just for my editing, videos and pictures and images like that we’ll edit from this so it’s going to be quicker. We have g skill, 32 gigabytes of ram. You can see the price right there all right. We have our motherboard x550, with wi fi built in keyboard, dedicated water cooler from corsair gon na keep that gpu uh that cpu super cold, and here is our cpu right here. Guys, ryzen 3rd gen processor check out these specs 12 core 24 thread processor. Okay, we got some cheap speakers because you need some sound bless me thank you and we have a odyssey g5 monitor, which is, i believe, a 32 inch. 31.5. Yes, so these are the parts and then my uncle was generous enough to donate. To me, his geforce gxd 960 graphics card, which i’m gon na use temporarily until everything goes back to normal until everything goes back to stock, where i could purchase probably a ‘0 if i’m lucky or whatever else comes out but we’ll see so let’s slowly start unboxing.

This stuff, oh this boy, snapped 32 inch curved monitor, and this has a pretty huge curve on it: pretty sick, pretty sick. So the ’00 chip comes with its own cpu cooler but i’m. Not going to use this because i don’t like design how this sits on the cooler, this big radiator type thing that’s, why i got the corsair water cooler, so we’re not going to use that, but we will use the chip all right. Bully kid is in the house helping us do this build first time ever doing a computer, build, we have our motherboard and we have the brains of the computer, our resin 9300 chip, okay, we’re gon na install this bad boy, only touch it from the sides and Just be gentle all right, so you lift up on the little lever there. You go open up your little box carefully, get your little fingers on this and what you’re going to be looking for is that little arrow and it’s little and you have to match it up to the arrow on the motherboard that’s the direction this aligns to you. Just drop it in you, don’t force it it’s just sat into place, and then we just bring this down there. You go hardest part done. Computer halfway, built we’re good to go. We’Re gon na be editing in 4k. In a minute. Are you finally gon na make an intro and outro? Maybe yeah we’ll see i’ll use the same one.

We did from wisconsin yeah yeah all right. Everyone with the boston’s rolling we’ll, see this man right here. Help me with nothing. That was a lot of work, but i think we’re getting it done. I have connected power. I think everything is hooked up, we’re gon na fire it on for the first time and hopefully something shows up on the screen here. I’M guessing. This is the power right here. Let me just double check everything and we’ll be back. Yes, i did all right here. We go bro you filming i’m running. It i’m scared, bro, all right. Our three fans are on this is on, but our oh wait. Yes, all the fans just kicked on that is a great sign. Geez, the lighting is sick, so now we’re gon na leave it on and see. If we get anything pop up on the screen, it might reboot a couple times as it’s doing this from what i’ve seen in videos. This is the first start huh, but uh yeah let’s see what happens here all right. So at this point it didn’t blow up, our fans are working, our wires are more or less nicely tucked away. I didn’t bore you guys with every single detail of putting this together, because that would have took forever but everything’s in working good we’re, going to put all the cases on and have this set up, how we need it to be. Then i’m just going to install windows and start working on the screen.

All like the hardware is already installed and wired yeah hardware is good. Everything is running so now it’s just software. Now we got to deal with the software stuff, no way that was pretty quick, install it put the put the housing back on the server that and that’s. Pretty simple, though i mean i mean it’s, nothing, crazy and there’s plenty of room, though i think i should go work for nasa. I mean i should be a freaking professional rockets. I was, i was telling this guy um. He he’s always been into cars. His whole life and it’s, taking him like five years to build his lexus but uh an expensive computer like this, without no background experience he built in like two days so hey so that’s, pretty pretty crazy. Just shows you if there’s some world or some way, hopefully hopefully lex’s community – will have better videos now with this but uh. Somehow i still doubt that thanks hi little boy, what are you trying to do? Little boy huh, all right guys here is the finished setup. I’M currently editing this video that you’re going to be watching. This is the last piece of it got. My speakers keyboard monitor all set up, but this is really where all the magic is, and the cool thing about this case is that all you could do is just open up and it swings open and you could see all the components easy access. I mean i’m, pretty proud of myself getting this accomplished first time ever so highly recommend a proper Music desktop like this for editing and doing heavy major work and it’s fairly reasonably priced compared to the you know.

If you were to buy a dedicated, uh, editing laptop, you would spend easily three and a half grand for the kind of power that this has so hope. You enjoyed this one and i’ll see you on the next video.