Thank you so much for clicking on this video. My name is armor and you must have guessed from the title: what Im gon na unbox in this video, but I just want to give you a context first, so I have been using this 27 inch. Imac from the 2020, which is an Intel based system, so I was using it as a main working station for my photo and video editing, and then I use Windows, of course, on my other laptop, because when I do my studies or some of the tools that Doesnt work on the Mac OS, so thats. Why and then I was really happy with the performance and I didnt have any idea or intentions about changing a new computer. I love the 2017 screen and all those things, but then, unfortunately it fell off the table. Last week that was pretty sad and so the chassis, the frame of the eye, make it bent on one side as well as the screen was totally gone. I took at the Apple store and they say uh we cant trade in because its not working, and then I told him, okay, I can recycle and some of the pots can be used by Apple, and you want to give me something in return and they said, And now we wont give you even a single penny, because it doesnt worth anything and then you. He said that you can take it to some third party markets where you know they can take it.

But I was like okay and then I just put it by the trash can and then I was just roaming around and I I saw the video and then I was like okay lets go, and so I got the sick, not sick. The 14 inch MacBook Pro. This is the uh base model, and I saw a lot of reviews, its working great so in this video Im gon na unbox, this laptop. We have this pull tape here, all right tada. This is how you lift it up. Yeah. Are you ready one? Two? Three wow? Oh my God! Oh my God! This is my first ever MacBook Pro. This is so exciting. Okay, so you lift it up. The feeling is so good, and this is not that sleek and slim, so you know you can put on the USB the SD cards and all those things and put it away what else we have in the Box um we have the make safe and which is Back and to the USBC so, and this uh cord is as textured as my Apple watch, ultras charger, which is highly matching, and we have designed by Apple and California, and we have some paperwork but of course, Im not gon na have a look at that. We will have some stickers too, but uh yeah. I dont need to have a look at that, and this is the warranty all right and we have the charger now. The charger that I got is uh, not the a bigger one.

This is the 67 Watt and USBC power adapter. So this is how it is, but I have another Max charger as well. I can use the same one but yeah thats how uh what is in the box and now Ill put that back there and lets move on to the main system. That is the MacBook Pro 14 inch. Okay, um. How do you remove the wrapper Applause? Foreign Applause? Oh, I just put on my finger and you can see the smudges over there but uh. This is so cool. I wan na attended homes, Music, see its just booted there all right Music. I really like this screen and it has a notch, but I think thats. Okay, Im gon na do a lot of settings, but at the moment it feels really good um. This is my new Macbook Pro Music foreign Music MacBook Pro. If you guys really like this video, please let me know in the comment section below: if you are new to this channel, my name is Amir. I make Tech, videos, Tech products, cinematography, Vlogs, all those kind of things.